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"There's this really cool dude, ok? He's standing around being all chill, like cool dudes are known to do sometimes. A cool dude like this probably has a real cool name. But he probably wouldn't just tell you what it was if you asked. He'd be way too busy for that. Busy being totally sweet.

But you could always try to guess his name. And if you were right, he might nod ever so slightly. That's a cool dude's way of letting you know there might just be hope for you yet. (enter name: Insufferable Pri--) This guy doesn't have time for this sort of bullshit. (Try again)"-Homestuck quote

Dave Strider

AKA, his username: "TG-turntechGodhead"

Wow I'm a fucking loser.

And that is how MY new username came to be. I was known as "SasoriSweet19" and "Shizu-Ai" before I changed my pen name...

OTOME GAMING!!! All the paths that I bought cause what else am I supposed to do in my free time...

My Forged Wedding

  • Takamasa Saeki
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  • Seduced in the Sleepless City

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  • Pirates in Love

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  • Love Letter from Thief X

  • Takuto Hirukawa
  • Riki Yanase
  • Tatsuro Togoshi
  • In Your Arms Tonight

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    Be My Princess

  • Keith Alford (I have all of his CG's, wuahaha!)
  • My Sweet Bodyguard

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    In Your Arms Tonight

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    A Knight's Devotion

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  • Haku
  • Ken
  • Office Secrets

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    6. Death Note
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    22. Inu x Boku SS


    1. Pretty much all the Harvest Moon games
    2. And Zelda
    3. And Pokemon I mean wowwie zowwie
    4. Ib
    5. Witch's House
    6. Mad Father
    7. Misao
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    Favorite Harvest Moon Bachelor/ettes!:

    Tale of Two Towns:

    1. Ash
    2. Cam
    3. Dirk
    4. Kana
    5. Hiro
    6. Reina (She has my name :D Reyna!)
    7. Georgia
    8. Laney
    9. Oracle

    More Friends of Mineral Town:

    1. Gray
    2. Doctor Trent
    3. Cliff

    DS Cute:

    1. Skye
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    Animal Parade/Tree of Tranquility:

    1. Chase(It's funny cause' I married Toby first. I'm sorry, I love you more Chase! *Is shot by husband *)
    2. Luke
    3. Gill
    4. Wizard
    5. Toby
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    7. Witch Princess
    8. Kathy
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    Sunshine Islands/Island of Happiness:

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    6. Chelsea
    7. Natalie

    Grand Bazaar:

    1. Ivan
    2. Dirk

    A New Beginning:

    1. Allen
    2. Neil (I think they are the most attractive out of all of them... ;u;)


    Harvest Moon Games:

    Tale of Two Towns-
    Save 1-Married to Ash and preggars x)
    Save 2-My friend is trying to marry Cam

    Animal Parade-
    Save 1-Married to Toby. One grown up boy Xavier, and a grown up girl Lyra :DDD
    Save 2 and 3-I haven't played much, but I will marry Chase and Luke!

    DS Cute-
    Save 1- Married to Skye, with a cute little baby Haiden

    More Friends of Mineral Town-
    Save 1- WAS married to Gray and pregnant, but my file corrupted... Gah!:'(

    Harvest Moon: A New Beginning-
    Save 1-Dating Allen, he's SO. CUTE. And sort of a prick, BUT WHATEVER

    Pick 10 characters and answer the questions below. You can pick any characters you like, both boys and girls!!

    1. Sebastian Michaelis (Kuroshitsuji)

    2. Izaya Orihara (Durarara!!)

    3. Shizuo Heiwajima (Durarara!!)

    4. Haruhi Fujioka (Ouran)

    5. Ciel Phantomhive (Kuroshitsuji)

    6. Tamaki Suoh (Ouran)

    7. Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran)

    8. Finnian (Kuroshitsuji)

    9. Elizaveta Hedervary (Hungary, Hetalia Axis Powers)

    10. Antonio Fernandez Carriedo (Spain, Hetalia Axis Powers)

    Number 1 (Sebastian)woke you up in the middle of the night?

    Me: Well hello there handsome, do you have a map? Cause I'm getting lost in your eyes
    Probably do to the fact that I say strange things in my sleep and when I'm first woken up.

    Number 2 (Izaya) asked you to go out with him?

