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Poll: Gonna do a collab with Sapph-Chii on 22nd Oct ;P It's Festival of Asylum, an AU story of HTF ! I was inspired by the famous art by Kiri that showed the cast doing a parody pose of Secret Police. Now, I'm also inspired to do stories from songs of VOCALOID. Vote Now!
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Author has written 9 stories for Happy Tree Friends.

LOOK AT- LOOK AT THE- LOOK- Man, I gotta stop bragging.

Oh dear god, Flaky...

"FxF psychotic theme song: Eat You Alive!"

"Something tells me I'm getting addicted to N x Touko (FerrisWheelShipping) too... Not Pokemon... But the pairing. XD"

"Fliqpy's the most badass soldier around.

He can kill people with stapler bullets, flutes, umbrellas, cookies and single sovereigns.
He shoves his bowie knives up peoples' asses,
and cannot differentiate a knife from a pizza slice.

When it comes to women, however, he's a failure-
Unless you lock him with a paranoid/scared/cute female in a room,
... Well... You'd get the results.

As a victim of PTSD, he takes in five to fifteen anxiety disorder pills every single hour.
Sadly, this does not stop him from killing innocent bystanders.
Or perhaps himself.
It isn't his fault, though.
Don't these stupid assholes learn that this man could be a vicious,
blood thirsty psychopath if you put anything, or anything related to war,
near him?
Well, nobody ever considers this except for his favorite victim, Flaky.
And none affords to care. At all.

Even if he rapes her.
And I don't mind either.

... Waitwhat-

Fliqpy's an immortal being and will always, always haunt his victims' dreams.
The only least worst thing he could do is to simply strangle a person with a sharp, meat-and-bone-slicing wire.
Other than that, feel free to chug a grenade down his throat.

I double dare you to do that in front of his face."

-Fliqpy memorial thingy if HTF EVER dies, because we need more people like him around.

I enjoy writing stories with names of other languages.

Ahem. Wanna know me? (UPDATE OCTOBER 2011)

Hello there. Name's PnP/Pristine, nice to meet ya. I'm a sentimental emotional person, who loves English Breakfast tea and butter croissants for breakfast. Every time I drop by the kitchen, there's that smell of Earl Grey in the pot. When I'm with a lot of strangers, I tend to stutter stuff aloud like I'm a loner. An elevator's a great example, ya know! Sometimes I have an addiction every now and then, and my current addictions are:

2NE1 (K-Pop Female Group ;3 I love Dara and Bom best~)
BIGBANG (K-Pop Male Group, in the same company with 2NE1)
Happy Tree Friends (Awesome gory cartoon~)
Touhou (Japanese vertical bullet-dodging game. I love TH06 best~)
VOCALOID (Japanese voice synthesizers. They're actually pretty good singers!)
Ghost Adventures (American paranormal documentary featuring three awesome investigators~)
Minecraft (How can anybody not know this?!)
Halo(The first game that got me hooked on Bungie!)

Anyway, aside from that. I love writing stories that include dark love, fluffy love, dark humor and suspense stuff. It's so awesome that I enjoy reading stories of them too. I'd like to mention an author here too~

Name: Sapph-Chii~!

She's an awesome friend and I love her like a true sister~ I'm gonna do a collaboration with her on 22nd October and I'm so excited! I talk to her about my problems and we both have a lot in common! I talk like an idiot with her but she accepts me for my idiotic nonsense! She's also a good author, and I love her stories too~ Sometimes when I'm down, she's the one I look up to for comfort!

And here's a link to the cover of my fiction, LSDL (LET SLEEPING DOGS LIE) by Hikarra~!

Awesome link for the awesome cover~

I kinda stopped LSDL for a while, because my brain juice's getting sour on that subject. I'm gonna make it up to you guys and present new juicy stories of Flippy and Flaky for you all if you don't mind! Also, the collaboration I'll do with Sapph-chan will also be for you guys too!

When it comes to flames, I don't mind. The only thing that bugs me is that flamers only hate, and not provide any USEFUL suggestions that can help me improve my writing. If the flame's talking about a pairing, then, well... Pal. I can't do anything for you. If you're bashing about that pairing you hate, why bother coming to my story? You can just leave it be. There's no need to flame. And don't expect things you'd want to happen. Bragging and persuading annoyingly and irritatingly wouldn't solve anything at all.

