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this is an amzing chapter! all work goes to the athor not me!

Harry Potter and the Loss of Innocence > Harry Potter and the Loss of Innocence 19 Title: Harry Potter and the Loss of Innocence (Harry Potter and the Loss of Innocence 19) Author Name: Ioci Summary: Well, Harry and Ron are fighting again. Harry now believes that he has hit rock bottom. But he hasn't and is soon to find out how much lower he can get. What makes him feel worse and why does Harry end up taking a poll of Hogwarts students and staff? Chapter Nineteen: Go to Hell Let me die on my own terms. Let me lie and let me learn. Now I'll follow my own way, And I'll live on to another damn day. Freedom carries sacrifice. ~3 Doors Down: Life On My Own "Where is Ron, Hermione?" Harry asked her when he got back to the common room. "Up in your dorm room. Why?" Hermione asked worriedly. "I want to talk to him," Harry told her sitting in his favorite chair across from her. One good thing about being a sixth year is that your chair was almost always empty and if someone was sitting it, they usually got out of it. "What's he told you?" "Oh, he's not really sure why he's worried. I think he's just threatened by you two," Hermione said, looking up from her book. "I wouldn't talk with him today, though. He and Ginny had another fight. She's up in her room blasting things." "Could you get her then?" Harry asked. "I'll try and calm her down." "Let her get the pent up anger out," Hermione advised him. "She'll feel much better after." "Would you ask her to go flying with me then," Harry asked her. "That should give her the opportunity to vent and to talk with me." Hermione gave him an odd look, but nodded. She sprinted up the stairs and came back with Ginny. She looked angry, really angry, and Harry started to have second thoughts about this trip. "Hey, Gin" he said when the two girls arrived in front of the fire. He kissed her cheek. "Want to go flying with me?" "Sure," Ginny answered crossly. They walked out hand in hand and wandered slowly out to the Quidditch pitch. The entered the Gryffindor locker room and grabbed their brooms. Once on the pitch Harry kissed her soundly. "I heard about your fight with Ron," he said softly into her hair. "Yeah, he's an idiot," Ginny spat out. "I'm starting to think he believes the rumors. I thought we were going flying." "Last one to the other side has to answer one question truthfully," Harry told her. She nodded, but they both knew Harry would win. They mounted their brooms and shot off to the other side. Harry stayed next to her until the end, when he shot forward and won. He flew to her side and grabbed her hand. "What's eating at you?" "Ron, the rumors, life in general," she answered truthfully. "What's wrong with life?" Harry asked, slightly hurt, he was a part of that life. "Oh, not you and me, Harry. That's a good part," she said hugging him. "It's just half the girls in the dorm believe the rumors and can't believe I would sacrifice my virginity to go out with you. They're also mad at you for using your 'influence' on me to get me to sleep with you." "Well, that's stupid," Harry told her seriously. "No kidding. Every night it's, 'No, I did not sleep with him.' But they don't believe me or Hermione." She sighed. "And then classes are getting hard because O.W.L.'s are this year and the teachers are trying to drive us insane. Then practice has sucked because of the weather. Hermione is hanging out with Ron all the time, trying to convince him that there isn't anything to worry about." "I'm sorry, Gin," he said, squeezing her hand. "Race you to the other side." "Loser gets to ask the other a question. And no cheating, Harry." Harry laughed and nodded. He sprinted to the other side, leaving her behind. "So what's the question?" Harry asked when she finally made it to the other side. "How are the nightmares?" Ginny asked softly. "The same as normal. Last night there was a Revelry so I had to deal with that," he said running his fingers through his hair. "I'm sorry, Harry," she said lovingly. "Nothing to worry about. I can deal with it," Harry said trying to sound strong and unaffected by it. However, he knew Ginny saw through it. "If you say so," she said rolling her eyes at him. "And what was that look for?" he asked faking anger. "Just the look any teddy bear deserves when he's acting all macho," she replied with a laugh. Harry shot at her and they spent many long minutes playing tag. Harry felt so happy with her; all their worries seemed to melt away. The last time Harry caught up with her, he grabbed her around the waist and lifted her off of her broom. He swung her onto his and he shot at the ground. "Harry, pull up and let me off!" she yelled at him. When he was level with the ground he touched down and let her off. "Get on behind me," he asked her. "It'll be more fun." She looked at his face and saw the eager anticipation shining from it. His smile was contagious and she swung her leg over the broom. "Hold on tight!" He shot straight up into the air and he let out a "Whoop!" He felt her arms tighten around his waist as he went into a vertical dive. She let out a small cry of fear, but it was soon replaced with one of joy. Harry yelled with her and pulled out of the dive. He flew parallel to the ground, their feet skimming the ground. He shot up and did a loop-the-loop. They flew like that together for about half an hour. What they didn't know was that several people were watching