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UPDATE : I WILL DELETE 'Bubbly'. Sorry, I just think that its not good enough. I think I could've done better, so I'm replacing it with a different story. Sorry readers and reviewers! But I promise you that I will post an Ash/Dawn story soon.

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Heya strangers. If your taking away your precious time reading this, well then, I love you. So, I should tell something about myself right? First of all, you should know that my name is Claire. Call me Clairy-chan if you want! I'm a GIRL. I'm 13 years old. I was weirdly born on February 13. I like meeting new people. If you want to say/ask anything, PM me! Also, don't forget to check out my stories! Thank you for reading this.

Opinions on various shippings:

Pearlshipping - My OTP! Always have loved this pairing. Obviously no one else is good for Dawn. They are perfect for each other!

Contestshipping - You just gotta love this! This is one of the shippings that have the most romantic hints. Come on! May's not dumb to think that all those red roses from Drew are for Beautifly!

Questshipping - Yes! I like this! Jimmy and Marina. Well, I think this is also Ethan and Lyra...

Egoshipping - I adore this shipping! They are awesome together!

Ikarishipping - Excuse me?!? This shipping is extremely horrible. I hate it with all my heart. It's very much obvious that Dawn doesn't have romantic feelings for Paul!

Pokéshipping - NO. BIG, FAT NO! I hate this shipping more than Ikarishipping!

Penguinshipping - NEVER! Never would I like this shipping! Dawn only likes Kenny as a friend and that's it!

Mockshipping - I like this shipping, I support it.

Againstshipping - I love this one! It kinda makes sense if Zoey and Paul are together.

HeatTagshipping - Whoa! Not gonna happen! Cause' Dawn doesn't like stalkers like Conway.

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