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Hello to all. For years, I have lived in the glorious fictitious worlds around us as I desperately avoided the real one. I have heard that the only people who can avoid growing up are writers... and Peter Pan. If a show ends or is on hiatus, or simply does not show enough of a character or couple to satisfy my palette, I run here to read accurate and inaccurate portrayals of trials and tribulation that characters could experience. This sustains me. For years I have been making up my own stories, but I never put pen to paper (Metaphorically that is. Perhaps characters to word document would be more accurate). Finally, I have decided to join the ranks. I plan to perfect stories before posting, but I promise, the wait will be worth while. In the meantime, here are some things to look forward to.

Shows I am likely to write about: Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Smallville, The O.C., Opposite Sex, Edgemont, Tuck Everlasting (Movie Version), and others that I may come up with later. Recently decided to add Camp Nowhere to the list. It's November, 20, 2011 and I am adding Harry Potter. It's December 7, 2011, and I am adding Hart of Dixie. It is Thursday, March 8th, 2012, and I am adding Switched At Birth.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was a romantic-comedy in the 1990s that explores the famous love triangle between a woman, a superhero, and his human alter-ego. The show ran for four seasons, and was then concluded. I have speculations as to why the show ended, but those will probably come up later.

Smallville is an origin story. Many people are under the misconception that it is the story of Clark Kent, Superman's Alter-ego, as a teenager. If this were true, the show would have ended around season four when he graduated high-school. Smallville ran for ten seasons, beginning shortly after the turn of the century, 2001. The premise of the show is actually how Clark Kent became Superman, and the show explores the maturation of a boy and why he decides to become a superhero. While much of the show approaches the legend unconventionally, I truly believe the writers have created a respectable saga to enter the vault of all things Superman.

The O.C. was a show of a kid from the wrong side of the tracks, Ryan, who is taken in by an idealistic lawyer and brought to live in a rich, stuck-up Newport Society. Ryan's presence brings many changes to the people whom he interacts with. The show ran for four years.

Opposite Sex, which I have noticed nobody has written about yet, was a Fox television show that premiere about a year before Smallville. It centered on Jed Perry, a teenager whose family recently moved, and who was enrolled in a school that up until that year, had been an all girls school. Due to the fear this statistic caused, only three boys came to the school, all Jed's age, one interested in sex and girls, one interested in the school's reputation of getting children into IV League Colleges, and Jed, whose father did not tell him about the school's unique population before hand for fear he would freak out. The show was interesting and original, but unfortunately, Fox had many new shows that year, and Opposite Sex did not make the cut as worth keeping around. The show ran for a total of eight episodes before being cancelled.

Edgemont is a Canadian show that ran for five seasons. It followed typical high-school students and their dramas. I cannot really think of a more specific way to describe it, but I highly recommend the show. Other than being Canadian where, let's face it, all good things come from, it is interesting and addictive. Would you believe there are no Fan-fictions for this either?

Tuck Everlasting was a movie based on a book about a family that discovered a fountain of youth, and the benefits, and repercussions, of taking a drink.

Camp Nowhere was a movie that came out in the 1990's about four friends in high school, Zach, the cool guy with the leather jacket, Trish, the popular blonde with the questionable IQ and the dream of heading for Broadway, Gaby, the sweet girl who cannot seem to keep the pounds off, and the main character Morris, known as Mud, the short, smart geek. Each kid is facing being plopped by their parents at a miserable camp. For Zach, Military school, for Trish, whose father keeps forgetting which daughter she is, it's an annual trip to Camp Broadway, a dull place full of competitive bitches, for Gaby, fat camp, home of the tasteless rice-cake, and for Mud, who wants nothing more than to spend his summer playing baseball, it is computer camp, the equivalent of school as far as Mud is concerned. All they want to do is have a fun summer. It seems like an impossible dream, until Mud hatches a plan to create four fake camps and use the money their parent's give the camps' "instructor," who is actually an out of work drama teacher with questionable morality (played by Christopher Lloyd from Back To The Future), to rent a couple cabin's in the wood. When word of their plan gets out, other kids want in on the scam. Suddenly, these four are running a whole fake camp. What could go wrong?

Harry Potter is a seven part book/movie series about an orphan boy who lives with his cruel uncle, aunt and cousin, being mistreated for roughly ten years, until one day, he finds out that he is a wizard, and has been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is a thrilling fantasy story of good versus evil, the power of prejudice, and of course, contains many love stories, because, let's face it, if there were no love stories, I would not be writing about it, would I?

