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Hey so I've logged back into my account. It has been, um, three years? Maybe more.

I'm thinking about continuing my One Piece fanfic, with the intent of updating whenever I feel like it, and may be starting a League of Legends fanfic with a friend.

Anyway, see you all around sometime!

One Piece: The Next Generation.

Based 30 years after the death of the second Pirate King, a spunky 17 year-old young man named Spade sets out to sea. There's a re-emergence of new Devil Fruits, and through a series of events set in the East Blue, origin of the infamous Strawhat Luffy, Spade gathers a crew and sets sail to the Grand Line in search of One Piece.

This fanfic will be updating twice a week on Sundays and Thursdays at 11:00 at night. My other fanfic will not be updating anytime soon.

Disclaimer: I don't own One Piece

Okay, one thing I must say for all you One Piece anime watchers out there: if you're watching the 4kids dub of the One Piece anime, it's ZORO, RORONOA ZORO, NOT ZOLO!

A/N: So I've noticed that many people visiting my One Piece fanfic do not read past the first chapter, but I promise to you all that from chapter 7 on-wards, they'll be more than 2,000 words per chapter (at least)! I'm going to be putting more effort into making my updates contain more content and better quality now that I've got more time on my hands.

A big thanks to those who have taken the time to fill out an OC form and give me a great character to work with! Check out their stuff too ;)

1. Mikan22
2. Saisix
3. Sytherin's Sempra
4. Inhuman_X
5. Isshi Urahara (My Beta Reader)
6. CursedxBlade
7. Imagaco
8. Shiary

Embers of War is my fanfic of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5e and is set during the final Living Greyhawk campaign that sadly ended at Origins 2008(?) before switching over to 4e.

Main Characters:

> Ember merch Straythorne (Human; Barbarian Fighter)

> Fawks Thimblebraid (Halfling; General Wizard)

> Pilineth Undovaul (Elf; Ranger)

> Sondossa Chadista (Human; Cleric) note: her appearance is the equivalent of an exotic Indian woman. (I don't know if I got that across in the fist chapter. Please comment)

> Hans Bronzehammer (Dwarf; Fighter)

> Tsel Namek (Human; Rogue)

All names except Ember merch Straythorne and String merch Straythorne were made soley by me or with the help of a Fantasy Name Generator ()

Author's Notes: Ch 1-2 [SPOILERS]

Something was bugged in my Document Manager/Upload tab or the Chapters tab in My stories. Everytime I try to replace Chapter 2 (A New Adventure 1), the alignment of the mines changes randomly throughout the chapter, thus disrupting the flow of the story. I apologize for the weirdness of it if you experience it.

As most may notice, I'm starting this story off as any intro mod would. The characters happen to be at the same tavern, sitting at the same table, and recieve a letter. Tsel is established as the leader of the party only because he just seems to take up the role immediately. No one challenges him. That may change later though. Even I don't feel comfortable having Tsel, a rogue, being the leader of this beginner party.

Also, do not dismiss the beginning as being the example for the ENTIRE story. I started it in a cliche manner, but the second chapter hints at Sondossa being more involved with the task than you think. Feel free to speculate!

Also, please, feel free to tell me any concerns you may have for the consitency of this story or any other concerns you may have plot wise, so that I may be able to amend any mistakes I have made.

New Characters!
> Selia Kotun: head female of the Kotun Family and Kotun Trading Co. Very influential player in Greyhawk politics.
> Raskalin (no last name): Selia's informant. No known significant physical features. Don't know if he's trustworthy.

All characters in this story are all owned by me besides String.

I'm basing this story off of one of my own characters that played Living Greyhawk (LG). Her name was Ember merch Straythorne, and one of my dad's favorite characters was String merch Straythorne. When my dad's character retired, there was a story award that allowed him to have a child (a.k.a create a character that would be officially String's child and have a special background allowing them special abilities), but instead he made the character and gave it to me (w/out the special abilities, for that would be illegal) when I became interested in playing.

Here are links to maps if you feel the need to investigate Greyhawk and its domains:

1. Map of the world

2. Map of The Free City of Greyhawk (this is the only map I could find)

The city is divided up into 6 districts. They're divided thrice horizontally (2 by walls, 1 is just through the middle of the map) and once vertically (by the main road). Here they are: (going from bottom sections upward, moving left to right)

Slum Quarter, Thieves' Quarter, Foreigh Quarter, Artisan's Quarter, River Quarter, Clerkburg, Garden Quarter, and High Quarter. Hope this makes sense!

Note: I WILL be using legitamite modules from D&D 3.5 as inspiration for the story, but I will also put my own little quests in there as well.

Disclaimer: The game is not mine, and the modules I will be using are by my sister Diane Hazlett, my friend Eric Menge, and Sholom West, and I have their permission to use their content in my story.


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