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Author has written 14 stories for Xiaolin Showdown, Brave Little Toaster, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

Let's do this...

(And it's time for some good-old-fashioned profile changes.)

I'm a shemale who's 19, but despite being this age, I sometimes act very much like an old granny. That's just because I enjoy classical music, philosophy, and art house films. However, to prove that I'm not completely lame, I still like to play video games and watch cartoons, and I even listen to most genres of (contemporary) music. But I also have a nasty habit of ranting about today's society whenever I get the chance...

These things, coupled with the fact that I have fun going against the NOOORM, help qualify me as a true Weirdo. Hee-hee! *savors the title*

Anyway, I'm never satisfied with any of my stories if they don't make any sort of "generalized impact." There always has to be a message that speaks a general opinion about something from the particular (the plot itself). But I can't be so blatant as to present these messages, morals, opinions, or otherwise in the words themselves (think of Disney movies and their many ham-fisted speeches on love and friendship). I personally don't see that as very artful; however, that's not to say I can judge what makes "high art," only just what I believe should make it.

What I do believe makes good art in writing is a thing called subtlety. Subtlety subtlety! It helps make a story more powerful in many ways, by letting emotions and truths come through naturally, sometimes via an "ah-hah!" moment from the reader. And as Frosty the Snowman would say: "Yell loudly, and people won't wanna hear you; whisper softly, and they'll wanna listen in on everything you have to say." Or something to that effect.

Melodrama and fluff, forced emotional manipulation and quick appeal, go straight out the window. What I want to write are plots that are well-paced and piece together like a puzzle, characters who are complex and realistic individuals, and words that are full of rich subtext. Every aspect of writing from word choice to rhythm to the extent of physical or symbolic descriptions comes into play. If I don't practice what I preach, well, what kind of a writer am I?

When I make fanfics, I try to take things as far as I can take them. And yeah, these are cartoon fanfics, which are sort of like experiments, because I badly want to see more mature animation being done these days, risks being taken, etc.

My sequel for the film The Brave Little Toaster is still in the works - got the screenplay for it mostly done. It's a labor of love and full-on weirdness. Hopefully it will stay true to the "Toaster" universe while expanding on it as well.

With the announcement for a sequel series to Xiaolin Showdown - which is to say, Xiaolin Chronicles is on the rise - I'm reluctant to continue doing what I'm doing. (The new character designs and such depress me... blegh.) I will however spoof the show in something that I've had planned ever since Xiaolin Command got out of control on the drawing board. It'll be a novel-ish thing called "Sezoku," or whatever other Japanese word I can pull out of a stinkin' hat.

From the computer desk of a wannabe animation director/screenwriter/editor, and what have you.*

And as always, I'm very grateful for all the feedback I get, in spite of my various artistic qualms. :)

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