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Author has written 2 stories for Flame of Recca, and Yami no Matsuei.
female. alter ego: killikov; kira
beware the mood swings. has fetish for pretty wallpapers. don't look at me funny. yaoi and j-rock obsessed - needless to mention bishies.
loves anime + manga - special reference to Get Backers, Yami no Matsuei, Saiyuki, Kaori Yuki works, Gravitation... that stuff. recommends everyone pick up a shoxx issue; simply because visual kei is beautiful. rabid fangirl? only sometimes. currently thrilled upon becoming a legal nc-17 author [yes, i'm guilty. sue me - wait, i didn't mean that]; disappointed because that's not relevant anymore. -.-" but yes, i write slash. heavy slash. so if you're sensitive - be careful where you tread. don't flame me saying i didn't warn you. because i did. so read if you must.

too lazy to write a fic for every obsession (behold my incomplete sentences), so current count is a measly 3. see, no capital letters even. very, very lazy. also very slow to update unless i get hit by a big inspiration gale [wanna know about my current moving fic and writer's block? no, of course you don't. move on]. occupied with college-like-thingie now, which hampers updates too. but hey, patience is a virtue. hah. ^.~

unbelievably particular about grammar and spelling [unless i miss it totally 'cause my eyesight is going. and i believe it is., so if you're here cuz i pointed your spelling/grammatical errors - live with it. it's probably better for you anyway. get a dictionary. and a beta. and a life.

got something a little more than a flame to fling at me? bring it on. my mailbox is always open to spam. just not too much - or i'll kill.

hmm. and yes. the hanging fics. *looks down* seeing there are just two pathetic ones...
contrary to might-be popular belief, i have not abandoned them. (yes, you may start celebrating, hardyhar - note sarcasm) heard of inferiority complex? got that right. but once i'm over that, i'll continue. i swear. ^^

- kira -
everyone's a little masochistic.

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