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Hey I'm the pen my sword. My life is one in books and writing. I live in a world in my head. It's quite crazy in there filled with dangers adventure and maybe a little romance. I live in books and I live in my writing. This site has allowed me to express myself through my writing. Everything I write is a part of me. It might not be good but hey thats your opinion. Writing is my life my goal in life is to be able to hold a book and think, "I wrote this." I want to be published more then anything. A little more about me- I'm short incredibly so but I could care less. I stick up for whats right and for my friends. I dont let my height stop me from doing things I love. I'd happily kick your ass if you ever hurt a friend of mine. If you dont think I can because of my height you've got another thing coming :)

Name: Not telling :)

Age: 0

Book your currently reading- The City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

Favorite Book- oh theres so many I cant pick just one. Heres a few good ones, The Hunger Games, Harry potter, The mortal instruments series, Virals, Opening the sky and raining bullets, Under a war torn sky. Theres so many more but those ones I love

Music your currently into- Again this culd take forever. My music taste varies from, The Beatles, Aerosmith, Green Day, Paramore, MyChemicalRomance, The artic Monkeys, Billey Joel, The Rolling Stones, The Who and thats just a few of my favorite bands xxxx

Story your currently working on- You say Insane I say Genuis and The Shadow Thieves

Theres a few people on here I'd like to thank :)

StayGold364- haha were do I begin? You put up with my insanity day in and day out. You listen to draft after draft of my stories. You listen to my annoyed rants of book after book. You read almost every book I throw at you. You're an amazing writer who has supported me through everything. Your writing skills are amazing and you can always make me laugh. I know you have my back and I sure as hell hope you know I have yours. I want to thank you for putting up with me Kenny xxxxxxxx

KelsNicole92- You were one of my very first reviews on this site. You might have even been my first I'm not sure. Anyway since then you've supported me thorugh it all and I don't think I ever thanked you for that. You read all my storied even the one I only show to a few people thats not on here. You've helped me become a better writer. I always get excited when I see I have a message from you and I want you to know you have such amazing writing talents I hope one day can be the writer you are xxxxxxxxxxxxx

DiedLaughing- Your one of the reasons I'm still on ths site. You supported me when I was going to get off here and can never thank you enough for that. I love all your stories (especially Genetic) and I want to thank you for encouraging me to stay on this site. Thank you for all your support and just know that your writing astounds me its so amazing xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Yeah thats all I really wanted to say except one more thing. If you read one of my stories would it really take that long to just leave a review?! I mean come on it takes maybe 30 seconds? I don't care if you hate it and you flame it. FLAME IT THEN I DONT CARE. I just want your opinion it is the most annyoing thing in the world to see that people read your story and dont have the time of day to review it. I vow to review every single thing I read. Can you do the same?

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