    Me: You won't try to make me commit suicide or have me kidnapped and go through a huge complex rescue mission, will you?
    Izaya: ...What makes you say that?
    Me: Oh, nothing. Let's go eat some fatty tuna at Russia Sushi now!!!

    Number 3 (Shizuo) walked into the bathroom while you're showering?

    Me: LE SCREAM ASDFGHJKL! Shizuo! I know you're hot and all, but GET OUT.

    4(Haruhi) announced she's going to marry 9 (Elizaveta) tomorrow?

    Me: ... WHAT. But... But... Elizaveta and Roderich... and Haruhi and T-Tamaki? WHYYYYY THAT'S NOT COOL GUYS.

    5 (Ciel) cooked you dinner?

    Me: Did Sebastian cook this?
    Ciel: Are you doubting my abilities? I'm not required to answer to you.
    Me: ...OK then I guess.. (Image of Sebastian in the kitchen, making me food) Le swoon
    Ciel: ...Pardon me, I'll be taking my leave now. Sebastian draw me a bath!
    Me: Still swooning

    6 (Tamaki) was lying next to you on the beach, sleeping?

    LET HIM SLEEP. My eyes are set on Kaoru, however handsome Tamaki may be...

    7 (Kaoru) suddenly confessed to be part of your family?

    Me: Wha. Wh. But. B-But. Kaoru. and Hikaru too? My re-relatives? But I just said I loved Kaoru.. And. NOOOOOOOOOOO!
    Twins: WE LIED!! Hahaa Got you good, huh?
    Kaoru: Now what's this about you loving me?
    Me: ...Well, you see. The explanation is simple. Shut up. Shut up is why.

    8 (Finnian) got into the hospital somehow?

    Me: ...NO. MY DEAR FINNY!!! He's too cute to be in a hospital! AND HE MUST HATE IT THERE. Cries forever

    9 (Elizaveta) made fun of your friends?

    Me: ): Oh ok...

    10 (Antonio) ignored you all the time?

    Me: Di-Did I do something wrong?
    Toni: ...
    Toni: (walks away)
    Me: I think I'll just go lay in my bed an cry for the next three days, if anyone needs me, I'll be neck deep in tissues and tears. K? K.

    Two serial killers are hunting you down. What will 1 (Sebastian) do?

    Me: WELL. Of course Ciel would order him to get rid of the serial killers. Sebastian would sweep me off my feet and save me from the horrible people because he is one hell of a butler. ANd then we will get married and blah blah blah...
    Sebastian: ...sigh

    You're on a vacation with number 2 (Izaya) and manage to break your leg. What does 2 do?

    Izaya: Oh dear Looks like we'll have to get you to the hospital, huh?
    Me: ...Shut up. (It was probably his fault anyways, that creep. Don't get me wrong, I'd be VERY happy, he still attractive)

    It's your birthday. What will 3 (Shizuo) give you?

    Me: Some desserts and a card? Idk. Maybe even milk. Oh well, he's still a cutie.

    You're stuck in a house that's on fire. What does 4 (Haruhi) do?

    Me: She'd probably try to save me, Haruhi is a very nice person. Then Tamaki would yell at her for doing something so dangerous, and she'd probably bitch slap him or something.

    You're about to do something that'll make you feel extremely embarrassed. What will 5 (Ciel) do?

    Me: That damn Ciel... He'd probably sit there and smirk while it happened...

    You're about to marry number 10. (Antonio) What's 6's (Tamaki) reaction?

    Me: HELL YES.
    Antonio: I thought I was ignoring you...?
    Antonio: But I'm 25-
    Tamaki: TOO YOUNG!
    (For the record, I think Spain was supposed to look about 25...)

    You got dumped by someone. How will 7 (Kaoru) cheer you up?

    Me: Him and Hikaru would probably play a prank on Tamaki. Or, if it was just him, he'd probably try and make me laugh, or cheer me up.

    You're angry about it afterwards, how does 8 (Finnian) calm you down?

    Me: Finny is so sweet an caring, he'd probably give me a bone crushing hug, nearly killing me. It's the thought that counts though, right? -sweat drop- Yahhhhh...

    You compete in some tournament. How does 9 (Elizaveta) support you?