I haven't met those people yet. Thank god.

Fave COUPLES: Well I have tons of couples, but I'm sometimes picky over them~ (BOLD = LOVE LOVE OTP/ ITALIC= SWEET, NOT OTP BUT TOO CUTE~/ NORMAL = IT'S ALRIGHT)

I love Fliqpy x Flaky, Flippy x Flaky, Sneaky x Petunia, Giggles x Splendid, Fliqpy x Petunia (HTF), Miku x Kaito, Aku x Dell, Luka x Gakupo, Rin x Len, Miku x Luka, Zatsune x Akaito, Mikuo x Miku, Len x Kaito (VOCALOID), Sebastian x Claude, Sebastian x Ciel, Ciel x Alois, Ciel x Claude, Hannah x Claude, Alois x Claude, Grell x Sebastian, Madam Red x Grell, Lao x Ranmao (KUROSHITSUJI), Prussia x Hungary, England x America, N. Italy x Germany, Denmark x Norway, Russia x Belarus, Poland x Lithuania, Switzerland x Austria, Japan x Hong Kong, Philippines x France (HETALIA), Kat x Carter, Emile x Six, Jun x Six, Cortana x John, Johnson x Miranda, Jacob x Halsey, Fred x Kelly, John x Linda (HALO), Dara x Taeyang, TOP x BOM, CL x Teddy, Minzy x Taeyang, Dara x G-Dragon (BIGBANG/2NE1)

Best characters in my list of all time (IN NO ORDER):
1. Flippy (Hah. Greatest violent PTSD soldier~)
2. Sneaky (A wonderful assassin, a reptile, I know~)
3. Jun (His accent makes me squeal, plus his sniping skills)
4. Carter (Oh my god, his leadership is godly)
5. Machiavelli (Even though he's dead, he's still an awesome prince)
6. N (Cute, sentimental, cynical, fluffy green hair~)
7. Prussia (Everything and everyone, bow down to Le Awesome Crop)
8. Fettel (From FEAR, he's kinda cute. And murderous. Amen.)
9. John-117 (You can't dislike a killing machine that can annihilate a species armada)
10. Wheatley (English west love. He pars with Shaun -AC- but both are my favorite~)

1. Flandre (The most awesome vampire girl. Cute and deadly~)
2. Touko (WHITE, the color of her soul. I admire her persona)
3. Cortana (Wellll, nobody can throw away a beautiful smart AI)
4. Petunia (She's my base for strong fan couples!)
5. Flaky (Cute, red-haired, scared, timid, oh the temptations~)
6. Linda (Halo's best sniper, followed by Jun. Her hair's to be envied)
7. Alma (I'm obsessed of her supernatural abilities and talents to scare)
8. Remilia (The vampire princess you'd never want to deal with~)
9. GLaDOS (She's well... like your own mother. I love her witty sarcasm)
10. Chell (Quiet, silent, yet quick and emotional. Wish she could be an assassin)

- LSDL Prologue Re-EDIT (DONE)
- LSDL Chapter 1 Re-EDIT (DONE)
- LSDL Chapter 2 Re-EDIT
- LSDL Chapter 3 Production
- LSDL Chapter 4 Production
- Disce Pati Chapter 5 (60% DONE)
- Worth a Thousand Pictures, an M-rated sexual FxF oneshot (Gonna start soon... hopefully XD)
- Hazy Reflections of a Heaty Summer Day, Prologue


2011 Grabbies

1. Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (ON HIATUS) (NOVEL)
2. Festival of Asylum (NOVEL)
3. Roshin Yuukai (NOVELLA)
4. Disce Pati (NOVELLA)
5. Worth a Thousand Pictures (Oneshot)
6. Hazy Reflections of a Heaty Summer Day (NOVEL)
7. Un Dolciume! (Flippy/Flaky AU Collection)

2012 Grabbies (TENTATIVE)~
1. Roshin Yūkai (HTF x VOCALOID SONG crossover) NOV Nanowrimo entry

2011: The year for all of HTF. Only HTF~!
2012: Prepare for a new HTF novel, and a Touhou saga.

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