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Hey! My name is Ana. I don't really know that much about FanFiction.Net yet...yes, I am very new to this. But I really enjoy writing fictional stories. Some of the things I write will be projects that I was supposed to write for school, so they won't be very interesting. Others I will make up because, actually, sometimes I just get the urge to write something from an idea so...yeah.

heyy, if any of my OCs seem Mary Sue-ish, TELL ME ASAP! I won't stand for any of my OCs being Sue-ish! Unless I intend for them to be Sue-ish...hmmmm...


Some junk about me:

Age: I usually don't tell my age, but just for you, I will. I am old enough. Hahaha got you there, didn't I?

Birthday: I don't usually put this either, but I think I will. For real. October 7th. (Shhhhh...It's a secret!)

Height: I am about 5'7ish"

Hair: Currently, it is short, dark brown with red highlights and tons of layers!

Favorite Color: RED!!! (my fav color of all times!) and black (its just a classic color. NEVER gets old)

Favorite Songs: Don't Stop Believing [Journey, Kiss Me Kill Me [Alesana, Fall For You and Awake [Secondhand Serenade, Drowning [Backstreet Boys, Uprising [Muse, Stand In The Rain [Superchic, Animal I Have Become [Three Days Grace, You Are the Only Exception [Paramore, Crazier and You Belong With Me [Taylor Swift, Your Guardian Angel [Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Listen to Your Heart [DHT, I'll Shut You Down [This Romantic Tragedy, Diary of Jane [Breaking Benjamin, Into Your Arms [The Maine, Perfect [P!nk, Kiss and Tell [Ke$ha, Dirty Little Secret [All American Rejects, Listen to Your Heart [The Maine, Animal [Secondhand Serenade cover, More [Usher, Like It's Her Birthday [Good Charlotte, anything that is by Hot Chelle Rae (my favorite band) I Kissed a Boy [Cobra Starship, Not Alone [Darren Criss, My First Kiss [Cobra Starship

Stuff I Do: I read mangas CONSTANTLY. I love reading mangas. I sometimes like watching animes; my first one to watch was Ouran Highschool Host Club. (I read that manga and LOVE IT!!) I like writing fictional stories (like i said earlier. Yes, I am quite repetitive) and I like to draw (even though I kinda suck at it...) I like reading novels...and serieses...if that how you say it...but right now i have just finished the 7th Harry Potter book and the first Eragon book. Fanfictions for both? I think so! (if i can find the time to!) i really enjoy acting and singing, though i don't think i'm good at either:S hahaha, but i have so much fun doing it!

Random Favorite Characters: OK, first off, I have never read Naruto and I have hardly watched any of it. The only parts I really saw were the ones that my friend showed me about Gaara's past. The reason she showed me those is because he was already my favorite character of the show. (idk why, I just really liked him) So Gaara is my favorite character from Naruto, probably because his red hair and gorgeous sea-foam eyes! Plus, his past was so sad. I mean, stuff like that used to happen to me and it was really depressing, but I got some real friends like he's learning he has always had! I read OHHC a lot. I've re-read it a few times, and I can't get enough! My favorite character from OHHC is Hikaru Hitachiin. He may be the more childish of the twins, but that's exactly why I like him more! By the way, the anime doesn't go completely along with the manga, so I'm giving a tiny spoiler. Hikaru dyes his hair ash brown!!!! It's super cute on him!!! Uhhhhm, I really like Inuyasha but, he's an idiot sometimes (okay, fine. Most of the time.) And I'm starting the Harry Potter series, and right now, Gred and Forge are my favorites! I mean, Fred and George! Though I am a bit partial to Fred...hmmmm...nevermind! But Neville comes as a really close second! I just have always adored him and liked him! And i absolutely LOVE Chrono from Chrono Crusades. It is almost impossible to find someone that is cute and hot at the same time, but i did it! I LOVE PEETA!!! I SHIP PATNISS!!! XD

I'll add more stuff about me later!!!

grrrrr, i need to add these stories!!!!!!!! Hey! i just finished chapter 4 of my first fanfiction! i'm about to start on chapter 5. it will take a while because of school..but hang in there! and please review!!! AHHHHH!!!! I'm soooooooo sorry its taking me so long to update! PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! *gets on knees and begs for life* I'M SORRY!! *starts weeping* I've just had so much homework!!!! (memorizing lines for a play and writing tons of papers for classes. and yet, I'm still almost failing biology...) seriously though, i will try to finish chapter 5 and at least start on 6 soon! Okay, now that that' over, we can get down to business. (btw, it is 10:02 PM right now where I am, and I'm working on chapter 5 for you guys. I hope you enjoy it when i actually finish it! :P)

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