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Author has written 15 stories for Sarah Jane Adventures, Doctor Who, Ben 10, Neverland, Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, RuneScape, and Danny Phantom.

Hello! Salutations and all that Jazz!

I am a 17 year old that occaisionally decides to write something random on something I've seen on TV.

Interesting right?

I am a fan of most shows, from horror allll the way to kiddy stuff.

I guess that cartoons are the best to write about because whatever you write seems relevent, o.O Yeah, if you don't understand what I mean... I really don't blame you.


When writing Fan Fictions, I always find it more personal if I add a character to the story I created myself, perhaps for love or just friendship purposes. I tend to make the characters sometimes resemble my own personality or friend's personalities to get a good idea on their actions and how to control them. I treat my characters with a mind of their own, like living breathing people they choose the ride that takes them somewhere, it's just my words that put them into that image!

Shows I am interested in and could possibly make a Fan Fiction on? - Well if I could I'd write them all!

I like cartoons such as Danny Phantom and Ben 10. I also love Avatar the last airbender, NOT the movie, the cartoons of course! Duh!

Real shows? Well I love Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, Alice 2009, The Mentalist, Friends, Bedlam, Ghost Whisperer, Supernatural, Dexter and much MUCH more. Not that I'd write a Fan Fiction for them all. I did start a Fan Fiction on Ghost Whisperer once, guess you guys can ask me if you wanna read it through reviews on my other stories or PM-ing me.

:D Have fun reading my Fan Fictions and don't forget to R&R I'll make sure to keep you in the loop and any suggestions I'll gladly take under my wing. ;) Much Thanks.

This is me, SIGNING OUT.


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