    Me: Beat everyone with a frying pan, no doubt. She's so sweet

    You can't stop laughing. What will 10 (Antonio) do?

    Me: Toni will probably try to make me laugh even more, by tickling me or something. Not that I'd mind, he's so amazing

    Number 1 (Sebastian) is all you've ever dreamed of. Why?

    Me: He's so handsome, and skilled, and strong, and beautiful, and loyal, and those EYES. Dear god, his hair is great as well. So tall too
    Sebastian: Miss Reyna, if you'd please stop fantasizing about me. It's not proper for a lady to swoon over a mere servant such as myself.
    Me: Hahah, silly Sebastian. That most definitely isn't going to stop me from pursuing you.
    Sebastian: ...twitch... Oh, Is it now. (FAKE SMILES ALL AROUND)

    2 (Izaya) tells you about his deeply hidden love for number 9. (Elizaveta) Your reaction?

    Me: (Attempts to kill him with his own pocket knife) SHE'S IN A DIFFERENT FANDOM IZAYA. YOU WILL LOVE ME AS LONG AS THIS IS THE DURARARA!! WORLD.
    Izaya: (Dodging easily, with his awesome parkour skills) My my, do you happen to be jealous? (Tries to make me commit suicide cause that's what Izaya does.)

    You're dating number 3 (Shizuo) and introduce him to your parents. Will they get along?

    Dad: So what do you do for a living?
    Shizuo: I used to be a bar tender, but now I work as a debt collector.
    Mom and Dad: ...
    Me: Please don't show up Izaya... Please don't show up Izaya... (Izaya of course shows up)
    Shizuo: IZZZAAAAAAAYYAAAAA! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!! (Throws table at him)
    Dad: What the hell!?!?!?
    Mom: LET'S LEAVE. (Honestly don't know what she would say xD)
    Me: NOO!!! He's a lovely person I PROMISEE!!
    Izaya: Ah? Shizu-chan what's wrong?
    Me: (Cries in the corner to and grows mushrooms with Tamaki) It was going so well too.

    Number 4(Haruhi) loves number 9 (Elizaveta) as well. What does that mean?

    Me: God dammit Haruhi, Eliza, we went over this. TamaHaru, and AustriaHungary. DEAL WITH IT.

    Will number 5 (Ciel) and 6 (Tamaki) ever kiss?

    Me: Um, no. And thank Bisco Hatori and Yana Toboso for that.

    6 (Tamaki) appears to be a player, he breaks many hearts. What do you do?

    Me: No surprise there. Buuuut, it's probably unintentional. Tama is so sweet to woman, and would never dare try and hurt one's feelings
    Tamaki: Why thank you, bea-
    Me: I still like Kaoru more.
    Tamaki: (Cultivates mushrooms in corner again)

    You had a haircut and 7 (Kaoru) can't stop looking at you. What goes on in your mind?

    Me: (Doe-Does he hate it..?) Oh, hello Kaoru.
    Kaoru: (Looks away)

    Number 8 (Finnian) thinks he'll never get a girlfriend. What will you tell him?

    Me: Wha-What...? FINNY???!! NO!! OF COURSE YOU'LL GET A GIRLFRIEND!!! Your so sweet and kind and caring and handsome and cute and(Babbles on like an idiot for three hours)

    Number 9 (Elizaveta) gives you a bagel. Do you eat it?

    Me: Should I eat this...? HEY UH, AMERICA! Want a bite of my bagel???

    10 (Antonio) wants money and decides to get a job at Chuck E' Cheeses. How long does he stay?

    Toni: Chica, that's mean What makes you say that?
    Me: Everyone know you're a bit of a pedo, Tonio. Especially with Lovino and Feliciano. (PPPFFFFF AHAHA)
    Toni: Que!? That's a lie. Who would say something like that?!!
    Me: Lovino.

    1 (Sebastian) offers you a CD. Considering his tastes, do you listen to it?

    Me: (swoons again) Sebastian, usually your stoic when it comes to affection, now you're giving me gifts??
    Sebastian: My Lady, IT was a simple gift...
    Me: Oh, so your no denying you're undying love for me? Sebastian, how you fill my heart with love
    Me: (Later on) ...Wait a minute... What kind of music does Sebastian even listen to? (Sits around for five hours contemplating whether or not I should listen to it.)

