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Author has written 5 stories for Penguins of Madagascar, Regular Show, and Animal Crossing.

name: Rose Silverpen

age: 18

tumblr RP url: rosesilverpenrp

NOTICE: Sorry for the inactivity, I just have a ton of fanfictions, but none are very good, or short. So, don't expect anything new for a while. I also deleted my story: 'pom and Alistair' because it was a fail.


"You didn't see anything." Skipper in Penguins of Madagascar

"Greetings, Mooncat, we come in peace... for now." Skipper in Penguins of Madagascar

"Talk to me, Kowalski." "These readings are off the charts!" "Well get bigger charts." Skipper and Kowalski in Penguins of Madagascar

"Knock knock." "Who's there?" "I sting your face!" Skipper and angry wasp in Penguins of Madagascar

"Strategic retreat Skipper?" "Explain." "It's like running away only mannlier." Skipper and Kowalski in Penguins of Madagascar

"And on the Skorca side... nothing. Less than nothing. Kowalski, what's a number less than nothing?" "Uh... neg...finity!" Skipper and Kowalski in Penguins of Madagascar

"Kowalski, status report!" "I'm randomly pushing buttons while we spin out of control." "Can I push one? I'll feel better." Skipper and Kowalski in Penguins of Madagascar

"Private I need you to tell me exactly what you see." "Uh... wall, possibly brick." Kowalski and Private in Penguins of Madagascar

what else?

OC info:

Penguins of Madagascar:

Rose: Penguin

Beauty and the Beast:

Rosalie: Young maid who is in love with Cogsworth

Regular Show:

Rose: female gumball machine who falls in love with Benson


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