Kato and The Green Hornet
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hey! just so were clear we are not really Kato and the Green Hornet, so no pictures please! You may know us by our other screen names CaptainKale and Aurora Lunar 0Love This0 (you should know that this is Aurora talking to you at the moment) we got a shared account cause were working on a story together! Yay! I'll see if I can get Kale to come on and talk to you beautiful people! Bye, bye now!

Hey, beautiful people, CaptainKale here and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Had to say it, I can't help myself.

WAIT, WHAT?! *Puts down awesome looking gun* But I thought we WERE super heros...*sniff*

If you guys haven't heard of the penname's '´╗┐Aurora Lunar 0Love This0' or 'CaptainKale' they're in favorite authors, so you guys can check it out.

And you probably already guessed that Aurora and I both love 'Star Wars the Clone Wars' and that we hope to share a lot of Fanfiction stories together...well, that's all I got.