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Hey people!!! I'm rosebud! Welcome 2 my profile!!!! I probably won't be posting that many stories on fanfiction, but I have some on fictionpress. My pen name on there is dancingactor231 Please check out the one story that I have posted. Please, please, PLEASE!!!!!!! I could really use the reviews. Here's is a little about me:

I'm a great writer. I've published two poems and a novel. I don't like writing facfics because I like coming up with my own characters. I love to dance. I take tap, ballet, and jazz. Most of all, I loooooove theatre. How I got into theatre:

I had never been in a play so I wanted to just so I could say I have. In fourth grade I auditioned for Beauty and the Beast at my school and I got in. (Village girl and a flower) I ended up loving it, even though I wasn't that good of a singer. I wanted to be in more plays. In fifth grade the play was Brigadoon, or however the hell you spell that. I got cut from that because they changed the song the day or the audition. That winter I was taking piano lessons at ArtsYouniversity. I found out they were doing Annie and I auditioned. This time, I got in. (Hoovervilleite and an NYC Child) In sixth grade I decided to try the play again at school. It was The Wizard of Oz. I made it again. (Munchkin and a Flying Monkey) That winter I auditioned for Twas the Night Before Christmas at Kelsey Theatre. I made that to because I impressed the vocal director by hitting all the notes, even the really high and low ones. I also impressed the dance instructor with my facial expressions. I was lucky to get in, because almost everyone I saw at my audition got cut. I was a village girl and a Reindeer. It was also the first play I actually got a line in!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I am in seventh grade, (new school) and I just performed in AIDA soon as a slave and a banquet server. I had one line. Its one of my favorite plays because of all the emotions. And yeah Kelsey Theatre is doing Oklahoma this summer. Auditions are in APril. Hopefully I'll make it. Probably won't have lines in this one though ;)

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