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Enjoy my page... have fun

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Current Image: Marvel Comics "Magik," Illyana Rasputin

Obsession of the Moment: Final Fantasy & Sailor Moon

Favorite Anime: Sailor Moon

Favorite Video Game/Series: Final Fantasy

Things I Write About: I write stories and crossovers based off Disney Princesses, Twisted Princesses, Sailor Moon, Final Fantasy, DC and MARVEL comics, Plus my own creations

Favorite Comics: DC: Any Batman (this means Batman, Batman and Robin, Robin... ect. I love my bat family) Power Girl, and Wonder Woman
Marvel: Magik, Ms. Marvel and Anything with Wolverine (damn is he a cutie, So is Scott Summer, Cyclops)

Favorite Director for Movies: Tim Burton... oh yeah

Writing History: I have been writing since 2002, it started off as poems then evolved into stories. Most are un-finished due to the fact that I always have ideas and tend to trail form one thing to the next. Think of it as a minor ADD problem... lol

About Me: I am a geeky comic/manga/anime girl. If you were to catch me reading any comic or manga good luck trying to talk to me. I always go into my own world when I am reading, can't help it they are so good. I do have grammar problems and have a hard time reading things, due to my Epilepsy.. message me if you don't know what Epilepsy is. Once I get into a story I will not put it down. I love to draw and write.

How I Review Stories, Poems, ect... : I will tell you what I think in complete honesty. If you do not hook me in the first few paragraphs I will go to the next item. The reason I am honest is because I expect nothing but honesty from the people who read my stuff. I will not tell you grammar fixes because I do not have great grammar myself. Please have fun reading my stuff as I will have fun reading yours. :)

XiaMarie's Original Charcters:
She is a superhero, 22 years old. Her costume colors are purple and black. She is a work in progress and she will continue to be worked on. This is the one thing that I would not like ideas for, she is special to me. Please don't steal her, you can ask me if you want to use her in anything and if you do that please note me as the creator (fyi if I use anyone's original ideas I will and do note them as creators somewhere in my work) I will update on her when I can. She will eventually have a face and story to go with her name.

The Legand
We all know the story of Sailor Moon and her trusted Sailor Scouts. Well this is their stories with a twist of mine. Basically my version of Sailor moon and the Sailor Scouts. Have fun tell my what you think.
Sailor Moon - Rated: T - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 484 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 10/17/2011 - Sailor Senshi/Sailor Scouts
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