Hart of Dixie is a show about a New York girl who always dreamed of being a doctor. When she graduated from med school, she was approached by a man who was apparently so moved by her speech that he offered her a job at his practice. She declined, but as all her other options started to disappear, she realized she had no choice. She went to the man's home town, Bluebell, Alabama, to find that he had recently died, and had left her his half of the local medical practice. It turns out that the man was actually her father, whom her mother had an affair with when engaged to the man Zoe always thought was her father. Zoe is determined to continue his legacy, but being a New Yorker in a small southern town is not easy, especially when almost everybody hates you, the other doctor does not want to share his practice, and the guy you thought you liked turned out to be engaged to the other doctor's daughter. That is just the beginning, and it only gets crazier as the show progresses. But that's life in Bluebell, Alabama for you; crazy as a small town can get.

Switched At Birth is the story of two families who find out that they took home the wrong child from the hospital years ago. The Kennishes, a rich family in a rich neighborhood, ended up with Bay, and artistic rebel. Regina Vasquez, a Puerto Rican single mother living in a poor Puerto Rican area gets Daphne, a positive, sweet, athletic girl. Daphne gets an ear infection when she is little, and becomes deaf. Now these two very different girls from two very different families, must find a way to combine their lives and become a family.

Revenge: The concept of Revenge focuses on a girl, Amanda Clarke, whose father was framed as a terrorist and taken from her when she was little. Her life was destroyed by heartless selfish people, The Graysons, who did not want to take the fall for their own mistakes. So, as an adult, she returns to her childhood home (The Hamptons) with a new name, a new identity, and a mission: Destroy the people who destroyed her father, and clear his name. This involves beginning a fake relationship with Daniel Grayson, the son of the people responsible for her pain. It also involves re-meeting her childhood crush, Jack Porter, though she can not tell him who she is, and teaming up with an old friend of her father's, Nolan Ross. As her quest for revenge continues, her life and the lives of those around her continue to get more complicated, but Emily (her fake name) will not stop until she has toppled everyone who played a role in taking her father from her.

While I will write character specific stories, I will also write romance, family and friendship. My favorite relationships are the ones I am likely to write about, so I will list them. (This does not mean I will not write of others, simply that because I like these best, they are likely to take precedence) Couples not listed I am probably neutral about.

Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman:

Lois and Clark (obviously)

Lucy and Jimmy (Anybody else find it weird that he asked her out and then they never did anything with it even though in the comics they were supposed to get married? We have got to fix that.)


Clark and Lana (Beautiful account of a first love.)

Clark and Chloe (romance or friendship, I like both)

Clark and Alicia (Loved the Alicia Trilogy)

Clark and Lois (Classic Epic Seventy years in the Making.)

Lana and Whitney (Only guy she dated excluding Clark who was not a psychopath who tried to kill people, a decent guy, and the only guy who was ever a real threat to Clark in the quest for Lana's heart. While young and imperfect, I thought what they had was sweet, and I liked Whitney. I think they should get more attention.)

Lana and Jason (The earlier parts before he went crazy. I actually think the whole thing started out kind of sweet, despite how it ended.)

Lana and Lex (Very interesting to write about, full of a lot of history and drama)

Lana and Adam (Call me crazy, but I really liked this story-line, and I kind of wish it could have had a happier ending.)

Lex and Helen

Chloe and Jimmy (So cute in a bouncy kind of way. I really loved them together.)

Chloe and Oliver (Great account of finding love in the strangest places and interesting progression of friends, to friends with benefits, to falling in love.)

Lois and Oliver (I know they are not exactly a fan favorite, but in a lot of ways, he was her Lana. He was the first guy she was ever really in love with. those feelings were real, intense, and beautiful at the time and it took a lot of time for both of them to get over it.)

Oliver and Tess (Interesting, great chemistry, and leaves you with a bunch of questions. Am I the only one dying to know the details of what exactly happened with these two?)

Alternate Universe Tess and Alternate Universe Clark (From Episode Luthor in season 10)

Martha and Jonathan

Martha and Lionel (Only after Jonathan is dead!)

Jimmy and Kara (Really just a fun fling based on attraction, but it was cute, for what it was.)

Tess and Emil (After Fortune, I had to add them. I had no clue he was a widower, but I think they had some really sweet scenes, as well as some very sexual ones. Good for them, finally exploring relationships with potential.)

Couples I Dislike on this show:

Clark and Kyla (I did not really like them together or her and she was not around long enough to change my mind.)