them from the castle. Professor Dumbledore watched the couple through his telescope. There was a huge smile on his face and the twinkle was glittering in his eye. Thia watched the two with a sad smile on her lips. From her rooms, she could see the black haired boy flying with the red head behind him, her hair loose of it bindings. It was easy to forget the twenty odd years that had gone by and believe that it was James and Lilly flying out there. Ron watched the two through the omniocculars that Harry had bought him at the Quidditch World Cup. His anger was boiling, but he felt a huge loss. He'd lost his best friend and little sister at the same time. Why had he ever thought the two belonged together? He couldn't believe that they'd desert him like this. Hermione watched from her own dorm, laughing with delight. Harry deserved to be happy and Ginny was giving him that happiness. Ron would always be the one he got in trouble with. She would always be the one to bail them out, whether it was with her notes or quick lies. But Ginny... Ginny could give Harry so much more. And she knew Ginny would. She knew Ginny and Harry would live happily ever after, because that's the way it was meant to be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Mr. Potter, what is that you're reading?" Snape's cold malicious voice asked. Harry looked up startled from the note he was reading. He had received it at breakfast from an owl he didn't know. The envelope had written on it, "Do not open at the table." So Harry had waited until after his Potions test. He couldn't believe what it said and was stunned by it. "It's a note I see. Give it here and let me read it out loud so that everyone can benefit from it." Harry looked up at the man, defiance written all over his face. There was no way Harry would let the slimy git read this so that everyone could hear it. "No," he said quietly, but somehow everyone heard him. Snape raised his eyebrow in a question. Usually the idiotic Potter boy gave up the notes willingly. This one must prove the rumors flying about the school. Snape had known that they must be true and now he had the proof. "And why not, Potter? Something to hide?" he asked with a sneer. Harry thought to himself yes, I have a lot to hide. This thought translated itself into a desperate look, but Snape didn't let his surprise show. Snape had never seen Potter look so vulnerable before. "No, Professor Snape," he repeated quietly, adding a mocking tone to the "Professor." He didn't want to take any crap from the man. At least, not until he was sure of Snape's allegiances. "It's rather private and I'd rather that everyone not hear it." "Give it here, Potter," Snape said viciously. Harry glared at him back, determined not to give in. "Potter, writing, passing, and reading notes in class are all against the rules. I must have that note now or I will be forced to take points from Gryffindor." "You can have the points then, Professor," Harry told him honestly. "I am not giving you this letter." "That's ten points for your cheek, Potter. Another ten for your insolence. And another twenty for disobeying me. Now, do you want to lose more or would you like to hand me that note right now?" Harry looked around thinking fast. There was no way for him not to give Snape the note. But he really didn't want it read out loud for everyone to hear. "I'm waiting, Potter." "Please, don't read it out loud," Harry asked softly. Snape misinterpreted this as a plea and smiled victoriously. "'Dear Mr. Potter,'" Snape started to read, loud enough for everyone to hear him. "'Please accept my congratulations for surviving these past sixteen years. I am more than a little surprised and encouraged by your tenacity. You are a very resilient young man. "'I am at a loss at how to continue our relationship. Up until now, there has been no love lost between us. I have wanted you dead since before your birth, and you have sought revenge for many years. But, I believe it is time for a change.'" Snape faltered slightly, but continued reading. It seemed that he didn't even realize that he was still speaking out loud. Harry felt his head hang in weariness. His life had officially hit rock bottom. "'I extend to you, as I did your first year at Hogwarts, the hand of friendship. As I told you at the time, I believe it possible to bring back your parents. Now, not just them but bring back your Godfather back as well. I believe that between the two of us, we could take over this world. We could rule side by side. "'Just think about it, Harry. Unlimited power, unlimited followers. All the respect you could ever want. No more having fools put you in the spotlight needlessly. No more fools looking to sacrifice you for their cause. You'd be the one in charge, at my side as my second in command. "'Ask around, son, I don't make this kind of offer often. I have not even asked the son of one of my more devoted followers to join me yet. He would jump at the chance of this offer. Just think, someday you would have power over them both. "'But, I must warn you, Harry. I don't take rejection very well. If you turn down this offer to greatness, I will take care of everyone you love. Your Godfather died last year because you didn't cooperate. First, that filthy werewolf and his auror girl will die. Then each of the red headed blood traitors will die. After that, I will hunt down your two friends, the stutterer and the dreamer. They too will die. But after that, Harry, I will find that girl of yours and torture