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Hey readers,

My real name is John. I've been writing stories for Fan Fiction for a long time, but they aren't stories I'm proud of. I created this new account for my new and improved stories. One of my closest friends in real life, his pen name is Hartman227, inspired me to write here. He has a new story called Hybrid Theory that made me realize what real writing is about. I'm working on a legitimate story called "The Event". It's a story about action, adventure, friendship, romance, and perseverance. I already have five chapters done filling up the friendship turned to romance part. I guess I should post a summary because Fan Fiction won't let me post the actual story for another few days since I just made this account.

One little piece of information about me, although my inspiration likes furries, I don't necessarily. I don't judge anyone that does. I actually admire them for coming out so openly with information like that. There will be a point where a cross breed is introduced, but there isn't any sort of detail going into it. I'm doing this as sort of a thanks to the base of the character. I also think this is a cool idea showing not everyone is evil because of their race.

Update 11/22/10:
Topic: "The Event"
FIRST STORY UP AND ONLINE!!!!!!!!!! Please read, review, and enjoy!!! I'm going to continue it, but it takes time to write a 30 or so chapter story. I hope to have up through chapter 13 by the end of the Thanksgiving Weekend. Wish me luck. --> Update 11:00pm: I just posted my eighth chapter. Read, review and enjoy!!!

Update 11/25/10:
Topic: "The Event"
HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! As far as stories go... i just uploaded my 10th chapter of The Event. 1/3 of the way done!!! Thanks for reading my stories even though they aren't technically fully based on anything. Wish me luck to write a good story and again, Happy Thanksgiving!

Update 1/25/11:
Topic: "Trace-On"
Exactly two months since my last update... sorry... Anyways, to all of the fans of "The Event", I'm sorry I'm dumping the story for now. I just lost interest and completely lost where I was going with the story. It isn't as fun to write as it used to be. I think if I do pick it back up, I'll get rid of the last two or so chapters. I was wanting to be a loner for a while, and this wasn't the right story to do that on. I got my fix for that though in my new story "Trace-On". This story is a continuation of my favorite movie series. I am a huge computer nerd, and a fan of the original movie. When I heard they were making a new movie, I practically had a "nerd-gasm". I've already seen it three times (one time I even went alone on a Wednesday afternoon). Anyways, I just uploaded my fourth chapter of that (side note: i cannot type today, it took me about four tries to spell fourth). I learned from my mistake with "The Event" and have already planned out my movements ten chapters ahead or so. I'm actually condensing it to be more like 6 chapters. It's good though. Longer chapters and it feels like a lot less time spent writing a story. Good for a short-attention-spanned mind like mine. Wish me luck in writing and enjoy!

Update 1/31/11:
Topic: "Trace-On"
O boy so much to talk about. Not really... I thought I was due for an update right about now. I'm working on Chapter 5 or 6 of Trace-On and hope to have it up by the end of the week. I was reading another story when I realized what I am doing with Trace-On and the Event is special. There aren't many stories out that come up with their own characters. Not to mention a whole new storyline and relationships. I even have certain scenes of adult pleasure for people like me that enjoy a good romance here and there in a story. And romance not just sex. Yes there is a difference. I enjoy reading my own stories, but it cheers me up to go onto other stories like my friend's story, Hybrid Theory, and read something that is completely new to me. I hope you guys enjoy my stories like I enjoy them or more, and I'll get that next chapter up when I can. Also it may take more than a week because my cousins are staying at my house this weekend and I don't share my stories with my direct family. And if you're wondering why it's so hard to hide it consider this. They took my bedroom, I'm sleeping on the couch in the family room, and my parents got mad at me for going off to a different room to spend time writing. So I hope I can get it up soon, but please be patient. I hope you enjoy my stories and look forward to new chapters!

Update 1/31/11 part 2:
Topic: "Trace-On" to "Tron: Exodus"
Just changed the name to Tron: Exodus! I thought it was better and it keeps people guessing what happens next while still giving ideas. Exodus is exactly what you think. A mass of people leaving. Leaving what though? The human world to the grid perhaps? or the other way around? What if the bad guys got out this time? I guess you'll just have to see when I write up the rest.

