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Oks, this needed some improvement.
Lets start at the beginning shall we?
My name is Dina (my online name is usually Passion Hopeflower.)
I am now 14!!
I love Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.
My fav characters in the world are Aragorn and Legolas. I love Orlie's and Viggo's portrayal of the characters. They are really good actors and look really good actually they look more than really good but we won't get into that. I also adore Tom Felton and Jason Isaacs, both in character and out.
I write very tempremental fics, it really depends what kind of mood I'm in as to what kind of chapter I write.
I am now tyring to get into writing and posting one chapter a week, however I can't promise. With my current fic I already have 8 chapters written so they'll be on time.
If you have somehow found my profile, I should give two notes. My story was previously posted under "Nowhere to Hide" however I wanted to make some changes after I became worried that it was going in the Mary-Sue direction. I have done some work on earlier chapters and written a few more so it's worth checking out.
I am not going to pretend I'm very good at writing, so if you do read my story I'd really appreciate some CC, I'm making an effort with my grammar and spelling so hopefully it will have improved.

I also like Charmed, Ancient Mythology (Mainly Egyptian), I read Latin for fun, and I'm incredibly strange and bubbly.
Thanks for listening to me blabber!

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