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Hey people! So, this is my fanfiction page, and I know how you wouldn't like me to go on and on about myself and stuff, so I'll be as brief as I can be.

I changed my pen name from karana32 to MaK 16. Sorry for any confusion, but I honestly like MaK 16 better because it's more me. Thanks for sticking with me!

This is my first writing online experience, so feel free to tear anything up! Oh, and a little heads up, I guess I like to write stories with original characters in them, so if that annoys you, you may not wanna read (but at least try! I think I blend them in pretty well). See my imagination just goes on and on, including while I'm watching the episode or playing the video game or whatever, so I just come up with very odd ideas and usually have female OC's in them. You'll see what I'm talking about in my "Projects" list.


Aftershock: A continuation of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II mixed with the Star Wars Saga and Star Wars: the Clone Wars...well just Ahsoka, cause I think Lucas Arts is brilliant for adding her in. Also has an OC in it...well multiple OC's actually. I have to say, the main OC is pretty epic. I had a hard time coming up with a title for this one, surprisingly. Usually I have hundreds of ideas. Okay, now for the summary: Karelia Kighn is the only Jedi Knight left after Order 66. Starkiller was ordered to assassinate her, but he let her go. Now, after all that happened in Force Unleashed II, he leaves the Rebellion with Juno, partially for himself and partially for the Rebels. He finds Kighn's village and her family of adopted children and friends, but there's more to this family than meets the eye. When things finally calm down, Luke Skywalker is at their front door. Can Karelia keep Luke alive or will someone assassinate him before Luke can complete his mission? Tune in to find out!

Never and Always (Oriole Sequel): I fixed the plot hole (I think). Here's a very short excerpt on the sequel: Jason pulled out his gun. The lights went out. Bruce heard two gunshots and a loud thud at his feet. When the lights came back on, Red Hood was gone. And Sara was shot. That's the short version of it. A very, very short version. The real one is much longer than that.

Family: "Family is always supposed to be there for you, so where was mine?" -Rex. Yes, I am going to do a Generator Rex fanfic. Finally, time to put my Spanish classes to good use. I'm only doing phrases, so no one freak out! Oh, and if I get a phrase wrong, please tell me. That would be much appreciated. Oh, btw, has three OC's. The plot has changed! But it will no longer, I promise! Rex returns after what seemed like minutes to Providence to find everything different in Back in Black but when Six and Holiday bring him to their "anti-Providence" cause, there's a surprise waiting for him: two Latino girls, Maria and Anabel Marquez. So what is their connection to Rex?

Heroes Fanfic: Okay, the ending of Season 4 was VERY upsetting. So, I'm going to write an alternative. The OC family I have written for it will be just perfect! The narrator is a girl that was part of Samuel's "family." Hehe, the Company calls her The Leech. See if you can figure out why! okay, moving on to the summary. "Samuel took us in when we had nowhere to go. Now I find out he was just using us. How could I ever warn the others in time?" "Lydia's dead. And Mr. Bennett is blamed. How could I let it get this far?" "Sylar came then. He wanted my help. He wanted me to...get rid of his powers. I wanted nothing less, but just because I was called Leech doesn't mean I could 'leech' away his powers. Could I?" "Now that Samuel's gone, we have to repair the damage done to our family. The carnival WILL survive, even if it kills me!" I gotta say, I really like this one. The first first-person POV I will do on, so I am excited.

Vampire Diaries Fanfic: No idea what to call this one. Considering I haven't figured out the complete story yet, that's no surprise. My friend had an idea for this, so she's gonna help me with it. Again, has a couple OC's in it. It will have multiple "Episodes" so bear with us. Adds in a little humor and is supposed to take place after "Homecoming". Hopefully this will be done more quickly than Oriole, since the series is still playing. That makes it slightly harder. Having some help from one of my best friends, who was my inspiration for one of the OC's. Adds in Klaus and some of his family. Hehe, this is gonna be fun. Marie and Aamina have lived for a very long time. They don't yet know that Klaus has already broken the curse. When they get to the Salvatore house, they find a whole lot of surprises. And many things are revealed about the friends that will shock and endanger everyone.

