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Hi. My name is Amanda, though I go by a handful of alternative options, and in the case of this account: Cadence, or Cady. I am twenty-four years old and I have been writing for well over the last decade. I work for a bank full time (and hit overtime on a regular basis), I play World of Warcraft with my older brother, and I co-write with my best friend Aria. She and I will someday cause the end of the world (or so we're relatively sure, in any case).

I have been an avid reader since I was a child, and I don't make the time for it now like I should. It's one of my major regrets, and one I attempt to work on as often as possible.

I write my own work fairly consistently, and hope to someday be published. I have a strong voice, but have issues with run-on sentences and, perhaps, a little comma/hyphen abuse. I use them interchangeably though I know I shouldn't and always too often.

Fanfiction is like an old friend: familiar, and often safe, and a breeding ground for wild ideas that probably shouldn't occur, but do anyhow. I love it, and am passionate about it, and I hope to continue writing for a long time hence. I'm not 100% positive when I will start posting my works, but I'm hoping that it's fairly soon. I love reviews, and love critique, so long as it isn't needlessly rude and is well considered.

I'm sure I'll be more capable to set this up at a future date, but I'm feeling oddly inspired, and feel there are far better uses for this inspiration than this.