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Hey All

Looks like Mizuyah suddenly got a burst of energy. For she's back; maybe not for the long haul, but back nevertheless. I used to have a Beyblade obsession, but now I've moved over to Naruto and have planned a fic out for that so stay tuned. I read and loiter every now and again, looking for decent fics that appeal. I've a very big advocate of odd pairings in series' as if considered carefully, the pairing can seem very real, even if two characters have never actually interacted during a series. I know some of my old fans have no idea where I've gone, but I hope that over these past three years that I have improved in my writing somewhat. Just so you know; I'm about the enter into my final year of university and with two massive projects to contend with on top of coursework, my workload will be significant. I still plan to make time to write, however - it just won't be as often as I'd like.

Thanks for stopping by anyway. I'll hopefully update this and make it better soon.


Random Info:

I'm twenty-one years young, studying to become a therapist. I'm clearly an anime / manga junkie and I like my video games as well.

I watch / have watched the following anime/cartoons:

Avatar: The Last Airbender, Naruto, Bleach, Inuyasha (I'm so behind), Wolf's Rain, Tenchi (All three series), Digimon (Series 3 only), D N Angel, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Revolutionary Girl Utena (6 eps to go), Dragonball Z, Kannazuki no Miko, Chobits (12 eps to go), Fruits Basket (12 eps to go), Soul Eater (ep 13), Death Note...there's probably more.

I read / have read the following manga:

Naruto Shippuuden, Psychic Academy (Complete), Rurouni Kenshin, Negima, Vampire Knight (Badass), Ouran High School Host Club, Pretty Face (Complete; Funny as Hell)...again, there's probably more.

My favourite characters are:

Itachi, Gaara, Neji, Shikamaru, Lee and Hinata (Naruto), Byakuya, Toushiro and Yoruichi (Bleach; for the time being), Toph (Avatar).

I ship:

Odd pairings. I'm well aware that they're not canon and would probably never happen, but this is fandom. A girl can dream. In order of preference however:

Gaara/Hinata, Kiba/Ino, Naruto/Hinata (my only series favourite), Zuko/Katara

I don't ship:

Sakura/Sasuke (I dislike this pairing with a passion)


Please respect that I have an opinion and I'll respect that you might disagree with it. Wanna know why I dislike them? Send me a message. _

Current Fics


Blood Diamonds: AU. In a world where vampires and lycans are at loggherheads, Hinata is the daughter and heiress apparent of her father’s coven. Compassionate and gentle, her father is keen to rid her of this weakness by introducing her to the realities of war, however the battles she witnesses soon make her keen to stop the conflict once and for all…somehow. Does the Hyuuga family heirloom – the Byakugan – hold the key? Kiba/Hina

Future Fics:


Loyalties: Canonverse AU. Sasuke's dead. Akatsuki eliminated. And Team Hawk have been captured. But when a valuable scroll goes missing, Tsunade makes the decision to assemble Konoha's strongest tracking unit, plus one unlikely addition. Kiba/Karin. WILL CONTAIN SPOILERS

Please note: Loyalties will not begin until Blood Diamonds is finished.

Old Fics/Unpublished:


Repercussions: Post Series 1 - After returning from the World Championships, the White Tigers come home to praise and celebration. However, things soon turn sour when an unexpected individual turns up wounded on the outskirts of their village. Bryan/Mariah

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AU. In a world where vampires and lycans are at loggherheads, Hinata is daughter of the Hyuuga coven's leader. Exposed to battle, she soon becomes keen to stop the warfare once and for all. Does the Hyuuga family heirloom - the Byakugan - hold the key?
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