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Hello. I sort of wonder if anybody (besides me) ever bothers reading these things. Oh well.

What you care about: I write fanfiction. Specifically, I write they-probably-shouldn't-be-together-but-they-are-and-somehow-it-works fanfiction. For instance, I'm all about the Draco/Hermione pairing. I'm also a big fan of Lilly/Snape as long as it stays true to canon (ie, sad endings for them). Lucius/Narcissa when they have personalities. Puckleberry, Brittana, St. Berry from Glee as well as Quinn. Really, I just ship Quinn as a person. Jereth/Sarah from Labyrinth. Finnick/Annie, Clove/Cato, Wiress/Beetee and Toast from The Hunger Games. I'll update this when I think of more.

I listen to too much music, read too much poetry, and talk about both far too frequently. I write books and screenplays and I blog. Mostly, though, I just sit around being awesome and idolizing Jamie Bell (it's a sickness).


08-04-2011: I'm back.

05-30-2011: Hey. Life is kind of rocky right now (and has been for quite a while now). Things aren't happening the way they're supposed to and I am afraid that I don't presently have the time necessary to devote to this. Thus, I am officially taking a break from posting here. Sorry, guys. I love you all very very much, but if life was a sink-or-swim type of thing, I'd be drowning.

03-13-2011: Ahahah. Funny story. See, I go to school. School is a lot of work. I am poor. I have job. Job is a lot of work. I have martial art. Martial art is a lot of work. What does all this lot of work mean? I have no time to update fanfiction! HURRAY! Thankfully, I had a break this week, and that meant that I had two days to devote completely to writing. Which I did. The result? I have enough new stuff to post a new dramione chapter/piece (and one extraneous one that I'll publish at some point but isn't even HP, so who really cares?) once a week for the rest of the month (three more updates in the foreseeable future). YAY! No guarantees after that, but know that I love you all more than school/job/martial art, and if my future/ability to eat wasn't riding on at least two of those, I would spend more time here. Unfortunately, I cannot eat fanfiction and fanfiction cannot employ me after I graduate. It also can't defend me in a dark alley, but who's counting? Hugs, kisses, and infinite love!

01-26-2011: My darlings! I just discovered that TWO PEOPLE WHO I DO NOT KNOW were talking about me on tumblr! I must say that it was probably the most proud of myself I have ever been. I'm dreadfully sorry I've taken so long to update, but there should be at least one (maybe two) updates soon. They're both mostly done, but I think I should get some sleep before I edit them. Just wanted to convey my thanks!

01-16-2011: Hi, kids. So, here's the deal: I'm back at cool-age (college) again, and that means that I have less time than ever to write. That fact, when coupled with the notion that I am spending roughly 50% of my writing time working on a novel, means that I'm going to be slow with the updates for a while. Now, don't go panicking; I'm still going to get something up once every ten days or so (hopefully less) and I'm not giving up on either of my in-progress stories. If you are hankering to see what I am up to, feel free to check out my blarg (blog): http:// vitreous. tumblr. com/ (remove the spaces, you know the drill). Lots of love and adoration to you all. Uh-huh.

01-05-2011: Happy New Year, all! Apart from updating The Exoneration, I'm trying to think of a better title for it, as the one it currently has is rather off-putting, in my opinion. I've also got something new and different in the works, but I won't add it here until I have more of it written (it's a doozy and I haven't decided if I want it to be a super-long oneshot or in two installments). Just wondering, but, how would you all feel if I added some multimedia to this puppy? You know, a photobucket account dedicated to things/images I use, a youtube playlist, etc?

12-22-2010: Alright. Here's the deal, folks: I'm going on vacation with my family for Christmas. We are going to (drum-roll, please) HARRY POTTER WORLD! Well, alright, THEY are going to Disney World and are sensitive enough to my needs to say, "You go there and we'll go here and we'll meet you back at the hotel," Or something very similar. Anyway, as part of my Harry Potter fanaticism, I can't guarantee that I'll be updating anything until Sunday night or Monday morning as my head may very well explode in confetti and rainbows when I step foot in the synthesized Hogsmeade. That said, I'll try my best to at least get the next chapter of The Exoneration up-- I've got it mostly done in my head and just need to get it out on paper. Sound good? Ok. Happy Christmas (and etc.).

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