Teen Titans episode "Haunted" OneShot: Been thinking about something like this for a while now. It would be another cute little OneShot RobxStar, only this one takes place after the events of Haunted. This one is being put on hold until I get Oriole done.

MaK 16 Q/A (just because):

Do you have any original stories ?

Yes I do! My original work is being worked on alongside my fanfictions, but the original reason I even started doing fanfiction was to get a feel for writing and what people like to hear. For example, couple stories are always the ones read the most and not many ppl read stories that aren't completed yet (not that that would be a problem for a book).

Why do you write so many stories with OCs in them?

I don't know why, but I honestly like OC fics better. But the characters actually have to be convincing and have some kind of connection to one of the characters. Another thing I don't like about OCs are when the characters mix different stories together but it's not listed as a crossover. Like I read this one Teen Titans fic with a vampire in it. I know that there was a Batman episode with vampires in it, but really? So, the reason I write OCs partially mixes in with the reason I started fanfiction: to help me work on my original stories. Another reason may be that an actual writer for these story arcs are constantly adding new characters. For example, the young heroes that pop up in season 5 of Teen Titans, or the specials in Heroes that keep appearing. I want to make your reading experience really seem like I'm just continuing the story.

What do you do about writer's block?

With fanfiction, that's easy. I watch an episode of whatever the fic is about. Like I get writer's block for Oriole all the time, so I just watch a Teen Titans episode. For an original piece, it's a little tougher because there isn't any information about it already out there. For original work, I suggest taking a break, reading a book that you like, watching a movie, anything to get the creative juices flowing. Another thing I do that's really weird, get bored. When I'm bored, I always think of what I could be doing. This usually leads to ideas for a story. Since I'm so erratic, that's how most of my ideas for new stories come from and thats why I have so many projects right now.

Where else can we find you?, that's pretty much it. And I don't really have anything on youtube, other than my favorites playlist and my friends. But that's about it. If you want to contact me about something, a private message or a review is the best way to go.

Will you Beta Read my work?

Sadly, I am definitely not ready for that. I assume you all have read my stuff. It's not perfect, nowhere near. And I know that no one could ever be absolutely perfect at writing, but until I get older and better at this, I can't Beta Read and feel good about critiquing it. My ideas might be a negative instead of a positive. However, if you want me to read one of your stories just to have some input, I would love to!

Will the end of your projects list mean the end of MaK 16?

To be perfectly honest, I have no idea. Hopefully by then I'll be busy with original stories that I will be publishing. If not, well...I usually have tons more ideas. And I promised myself I would write a full story without any major OC characters. I mean, I'll probably throw in the occassional background characters like people in a crowd, but in my mind that doesn't count. So the idea is that I won't shut down this account until I actually become an author and until I write a story without my own characters. That's the plan anyway. Ha, I'll probably stay on just for fun though.

So why haven't you been consistant with your chapter updates?!

With school still going on and MASSIVE writer's block, I haven't been able to write very much recently. Please forgive me. I appreciate your patience and hopefully I'll have Oriole finished by the end of the month. Thanks again for staying with me guys!!! I just wish I had more reviews.

What if I have questions for you?

Surely everyone knows the answer to this question. Leave a review! If I don't comment back with an answer to your question, I will say why I can't answer it or i'll post the question here in the Q/A.

Last Minute Thoughts: Wow, I have a lot of projects. Okay so we're hoping to get the Vampire Diaries at least outlined by the end of the summer, but not making any promises. Oriole...well, I really don't know when I'm gonna get that done. See, I didn't write an outline and am basically just freehanding yeah, it might take awhile to figure out all the details. Sad facts about my projects is: i'm trying to do them all at once, so i can't quite focus on just one story. You who are actually reading this, thank you. I know that fanfic's are more fun to read, so thanks for taking the time to read this profile. Anyway, on to Dedications.

Dedications: Hanna Sedai, my awesome awesome Beta Reader (and she writes addicting fanfictions)!

Parents, friends, family, all get credit for their support and encouragement. My mom thinks I'm a world wide superstar because people all the way in Japan are reading my fanfics. If you are one of those ppl that read my stories, you get credit b/c my mom thinks I'm that even more amazing now.

So, without further ado, go read some fanfictions and keep being awesome! I really hope you all enjoy my fanfictions.


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