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Author has written 7 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Scissorhands, 21 Jump Street, Misc. Movies, and Alice in Wonderland, 2010.


My pseudonym is Rawiyah.


Curious? It's an Arabic name for : "The Girl Who Tells Stories".

Quite simply;

I tell stories.

Whether they be fanfiction or my own work.

I tell stories. And I enjoy it.

Who am I?:

I'm just your average eccentric girl. You know? The one that wears long, printed skirts and sips Darjeeling during classes?

I'm a nerd... just like the other 70% of FF.net.

Contrary to popular belief, I am not Arabic. I am not Somalian, and I am not from any ethnicity that has Arabic as their first language.

What do I write?:

I have quite a few fandoms, but I usually write about anything involving Johnny Depp.

If you're a Johnny Depp fan, be sure to see that I have quite a few JD character stories.

I try to avoid writing about the same couple or same movie, or anime, or cartoon twice.

If you notice that I wrote one story involving one movie, or one character... you may not see me make any more stories involving either that movie or that character anymore for a long time. Sorry to disappoint. But I don't do repeat performances.

*Pirates of the Caribbean. Yes. I am usually a HUGE slash fan, and I usually avoid everything BUT slash when it comes to PotC. However, I also like Tia Dalma x Jack Sparrow pairings. The only weird thing is, I prefer Jack on the bottom in any relationship. Jack's a bit... hm... how should I say it? He doesn't seem like that kind of guy. Sure, he's a sweetie, but just... not like that. Haha. I've written and posted just one PotC fanfic and that is a JackxTia relationship fic. There's really little to no romantic relationship however... they're just... more like friends with benefits. Sex buddies, as some could say... I can't see Jack and Tia Dalma being anything more than that.

*Edward Scissorhands. Edward is such a sweetheart. However, he's so... emotionally immature that I can't picture him in any serious romantic relationship. I'm currently in the process of posting a FF involving Edward and Peg. (The mother.) As I said, he's very emotionally immature, and though I love the movie and wouldn't have changed it a bit... there are a few things I wish Tim Burton had brushed up on a little more in the movie. Like, the relationship between Edward and Peg. Edward never had a mother, not even a mother figure and I felt that that should have had a big impact on Edward and an even bigger impact on Peg. My story that I wrote for Edward Scissorhands takes place within the movie, and is basically just a few little extra scenes involving the mother-son relationship of Peg and Edward.

* 21 Jumpstreet. I actually own the complete series... I've been watching it for nearly a year already, and throughout the entire show, I could never seem to find an idea for a case that they had not already done before... So, race crimes, A.W.O.L., mentally unstable characters, affairs, discrimination, etc. They had already done all of it before. I haven't written any fanfiction for it yet until I found the idea of "Snuff" videos. (If you don't know what "snuff videos" are, I'd suggest that you Google it, or look it up in the dictionary.) I haven't yet been able to find any laws regarding snuff films... but for the most part, they are illegal, provided that the death was premeditated. My FF is actually pretty slashy. I'm a huge fan of torturing poor Tom Hanson. :B Don't ask me why, I don't even know, myself. My FF is about a "director" of snuff films, who's been killing teachers and coaches from their highschool and selling the films to other students, or other people to make a profit. In other words, they kill for profit. While the FF focuses mainly on Tom Hanson, Doug Penhall and Dennis Booker, everyone else makes an appearance and there are some original characters added as well... This is one of my first very dark, melodramatic stories. There is more gore than there is Slash. I usually make those "in-between" stories when it comes to this, but because 21 JS is a series, I'm making this one, it's own episode.

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