Chloe and Davis (I have a very long-winded ranting explanation for this that I will no doubt put up later, but I have neither the room nor time here. However, while I am normally very understanding about people's differing opinions, any positive comments about Davis Bloom Will Be Burned and the writer tracked down and burned as well.)

Lois and A.C. (Only one episode and they are groping each-other? Besides, he was way too surfer-dude for my taste. Maybe he and Kyla could hook up since both were annoying and never proved themselves to be otherwise.)

Clark and Raya (Yeah, she was cool, but their relationship was in no way romantic. If anything, she was more like a relative. It can get annoying when people start seeing things that are not there.)

Any couple that involves incest or same gender sex. No, I am not a homophobe, I have no problem with gay people being together, but I do have a problem with straight people being portrayed as gay or doing gay things. None of the main characters on Smallville are gay and it is annoying to hear about Oliver and Clark or Lana and Chloe as a couple. If they were gay, It would be fine, but otherwise, it is just sick.

Tess and Lex (SPOILER FOR ABANDONED! See Incest comment. It was recently revealed that these two are in-fact siblings. Sorry if you have not gotten there yet.)

Martha and Perry (I just find it weird. She is clearly not ready to move on, so why is she dating?)

Lana and Pete: (Yes, I know they were married in the comics, but there is nothing to imply any sort of connection in the Smallville Universe. Neither had any interest in the other romantically, and the only reason they hung out at all was because they both knew Clark. They had nothing in common other than Clark, there was no attraction or common interest. Factoring both of their romantic histories, especially the part where Lana already married somebody she did not love once, and where her and Clark left things, and factoring in the type of person each of them tends to be attracted to, the odds of a connection, especially one that could lead to marriage are slim to none. I hate when people fabricate romances that were never there.)

The O.C.:

Summer and Seth

Ryan and Marissa (I know how this couple ends, and I am not against the final season four couple. I liked them, but I loved Ryan and Marissa.)

Kirsten and Sandy

Caitlin and Will

Caitlin and Justin (Never really explored but I rather liked them and wanted to see more. For those who do not remember, Justin was that guy from her boarding school who was in two episodes and was really into her.)

Jimmy and Julie

Jimmy and Hailey

Julie and Neil Roberts (I really wanted them to end up together)

Taylor and Seth (Everybody forgets that she was obsessed with him first, and while he never returned those feelings, I found the plot-line interesting and I think it is sad that it is not explored more.)

Couples I Dislike On The Show:

Luke and Julie (This relationship was sick and wrong on so many levels.)

Summer and Ché (He was weird and creepy and any time this couple is implied in the show it is clear that there is something very wrong with it.)

Marissa and Oliver (I am sorry, but he was just plain scary.)

Taylor and Dean Hess (Illegal and sick. Aside from that, he was a jerk and she deserved better.)

Opposite Sex:

Kate and Jed

Stella and Cary


Laurel and Mark

Paige and Mark (Or just Paige in general. She was so cool, and I hated when she left the show)

Maggie and Mark

Erin and Gil (One of my all time favorite couples)

Chris and Jen

Maggie and Craig

Craig and Shannon (SPOILER!!! I know she's gay, but before she knew, I thought they made a kind of cute couple)

Kevin and Tracy

Scott and Brenda

Couple I Dislike:

Laurel and Josh

Anika and Derek

Paige and Tyler (Or anybody and Tyler really. He was a two-dimensional character and a total jerk.)

Jen and Eddie

Craig and Shelby

Craig and Anika

Tuck Everlasting:

Jesse and Winnie

Camp Nowhere:



Harry Potter:

Ginny/Harry (Beautiful how they grew up together, how she always liked him, and then he started to notice her, it was so cute!)

Hermione/Ron (I have a soft-spot for love-hate relationships.)

Bill/Fleur(I know people get annoyed by her, but I really thought they were so sweet, like how she said she would always love him after he got disfigured.)

Couple I Dislike:

Harry/Hermione (They have such a beautiful, pure friendship, and I think part of the reason they are so close is because their relationship has always been untainted by crushes. They both love other people, and their friendship is strengthened by the fact that they could always be just this best friend to each other. I really think that their relationship is beautiful, but it is completely platonic.)


Hart of Dixie: (I wrote these in season one. Now that they show has ended, I have added to them. The original reason, while possibly still applicable, is crossed out.)

