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Hello! I'm LivesTooShort52! How did I get my name? Simple really. You see, Lives is not Life's (as in Life is), it's Lives as in multiple people. TooShort is about suicide and how people kill themselves for no good reason. 52 is my lucky number!

Depressing, I know. But it's my go-to name and I love it!

Update: 3/15/13


>> Check out some of these Polyvore Ideas that have been helping me plan out my books:

>>> The Humane:Sci-Fi - The human race has been split into two groups: The Revolutionaries (us), and the Evolutionaries (them). We used to have a symbiotic relationship, but with war on the way the ties between the two groups are coming undone. Now it's up to the animals to decide if humans survive, where it's been the other way around for so long. Our fate is not looking up and our morals are becoming more and more blurred as time is running out.

>>> The Wedding: Romance - Love, of all things, was not what you’d call Charlie’s forte. If anything, it could be called her kryptonite. Yes, after years of watching each of her five older sisters get married and gagging at each and every one of their weddings, she’s had quite enough with love. However, when her younger sister gets married, well that’s where the line is drawn for her because it was starting to get ridiculous. And what better place to start looking for potential husbands than at her sister’s wedding? What could go wrong? They were all bachelors anyways…. Right?

>>> Just Males In General:Teen Fiction/ Romance/ Comedy - There were three things I was sure of in my life. 1, Hell was frozen over, not a burning inferno. 2, My love of cats would dub me ‘crazy cat lady’ someday, and 3, Not everybody is exactly how they seem. Meet Sophie, the Sardonic.

>>> The Twisted Role of Rosaline: (Short Story) Tragedy - I wish, child, that I was as noble and righteous as I thought I was when I was sixteen. When I was sixteen I knew what I was: independent, studious, and ascetic. With that said, I also knew what I wasn’t: a boyfriend stealer, a hypocrite, and sure as hell not a martyr. But my leave it to slutty, stripper of sister to change me within the course of a mere two years. Two. Short. Years; an insignificant fraction of my life that will forever haunt me. One thing is for certain, child, this isn’t a love story.

Want to know more? PM me and I'll show you what's going down in my fiction life.

My FictionPress account is here. Please feel free to check it out for original pieces.

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Live by the Creed.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

Recently I've had a great fan of my story create a one-shot of one of my projects. It's called "Marks and Bearings" by unanymousdeen. Go check it out. As always, I'd love to hear if you're inspired by my work. Just give credit where credit is due and PM me 'cause it makes me happy.

The Percy Jackson pledge:

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War and Peace reviews
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