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This is SkelJackal speaking, my name is actually short for [I'll only tell you my last] Jackal but somehow I feel that is too long for, what do you humans call it? Ah, right, username.

I am just like you human creatures! I can be kind, caring, manipulative, deceptive, merciful or even the opposite. I'm many things just like you so I won't be listing what I like and do not. C: I feel it is more important for me, Jackal it is, to tell you just how I am going to take over the world by simply taking my artistic vision as the most important tool for me to take your little cute planet. Aw, don't be sad now! You may try to be a...a...HERO or HEROES...No matter how much annoyance that may be, I do like a good confrontation.

Anyway, I do hope you take this inconsideration! Now let me tell you what I have in store:

Golden Guardian: (The Comic (WIP) is at Tumblr: goldenguardiancomic . tumblr . com ) and will be posted at other sites as well :)

Will no longer be based on PJO; read latest chapter! This has gone from a simple revision to a complete redo and will now be remake as an original content. What does that mean? Well, the reason for the sporadic updates was the thought of removing the PJO elements, revising my story better and making it into a comic of my own, original content with of course, Greek mythology in the mix. I felt it needed its own base than being a fan fiction. That being said, the only things I've kept are my the characters I own and the concept of a former villain taking care of a child when he himself fell apart because of children. :D

Stories in Progress:

Fallen Snow, A Left 4 Dead 2 story -Random-

A young man wakes up in a zombie apocalypse with no idea of who he is or his past. It shouldn't be a problem getting through the zombies since they continuously ignore him as if he was one of them! Of course, it doesn't help either when his eyes are pure white like they had been bleached. Now he meets four human survivors who is letting him tag along to find a safe haven in this chaotic world. The only problems he has to worry about is the Hunter who keeps on following him and always seemingly angry whenever he does something stupid. Well, it is But soon, he realizes that there's more to it than it meets the eye. Literally, the eyes. With mysteries to unfold and secrets to expose, can all of them survive this insane world of ours?

"Like I said, normality is overrated. Humans were slow to follow that trend!"

Websites (If you want to see other works I plan with my fellow friends 8) ):

DA: (Neutral) Prinimus . deviantart . com

Tumblr: archmagebacon . tumblr . com OR archmageart . tumblr . com

Hopes to Dreams,


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