Zoe and George (They have such great chemistry, and they fit together so well. I wrote the previous sentence back in season one, and now that the show is over, I still think it. They have a lot in common, but contrary to popular belief, they are not carbon copies of one another. When they met, George was a family-oriented man who always put others first. He had experience with the outside world, and enjoyed what it had to offer, but preferred a small town where everybody looked out for everybody else. He is smart and driven, but selfless to a fault. Zoe was a workaholic who was often selfish. She was a snob who did not understand why a small town full of compassion and family could be equal to a city of culture and career opportunities. They share interests, and are both intelligent, but Zoe needed to learn to value other people and their needs, and George needed to learn how to be a little selfish sometimes. Their shared interests and common experience gave them something to bond over, but in some ways they are very opposite because of their temperaments and values. They bring things out in each other, teach each other, and give each other good advice. And, again, they had a lot of chemistry. That sort of faded later on because the writers decided to go in a different direction, which I respect, but had they gotten together, I think they could have been great.)

Zoe and Wade (They are clearly attracted to each other, and you know I have a soft spot for love hate relationships. Still true. They encouraged each other and pushed each other's boundaries. Wade pushed Zoe out of her comfort zone and helped her find herself. Zoe believed in Wade and encouraged him to follow his dreams. The were good for one-another, helping each other grow. It is clear by the end of the show that they love each other very much, but they were able to maintain the banter and adorable arguments that made them likable in the beginning.)

George and Lemon (They've known each other forever, and he knows she can be a bitch and loves her anyway. They grew up together, and they have such a sweet story. They really care about each other. Still true. I would have been happy for them to end up together, or be just friends. Both make sense.)

Lemon and Peter (They were so cute together. I would have liked for him to come back.)

Lemon and Lavon (We don't know much about them yet, but they clearly love each other, they have great chemistry, and there is clearly a great story that I cannot wait to find out. So, the show ended and we never found out all the background, but they still have great chemistry and a great, epic, star-crossed romance feel. They understand and support each other. They see who the other person is, and bring out the best in said person.)

Rose and Frederick Dean (I honestly do not know much about Frederick Dean. The way she talks about him is cute, and they have a lot in common, but mostly, I just love Rose, and he's the only love interest she has right now, so I want it to happen. So, he just disappeared without explanation, and then she got another boyfriend, who also disappeared. I guess I get it, but I'm still kind of rooting for them. Part of that comes from how much I enjoyed writing for them.)

George and Tansy (I've always been kind of on the fence about this couple, but I love Tansy. She brought out George's fun side, which I think is great, and they were very cute together. Also, it gave the show an excuse to keep her around, and again, I love Tansy.)

Annabeth and Jesse (I know they were never a couple in the show, but I always liked the idea of them. Also, I did not really like any of her relationships in the show.)

Brando and Silvie (They were so cute!)

Brick and Emily (Probably a better match for him than Shelby. It is a shame that it did not last.)

Brick and Shelby (They were cute together as well. At first she was annoying, but she grew on me a little.)

Cricket and Jasyne (Cricket is adorable, so any relationship with her would have been cute, and Jasyne is likable as well.)

Tom and Wanda (The cutest of the bunch. They are both so weird and they fit so well together.)

Couples I Dislike:

George and Lynly (She was so annoying and he was kind of an annoying jerk at this point as well.)

Lemon and Carter (Clearly, she was wasting time.)

Lemon and Enrique (Same comment as the one before.)

Wade and Vivian (I like that Wade found someone other than Zoe to care about, and that she had a son who Wade bonded with, but I just felt they could have developed Vivian a bit more. Other than being a single mom, a teacher, and Zoe's cousin, she did not really have anything to define her. She started off pretty good, with the whole thing where Wade remembered how she could skate backwards and win in competitions, but then they just sort of let her character become two-dimensional. I do not know if it was because we did not see enough of them as a couple, or if she was just a bad character, but I saw no quirks or qualities that were individual to her.)

Annabeth and Lavon (I do not like the fact that Annabeth slept with him when she knew her best friend was still in love with him. They were kind of cute, but Lavon was still in love with her best friend. He should never have gotten together with her, and vice versa. Not to mention, when the roles were reversed, Annabeth called Lemon selfish for wanting to be with Lavon, even though she did not do anything with him, and Annabeth had in her position. Unlike the others on this list, I may use them in some of my stories, but it is not likely to be a constant.)

Annabeth and George (Can Annabeth stop getting Lemon's hand-me-downs? This couple came out of nowhere, and again, they had their moments, but they had no history, nothing in common, and no real reason to get together. Maybe if there had been a hint in the past, or some time to build it up, but really, I just cannot get behind them as a couple. Friends, yes. Couple, no.)

