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Author has written 2 stories for Harry Potter.

Hello reader dearest. I have changed my pen name from SuperCoolCow to ImperialChaos because it honestly did need to be changed. Years ago when I first made this account I never thought I would actually write anything so I just chose a random name which I didn't like much to be honest. At the beginning this account was only made so I could put stories on alert. Now that I have actually began writing on here I wanted to use a pen name I personally like more so I wouldn't be embarrassed to tell others what my pen name on here actually was.

Name: you may call me Ria, its not my ful name but its what family used to call me.

Age: im just over 16.

Gender: I am a girl.

I love reading in general. I love how it makes almost anything possible. You should take this as a warning that the written side of my skills isn't first class but all through school my teachers told me that I had a talent for writing. Please do tell me if they were wrong. I do love constructive criticism.

I generally read Harry Potter fanfiction but I read other things too. I just love the magical-ness of it.

Thing I Read/Like

I love it when harry is super powerful and intelligent. I know that isn't always realistic but sometimes that’s what makes stories great and by that I don't mean that I don't want the fics I read to be realistic but I’m saying that the stories that take a concept that shouldn't sound possible or real and make it into a believable story are the best ones.

Dark!Harry. Is there anything better?

Romance is something I love. Be it slash or het I love it and I read it. But I mean proper romance stories where the relationship is the main focus of the whole story. I know that sounds super fluffy and sappy but I am a girl. I just love it, it’s genetic.

Now I'm going to contradict myself and say that I love action/adventure stories that have no romance in them at all. It doesn't even have to be action/adventure; I just want a story with a good plot, no romance and decent spelling/grammar. Is that too much to ask?!?!

Inheritance/creature fics are amazing to me. No reason in particular. They just are.

It is likely one of the biggest fans of time travel. I think it's just brilliant when harry gets a chance to fix his mistakes or meet his parents. What can i say im just a big sap. :)

Wow I like a lot of clichés but when you think about it, clichés only became clichés because the ideas where so loved and thus became often used.

Things I Don't Read/Like:

Incest. I know that others like it but it’s just not for me.

Too much angst. I don't mind stories with a bit of angst in them, heck I even love some that use it tastefully and by tastefully I mean that the characters don't just sit and whine about everything and anything that happens to them. Again I say angst is good and gives most stores some depth but when it’s over used it makes the characters very boring and uninteresting to read. The people in the fics need to show that they are capable of feeling more than just sadness. Oddly enough though I rather like apathetic!Harry when it’s done well.

I HATE ALL THINGS WRITTEN WITH BAD GRAMMAR, PUNCTUATION AND SPELLING. I'm not saying that mine are perfect and i don't expect other peoples to be perfect but i hate things written like this: " nd harry gan to da shops innit. so hemone decidid tha ron were a idiot 4 not bein in da shop wit harry cos voldmort dont like him nd was hitin da boi wit a spill"
IT IS HONESTLY ILLEGIBLE AND YOU MAY THINK IT'S A JOKE BUT I'VE SEEN SO MANY FICS LIKE THIS THAT IT MAKES ME WANT TO DIE! I probably have many grammar and spelling mistakes in my fics but they are not like the example above. If you cannot write properly then you should get someone to spell check/proof read your work before putting it on the site. I don't mean to insult anyone because I know many people who aren't too good at the technical side of the writing but are brilliantly creative.

I HATE, LOATHE, DETEST AND ABHOR GIRLY!FRAGILE!SUBMISSIVE!HARRY. I hate how in many, many of the slash fics written harry is pretty much a girl without the parts. In fact most of the girls in those stories cry less often and are less clingy to the people around them than harry is. I mean harry has had all of his life decisions taken away from him. He never has a choice about whether he wants to fight Voldemort or anything. Everything is decided for him by others. That would make him be more inclined to have a say in his life and to not let another person rule his life. Also the fact that he was a key figure in a war would mean that he had to be able to have a good grasp of his emotions and to not have a complete breakdown whenever the smallest thing went wrong. Harry is stronger than that and I just hate it when he is depicted as weak and unable to handle himself. I don't mind if harry is the bottom in a fic but I hate it when he is too passive and feminine. Even in some fics where Harry is with a girl he is like that and it is just a bit exasperating!!!
Sorry about my rant there but I just hate it so much I can't help myself. I guess I like my Harry all manly.


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