    2 (Izaya) suddenly goes emo. How does 8 (Finnian) feel about this?

    Izaya: (UNEXPECTEDLY sad and emo for some strange and unknown reason)
    Finny: OH NOOOOOO! Don't be sad mister! There are so many things in this world to be happy about! Please smile! DING. (Haha, that episode was so cute...)

    3 (Shizuo) told 6 (Tamaki) he started his period.

    Me: Shi-Shizuo... Why would you say something like that...?
    Shizuo: I don't even know.
    Tamaki: (Scarred for life)
    Kaoru: Hey let's go make out.
    Me: Shiiiiit, hells yeah let's do it (is shot for writing that useless part)

    4 (Haruhi) slaps 9 (Elizaveta) with a fish for going out with 7 (Kaoru).

    Elizaveta: Okay.
    Me: Phew... AND YOU. (Turns to Kaoru)
    Hikaru: Woah, chill out.
    Me: STAY OUT OF IT HIKARU! (Chases Kaoru around the music room)

    5 (Ciel) Comes up to you wearing a big pink dress. What's your reaction?

    (Dear god this is just perfect...)
    Me: Um... Ciel... You said you weren't attending the Viscount's ball... Why are you here? And in a dress too?
    Ciel: P-Please don't tell anyone this. Especially Elizabeth!
    Me: But why are-
    Ciel: I'll let you borrow Sebastian for the next hour! Anything, please don't let anyone know. Everything will be in ruins!
    Me: DEAL. Oh Sebastian The young mast-- MISTRESS... Allowed me to borrow you for a couple hours!(Hah. It was really one! I fooled that demon, yes I did!)
    Sebastan: I believe that my lady said one hour, Miss-
    Me: NO. You're CLEARLY mistaken, Sebastian!

    6 (Tamaki) cusses 2 (Izaya) out in German. 3 (Shizuo) is secretly watching from behind a bush. What does he do?

    Izaya: Now now, there's no need to be mad Mr. Suoh
    Shizuo: IIZAYYAAAAA! GET OUT OF HERE YOU BASTARD! (Throws vending machine at him)

    7 (Kaoru) got high.

    Kaoru: HHO gosh, you saw Tamaki do a triple backflip into a dumpster too right? (spins around like a nut and talks to imaginary creatures like he's England)
    Me: ...(Takes advantage of this and video tapes everything)

    8 (Finnian) reads your fanfictions an complains. What is it about?

    Finny: I don't understand a thing! Who's this Lillian person... What was that about a Sheep? Ash? Isn't that the queen's butler? What are doing writing about him?
    Me: It's Harvest Moon, dear Finny.

    9 (Elizaveta) can't stand 1 (Sebastian), so how does she (9) get her revenge when Sebastian (1) spills Soda all over her?

    Sebastian: Oh dear, it appears I've spilled your beverage all over your friend, Miss Reyna. Terribly sorry.
    Me: Ooooh noo...
    Elizaveta: I WILL KILL YOU. (Swings frying pan around)
    Sebastian: Do not worry about my flawless face, My Lady. She won't be able to lay a single cooking utensil on me. A Phantomhive butler who can't do this much isn't worth his salt. (Dodges like he's some sort of Shizuo or Izaya in parkour)

    10 (Antonio) starts working at a bar..

    Me: ANTONIO. However sexy you may be in a bar tender get up like Shizuo, YOU GO BACK TO FARMING TOMATOES. Leave bar tending to Gilbert and Francis.

    1 (Sebastian) comes in and tells you he's pregnant from 2 (Izaya).

    Me: Oh Sebastian! Ciel told me to leave him alone and keep you company You're as handsome as everSebastian: Please do stop making advances on me, mistress. I've told three times, it is highly unacceptable for a lady.
    Me: Give me one reason not to.
    Sebastian: (Thinks) I am pregnant with that friend of yours, Izaya. (Le smirks sexily)
    Sebastian: Good day, My Lady. (Leaves)
    (I seriously twisted all the quiz answers to be in my favor.)

    I posted a few stories, "Tale of Two Hearts" and "Twist of Fate". Yahh, probs not going to continue either of them... I don't think they are very good. However, I think my writing skills have improved over time. I might go back to updating chapters for them.

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