Annabeth and Davis (She was still in love with Lavon. It just wasn't right.)

Switched At Birth

Bay and Ty (They were one of the first couples of the show, and they were so great together. It was so sad how they ended, and he was probably her first love.)

Bay and Emmett (They have so much in common, and such great chemistry. They have a great connection, and they clearly really care about each other.)

Daphne and Emmett (He was in love with her for so long, and they had a great connection. They know each other so well, and he waited for her for years.)

Daphne and Wilke (They are so great together. The scoliosis thing; how he never told anybody else. They fit. He was such a playboy, and she is changing him because he is so in love with her.)

Simone and Toby (I think they are awesome. Her speech about how he can stop time, and how she kept going to his shows to see magic. he is so adorably awkward around her, and it was about time he got a love interest. they clearly really care about each other.)

I maintain the right to alter this list at any point. I also am likely to publish certain rants that I will develop a filing system for. I do not know exactly when I will start posting, so I guess this is it for now.

I would like to thank those who have taken the time to review. It is greatly appreciated, just to know people are reading and that they care enough to say something.

Disclaimer: Clearly, None of the shows/movies/comics or characters from the shows/movies/comics are mine and I do not claim any right to them.

Okay, so, I have a question that may seem wierd, but it has been driving me crazy for years so if anybody knows the answer please post it. In season four of Smallville, when Lana possessed by Countess Margarite Isabel Thoreux tried to cut Clark's hair, she broke the scissors and he had to pluck a piece of for her because his hair is super-strong. In Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Clark shaves using a mirror and heat-vision, but in Smallville, he did not get heat-vision until he was fifteen. Clark is constantly changing his hairstyle, but he never has shaggy-dog hair. It has never even been that weird longish girl-like shoulder-length style. His hair is always neat and short, even though it should break scissors. Can somebody please explain this to me. Thank you.

I made a Fan-Art for You've Got Mail: Smallville Edition. If anybody can help me with how to put a Fan-Art up here, please let me know. I have seen it been done, but I cannot figure out how to do it. PLEASE HELP!!! Also, if anybody wants to contribute, be my guest. Thank you. Enjoy!

As I was writing Kate Makes Me Smile, it occurred to me that not many people are familiar with the show so the story might be a little confusing/unappealing, and because they do not have an Opposite Sex section on this site for those who do know the show, the majority of my readership for this story will likely come from those who frequent my page. That being the case, I thought it might be appropriate to provide a little background to encourage readers. I have seen people put quotes up on their pages, so I think it's okay. This is part of a scene I transcribed from The Drug Episode of Opposite Sex. This scene is where the title for my story comes from. The story takes place right after this episode. Ms Bradley is the school psychologist at Evergreen Academy in the story. This is only part of the scene. I actually like the whole scene, but it did not seem appropriate to post. However, the episodes can be found on the internet, for those interested. Jed Perry is played by Milo Ventimiglia and Kate Jacobs is played by Allison Mack. I wrote a brief description of the show higher up on this page. If anybody wants to discuss this show please contact me and feel free to review my story. It gets better in chapter my opinion. So, without further ado, a scene for Opposite Sex Episode Three:

Ms. Bradley: All right, hold on to your chair there because I'm about to give you some actual advice.

Jed Perry: I'm bracing myself.

Ms Bradley: (Laughs) Okay. Jed When I feel I'm losing control of my life..I, everything is turning into (Pauses and gestures toward Jed indicating that she is quoting how he said he was feeling.) 'crap,' I try to focus on one good thing. You know, like force myself to think of one positive thing that still remains. So, humor me a little bit, and try to think of one thing that you like here.

Jed Perry: (Pause) Bathrooms smell like Christmas trees.

Ms Bradley: Okay. (Laughs. Jed Laughs also.) Okay, uh, anything else? Anything else that, that makes you smile?

Jed Perry: (Clears throat) I mean, there's, there's someone that seems like, you know, she hasn't totally succumbed to the power of Greg. I mean when everybody else is so concerned with being cool, you know, she's just content in being lame. I mean...

Ms Bradley: Yes...?

Jed Perry: Kate. Kate makes me smile.

I hope you enjoyed. I also hope that piqued your interest enough to look at my story; Kate Makes Me Smile. Please Read and Review. Thank you. Have a nice day.

I recently added a new category to my list of things I write about, as well as the couples I use. Please check above. Have a nice day. And remember, Review, Review, Review! Adios.

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