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before we talk about me I'd like to share a review I got...not two days into my first fic (also posted over on hpffarchive where the review is from) and my response.

I leave it here as an idea why fanfiction authors get disheartened and why some (like one of my favourites Robst) consider leaving.

I also freely add my reply for the record and to show my thinking, I won't bother naming the 'reviewer' and I will not be answering reviews like that again. Ever.


Well that was...informative and not very useful... my considered reply was:

Okay lets deal with this issue by issue shall we

1. He hasn't left his real life beind, in fact if you paid attention you'd notice that his entire purpose is to get home back to his 'real' life. Adding time travel and cloning and the length of time it takes for him to get home is not the same sort of factor. In fact its more about who Harry will be when he gets back, if he gets back and alot less about the age. That is not to say that his adventures between are merely filler...they have importance too.

2. Of course*... we make big decisions for uncertain rewards and its is a useful plot device.

3. Speaking of useful plot devices, Harry is getting alot of flak at the moment...Do i like it? No. Is it part of the story? Yes. Why? because through moments of intense suffering or joy I can more fully explore what Harry is at his core and how that may change. It is a legitimate writing tool and if you cannot wait for the bad times to end ( which of course they will good and bad are on a cycle after all) then its your loss... I will not apologise for moving MY story along.

4. I can't speak for other authors...don't ask me too.

5. You have the distinction of being the only wholly negative review that I will respond to personally. I don't mind constructive criticism as it helps my writing but in no way is just threatening to quit reading constructive. If you have something useful to say...say it otherwise go elsewhere.

6. Finally on a personal note... All Caps really? I feel like everyone in the world is better than that.


the review and point 2 has been edited to remove spoilers...

I hope that clears it up fore everyone

About Me

So I'm old enough that I probably should be doing something else with my time and after reading a lot of fanfictions I have decided to give my own one a ago.

I will say that I am generally against cannon pairings (due to the fact that so few of them are good in my opinon), I will also say that it has been years since I've written anything professionally so please bare with me.

Though i read alot of things..on here it tends to be Harry Potter and/or Starwars with the occasional SG-1 one thrown in... they also tend to be Harry Centric.

I also generally detest the youngest weasleys/percy/molly. Though I don't mind them very well written...though only one example of good Weasley's well written comes to mind. Otherwise I freely admit I enjoy reading about them suffering.

I also find as I get older that Dumbledore is less and less excusable. As a child I could have possibly accepted the affable old man act but as I age all I see are the inconcistancies and the mistakes.

The final thing I tend to ignore is Cursed Child...simply didn't like it all that much...but as I tend not to read cannon pairing it has less of an effect.

I have no patience for flamers and trolls

My favourite pairings are H/Tonks or Honks if you will (first pairing I read still sometimes one of the best), HP/HG,HP/LL,HP/DG/,HP/FD and HP/GD

My fanfiction tends to be dictated after being hand written and I have no Beta so if anyone finds erros of that sort I would cently be appreactive.

My First Fanfic is being written and posted and as of now and I will try to update once a week but iy could be as late as once every two weeks. Though at the moment it has been twice in two days never know...


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