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Hi, my name is Taylor Wanda Embree, but everyone calls me Wanda.

I am 15 years old, I have should-length chestnut hair, hazel eyes and white skin.

I love all types of anime/manga such as


-Naruto (Shippuden)

-Yu Yu Hakasho

-Black Butler

-One Piece

-Highschool Of The Dead

Anyways I am also on my channel name is AllAboutStuffTv.

And on Deviantart by the name Sesshomarus-fiance

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Poems like this just makes me want to cry but I do understand their aren't many good options left. Some of the orphanages suck and I do understand if they don't want to make the baby suffer; I just know I won't ever get an abortion.(I do not claim any of these. And for references I am a Taurus. Copy and paste your sign.)

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I will be posting the plot of the story soon.

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