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Greetings and welcome to my little corner of the fan-fiction universe.

Most of my writing is influenced by the Warcraft franchise. I can't quite be considered a rabid fan-girl, but I am certainly appreciative of the efforts taken to create such a diverse and interesting world that has touched the lives of millions of people.

I began playing World of Warcraft a few months after its initial launch, and have been a near constant player ever since. My interests within the game are primarily role-play oriented, and I can commonly be seen in cities interacting with the denizens of Stormwind or Darnassus. I divide my time between Moon Guard and Feathermoon, though my stories featured here tend to showcase those characters on Moon Guard.

I play with the uncommon and barely touched, and attempt to bring them to life. My favorite class type are healers, followed by tanks and then damage. I've decided that Death Knights have only one use; mining me more ore. My current pet projects are Brinella and Triadae, both of whom share the spotlight in my current writing project - By Fang and Spell.

As of recent, I've taken up a blog to help me sort my ideas out better than I feel I should be doing at the beginning of chapters. I've included many things into this blog (or plan to), and I openly invite others to comment on my posts and hold discussions as they fit. I like to pick apart the minds of my readers, and I don't mind if you remain anonymous there, because I can still comment back to you. I have also included a few methods of contact, if you should want time that is more conducive to actual chat.

I enjoy creating things that are absent in game. I like twisting events to create an alternate path that still ends up the same place. I try quite hard to make sure my characters have flaws and strengths that are believable. Nothing makes me happier than to hear your thoughts on what has been written. Do you sympathize with the characters? Which ones do you like? Which do you want to know more about? Which do you hate? Why do you hate them? Is there something that confuses you? How could this writing be made better in your eyes, and what could be avoided in your opinion?

I find that I get incredibly frustrated when I work on a fanfic, and watch the views go up bit by bit, but there's no comment on it at all. On the one hand, it makes me wonder if I'm doing everything right, but I doubt that quite severely. If my readers knew how much time I spent fixing even the smallest things, they might break down laughing! But I enjoy writing, and I love getting the little comments pointing out where I've goofed just as much as I enjoy the ones praising me. So thank you to those few who have taken the time to comment with praise or critique; it's you who keep the writing going!


I realized this hasn't been updated in just over seven years, so I thought I would pop in with updates.

Because of several personal failures, I lost the motivation to write as much as I did. You could say it was a failing on myself - when you are hit in a certain way, sometimes the hardest things to pick up are the things that you loved to do. For me, the depression that consumed me threw my inferiority complex into sharp light, and the thought of writing - something I find myself skilled at - terrified me. I was swallowed up in this for a while, and a good portion of my writing suffered for it. I have several projects that have felt this abandonment.

I do not know that I will pick up some of them again. Their stories were tied with others who have since left my life, and writing them opens wounds I'm not ready to face. The characters from many of them do appear in other writings, however! So if there are those that you've come to love, you may see them elsewhere. Which is more likely due to the limits this site has.

I am primarily an adult writer, and my works feature a healthy dose of NSFW content. While sometimes I edit this out to be suitable for places like this, many times I cannot. There are other sites where I post my works without these edits, and I'm more commonly seen there. You can find me under this same pen-name on Ao3, Hentai-Foundry, and Darknest. I have also begun reposting my Warcraft-related writings to a WoW-specific blog:

I may still post things here, but if you enjoy what I do, those other places hold far more of what I write than here ever will!

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