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Anything. Anywhere. Anyhow. The status for now is:

Don't forget to continue on procrastinating throughout 2011! Go on...
Quit postponing it.


Forget Christmas/Hannuka/Kwanzaa/nondenominational roasting of chestnuts on open fire... there is but one day left in the year 2010 and the world is turning out and celebrating.
Have a wonderful new year...may many blessings be upon your head.



Says who! I want bonjour! ~Bonjour!~

..."Nǐ hǎo!"...and in ode to a recent trip, "YIA SOU!"

We're Anna and Mira and you'd best remember that if you want to keep up with us.

We have separate accounts on the website.
-Catch Anna over at her account here. (Opens in a new window, so don't be afraid to click.) Her name on here is Anna145.
-Catch Mira over at her account here. (Opens in a new window.) Her name on here is AyMirala.


So we put our individual accounts on 'favorite authors'. What are you gonna do about it??

Now, see our lovely profile picture? Well, it saddens us. Why, you (we know you're not asking. We're answering anyway.) ask? Because that's what's happening everywhere around the world. (No, the government will not take your lips and lock them away in a cage. At least not literally.)


Ah, so you're concerned about that, too. Look no further! You can speak (er, type) up in a lovely PM. We come from different places, we have different cultures, we disagree on many things. But we also know no one has the absolute truth. You agree? Feel free to write back!

You don't agree? Feel free to write back!

~B E Y O U R S E L F~

And speak up already, will you?

Complaints, questions, or traumas should also be written in a PM. :) It's up to you if you send it or keep it as rant and provoke an ulcer on yourself.

A fair warning in the trading of words: HATE SPEECH IS NOT FREE SPEECH. It's just ignorant verbal diarrhea. If you dare insult any belief, idea, or favorite color, you'll hear from us. Your worst nightmares will be about us. You will breathe and sweat guilt. Our neighbors, the Furies, will torture your miserable soul to no end.

Either that, or you don't feel bad about what you say. Then you're not human.

But don't worry. We like you! We truly do. We like everybody until they decide to prove us wrong.

Fair enough?

Have a nice day! :)

Mira and Anna.

Anna's "Corner"

"Damaged people are dangerous. They know they can survive."
-Josephine Heart

So what nonsense shall I write to bore you?

You're already bored, aren't you?

Well, too bad! Because I like berries. And watermelons are a type of berry. And they are, in fact, delicious. By now, you are very possibly saying, "Oh, wait. I read this somewhere else...Where?! WHERE?!" Look below, dear! No, not down your shirt. Below this page, right there, where it says MIRA'S CORNER in BOLD. Yes, there.

Come back soon for more procrastination, yes??

:) Anna

Special shoutout to Adonai63 and Theunder015: You guys effing ROCK!

Mira's "Corner"

"Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities."

As Anna above, I'll come up with some crap to freak you out next time, okay? ;) In the meantime, here's a random fact: watermelons are a type of berry. And they're delicious! (As Anna will testify, won't you, Anna?)

See, Anna agrees! But you know what I don't like? I don't like raisins. Especially losers who carry them around because they don't have any access to watermelons. Nasty filthy little things. I have it on good word, though, that Ricky Martin (and Matt Pokora!) despise them. So does Gerard Way, so we're fine, right, Anna? ;)

My best defense against idiots: I'd love to see from your point of view, but I can't seem to be able to get my head that far up my ass. (Anna came up with it, I just stole!)
If I use that one with you, you can give up any hope of me liking you. Ever. Don't tell me I didn't warn you...

xoxo Mira

Music we listen to:


Ricky Martin


Ella Fitzgerald

My Chemical Romance

Green Day

Martina McBride

Lady Gaga


The Fray


Sunidhi Chauhan

Simple Plan


Ricardo Arjona

M. Pokora

Five For Fighting

Three Days Grace

I'm the one in the italics; hers are underlined.

Good luck with figuring out which one is talking...


So, that's us. We have a boring profile. Maybe that's because we have exciting lives. (But of course you didn't buy that. We're pathological liars.)

xoxo Mira

Anna Sasin :)