Update 2/3/11:
Topic: "Tron: Exodus" Reviews
Hey readers! I was checking my story stats in the middle of Web Design Class today when I realized I had almost 700 views! That's awesome that so many people read my story! It probably doesn't hurt that Tron: Legacy came out a month or so ago, and it's a hot topic right now. I'm working on the next chapter full of duels and hook-ups. The chapter's name is a classic phrase said by Kevin Flynn, but he's dead in this one. Sad... so I put his catch phrase in hoping to sub for him. Enjoy!

Update 5/2/11:
Topic: "The Heart of Ice"
WoW it's been a while... The pun was completely intended. No surprise to those who have read my past stories... I have abandoned the rest and began typing a story I've been working on for the past 4 years... in my head... i just until recently had never typed any of it... it's about two characters and their development train as they try to take on the Lich King (from WoW)... this story I think is one I'll finish because I've skipped straight to the good parts. All the background stuff is in the prologue listed in the first chapter. check the story when you get the time and let me know what you think. Have a great end of the school year to you students out there btw...

Update 6/8/11:
Topic: "The Fifth Protector"
Well, for starters I dealt a slightly depressing blow to myself as far as writing goes... I have never finished a story... That said, I'm caught between writing three different stories as of right now (disregarding the fact that my computer fried, and I'm operating off my sister's computer and a notebook for now). The stories are based off of Red Dawn, a story by my friend Kieran, and a story based on the new movie "I am Number Four." I've already started writing the I am Number 4 story which is actually titled "the Fifth Protector" at least for now. I have a lot of different ideas varying from title ideas to the level of each protector's badassery.
- Just a summary for you guys: Cris is not human. He was brought to Earth by the last of his kind in an effort to save humanity from the threat that already wiped out his race. Cris doesn't know it yet, but he is meant to lead the forces of good against these destroyers as he is the fifth protector. Falling in love with a young woman on the run from her parents, Cris finds himself looking to her as a reason to fight.
-And now for an explanation as to what a protector is: A protector is sort of a beef flavored jello mold... doesn't that sound delicious. I can't-- sorry. I blacked out. Anyways a protector is one of five people made to protect a race that has made it 10,000 years and become the dominant race on the planet. The Thotorians (Cris' people) are thought to be the only race having made it that long, but more in detail on the protectors, they each control an element, reborn 3 days after they have all died (say there are two protectors, the first dies, but won't come back until 3 days after the second dies... the second will be reborn at the same time as the first), and they come into existence in 5 generation increments. The order goes as follows... Air (Female), Earth (Male), Water (Female), Fire (Male), then Energy/Electricity (Male or Female).
The story will contain sex, but the detail amount on that is not certain at this point. When I'll be able to post it is also unknown, so I'm sorry if I don't get a chapter up for a month.

Update 12/23/11:
Topic: "the Event" redo
Anybody know why I do these updates? I don't... but here we go... I'm redoing "the event" because it sucked and I lost where it was going. The redo is VERY different from the original and has many more personal touches to it... I hope you guys enjoy it. I really do plan on finishing it this time. Happy Holidays!

Update 2/16/12:
Topic: "For What It Used to Be"
well this is embarrassing... I lost my own story twice. I'm working on a new story ughain but this one is not as original. It's called (right now at least) "for what it used to be" and it's basically a star wars and hunger games crossover, but not really. It's my usual (1st Person POV, main character's named John, best friend is Andrew), but with some twists. I really liked where I was going with Akuzell, and I regret not finishing that character up, so he'll be in this new story. We also have a Crisis-like figure as the villain. One important thing that I think you guys will need to know is how I'm going to set up chapters... I'm going to do the story in a series of Acts... yes like a play... where are you going... oh come on it's not that bad of an idea... Anyways, for chapters I'm going to have the act number at the top followed by the chapter number and title, the story, and then the writer's comments. For the little window thing when you hit the scroll tab on fanfic, it'll say the act number, hyphen, chapter number, hyphen, chapter title. So for the first one it'll say: "I - 1 - Derelict". One more thing about the acts, I'm thinking of having them based on years. So Act I is the beginning of course, but Act II may take place several years later. I'm not sure how it'll work out, but I'm hoping just fine. Wish me luck please, I think my record is 0-8 or something, so I need it. The first chapter should be up either tonight or this weekend (I'm sorry if the story moves a little quick for the first chapter).

Thanks for reading,

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