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Author has written 5 stories for Evangelion, Dragon Ball Z, Haruhi Suzumiya series, and Gravity Falls.

Well, I guess it's time for a slightly more serious profile. As stated before, my real name is not Jon or Bob. It's Paul. However, I used to draw a comic known as "The adventures of Jonbob" which was sort of a James Bond Parody.

A number of years ago, I came across this website (I don't remember how) and fell in love with a number of Fanfics here. Although many of them appear to have been discontinued, they were more than enough to inspire me to do some writing of my own. My early works were crude and childish:

Goku = Insanity (Removed)- My first fic ever was also a terrible one. It basically depicted brutal violence caused by an insane Goku who eventually destroys everyone including himself. I removed it long ago and it's never been seen again (mostly since its file exsted in a computer I no longer own).

Vegeta's WWWWIIIILLLLDDDD Night (Removed)- One of the shortest fics ever written for this site and certainly my shortest. Consisting of less than 50 words, it did nothing but depict Vegeta giving himself a heroin overdose. I removed this story a couple years ago when I started to become a more serious fanfic writer and I didn't want this story to tarnish my reputation (What reputation?).

Vegeta's Get Rich Quick Scheme (Removed)- My first attempt at a serious fanfic was also a short lived one. It was a story designed around the idea of Vegeta selling Saibaman to the public to make some quick cash. After the lackluster welcome by the reviewers, I abandoned the fic. It was boring anyway.

The Bachelor Party (Removed by Admin.)- My first "Completed" serious fanfic and the first to gain a small but encouraging fan base. It was written in script format however and contained a lot of errors in both my writing and grammar. As a result, the Administration here removed it, so it's gone forever. A sad day for me.

Ultimate Fusion: Mr. Sontan(Removed)- Encouraged by my last fic, I attempted this fic next as an action/humor hybrid dipicting what might have happened had Goku fused with Mr. Satan. Although I thought the fic had a lot of potential, it wasn't recieved all that well (probably because it was in script format). I abandoned it later simply because I wasn't satisfied with its progress.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Parallel (Abandoned) - Ah, my once great pride and joy! This story was the first fic I've written the wasn't a DBZ fic. I wrote it with a friend of mine who acted as a consultant rather than a co-author(mostly because he was barely literate). It's basically a rewrite of the series done as a response to the crappy ending of the anime. Yes, I know it was arrogant, but I believe that by undergoing this project I allowed my skills as a writer to really take off. I took a lot of big risks such as writing in a couple main ACCs (one of which was very well recieved) and mixed in a well designed complement of action and humor which allowed this story to be my most popular until recently. Unfortunately, I bit off more than I could chew when I undertook this story. It turned out to be much longer than anticipated, and I hit a major obstruction when my other ACC was poorly recieved. After removing him, I came across two major problems. One was the fact that I lost my consultant, the other was the fact the my story needed to be replanned due to the removal of the other ACC. These issues have brought the story to a halt, and I'm afraid I may never complete it. Even if I got restarted, it would most likely take years, if not decades to complete and I've wanted to move on to other projects since then. I have decided to never touch the story again. I'm not into Evanlgelion anymore anyway, and I wouldn't even know where to start on this fic.

The Bachlor Party Revised (Pending) - I was rewritting this fic mostly because I'm planning a sequel to it that I've been wanting to do ever since I finished the original. However, I wanted to update and improve the current one so that the quality between this version and the sequel remained more consistant since my writing ability has improved dramatically since I completed the original. I gave this version more of a back story, added a lot more gags, expanded the cast of characters involved, and changed to standard rather than script format. This means that I have to completely rewrite the whole story from front to back with very little material directly taken from the original (especially since the original was removed and gone forever). Think of it as the director's cut. I no longer have the will to finish it though, so I don't know if I'll complete it.

Another Super ACC (Removed) - A short one-shot I wrote for one foggy afternoon just for a laugh. It's basically a satire of crappily made ACCs. After reading it recently, I can only conclude that I was on some serious drugs at the time I wrote it. It's completely random and nonsensical! That's why I took it down...

Meet the Suzumiyas (Completed) - I found that I enjoyed this anime so much that it rekindled my desire to write fanfiction again. I am absolutely blown away by how popular this story became. In fact, it became the most popular Haruhi fanfic in the world, with over 1300 reviews! I'm very happy to have completed the story. I hope all of you who read it enjoyed it. It's obvious that I have no one else to thank other than Haruhi-sama herself for this...and my loyal readers, too! ;)

Life with the Suzumiyas (Current Project) - I want to build upon the success of the first fic by expanding upon it and close up all the dangling plot threads. I'm hoping that this story is every bit as enjoyable and successful as the last one.

I have many more idea's in the works, but unfortunately I'll probably never finish them all. I am glad of the success I have had thus far and I hope to have more success in the future. Thank you =)

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