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Greetings Fic Fiends! I am a TwiFanatic and this is my journey into putting pen to paper to show my appreciation for my obsession. I've been writing a long time, but this is my first attempt at writing fanfiction. I've been inspired by several different fanfic authors and their stories and I hope I can do them proud and give a little of what has been given to me. I love vampire fiction and believe that some of the best writers in this world are those that can freely express their thoughts and feelings about something that they are passionate about.

Little tid bits: I am 34, single, no kids...avid reader and long time writer of mainly poetry and short stories. I have a dog named Bentley who I adore. I am a New Orleans native and currently reside there. I have no affiliation with voodoo or Anne Rice but wish that I did.

I haven't set up a website catering to my writing, but maybe in the future. In the mean time, please leave reviews and comments here on fanfiction.net, via twitter, or via email pertaining to the stories I post on this site if you feel moved to do so. All my stories will have smut in them so if you aren't into that, try it if you dare and see how much of a fiend you'll become. Everyone needs a little smut in their lives and for those of us like me, we need alot of it.

I will be creating a playlist of the music mentioned in the story so that you can get the full experience while reading or afterwards. I'll include them at the beginning of the chapters just so that you can check them out while you read. Music plays a big key in that it sets the tone for the scenes both when Edward and Bella or together or when they are alone.

I hope that my writing will get to you just like it gets to me every moment of the day. Thanks for checking out my profile...and so it begins.


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