her until you arrive to rescue her. I will make you watch her die. "'Remember my words, Harry, and choose wisely. Lord Voldemort.'" There was a stunned silence as everyone turned their attention from Snape to Harry. Harry could feel their eyes on him, but he didn't look up from where his head laid on the table. His fingers were clutched in anger and he knew his face had to show it. He didn't want his classmates to see him so out of control. How could Voldemort even think of sending him an invitation to join his ranks? "So," Snape asked breaking the silence, "how will you reply?" Harry looked at him and glared at him. How could Snape even doubt his morals? "Let's see," Harry answered sarcastically. He pretended to think hard. "I kind of like this offer. Let me just write the reply right now." He took out a piece of scrap parchment and grabbed Hermione's quill from her fingers. "'Dear Lord Voldemort.' Do you think that's too formal or should I use just Voldemort. Or, how about Voldie, seeing as he wants to be chums with me. No, let's stick to Voldemort." He dipped the quill in ink. "'I have just received your note and had it read out loud to my Potions class. I can only think of one response. Go! To! Hell!'" He jabbed the quill down hard each time he dotted an exclamation mark. "'Love, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.'" Harry paused and glared at Snape. "Did you really think I'd ignore everything that I believe in, Snape?" Harry asked incredulously. The class was staring at him with their mouths hanging open. Hermione's face held a worried look, Ron was surprised, but Snape kept his face blank. "All year I've told the D.A. that I would die fighting Voldemort for them. Why would I change my tune now?" "He has threatened everyone you love," Snape said quietly. "And how is that different from yesterday?" Harry asked very loudly. "Just knowing me puts them in danger, loving me puts them on his 'to do' list. They all know that and they've accepted that risk." Harry stopped glancing at Ron. Was this a reason why he didn't want Ginny dating him? "And even if I did join him, how would that change anything? Tonks would still be an Auror; Remus would still be fighting him. The Weasleys would still be, and I quote, 'blood traitors.' Ron, Hermione, Neville, Luna, and Ginny were all with me when we humiliated his Death Eaters. He would still want them dead." "What about the possibility of bring back your lousy parents and that mutt of a Godfather?" Snape asked, clearly having forgotten that the room held other students. Harry's eyes glazed over in pain and loss. Everyone saw the look of complete anger and hate be replaced by the hurt and suffering. Snape's face registered his surprise for a split second. "They're gone. Nothing I want to dabble in can bring them back. I don't want to know his plans; that is if he's telling the truth. It's probably a lie to make his ugly self look more appealing." Snape watched the boy with fascination. "You do know that you're not the hero, right? It's not your job to save us all." "Who said that?" Harry asked. Everyone thought he meant that he had never thought himself as the hero. But Ron and Hermione could see the brief look pass over his face and knew he was talking about not being the hero. "If you'll excuse me, I must go send my reply." Harry got up and was surprised to see the faces of several fifth years, including Ginny's. He hadn't realized that the bell had rung. "Potter," Snape called out and Harry turned to look at him. "You are not seriously thinking about sending that as your reply?" "Yes I am. He had no right to send the invitation to me in the first place and I'm going to tell him so." He looked at the note he had penned. "You know what? You're right. It's lacking something. But what?" "How about tact, Potter?" Snape suggested quietly. "No, not that. He doesn't deserve tact. Particularly since he showed none by sending this to me." He looked at it thoughtfully. "It's too forceful. Can I borrow a quill and some parchment?" he asked Ron. Ron nodded and handed him it. He wrote something down sloppily taking some time and then headed for the door. "What did you write?" Snape asked sharply. Harry smiled at him. "I don't think it's any of your concern, Snape." Harry stared at the man. "But let your mind rest at ease, I'm not joining his ranks. Oh, and if said son of that certain Death Eater wants this offer, all he has to do is ask," Harry said loudly looking directly at Draco. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Harry stormed his way up Professor Dumbledore's steps. They took him up to slowly and he was impatient. He knocked on the door, but didn't wait to be invited in. Harry saw Emmeline Vance sitting in front of his desk, along with Shacklebolt and Mr. Weasley. "I'm sorry, Professor," Harry said quickly, "but I need to speak with you now." "I'm rather busy at the moment," Dumbledore said with his normal calm. "If it could wait another half hour?" "If I leave," Harry answered without stepping down, "I'm going to send Voldemort a note telling him to go to hell. I need you to convince me not to." The three adults looked at Harry surprised. None of them had heard Harry swear before and they had definitely never heard of anyone swearing at Voldemort before. "And why would you be sending Voldemort that particular note?" Dumbledore asked, the first to recover as always. "Because of this." Harry handed the headmaster the letter from Voldemort and waited patiently as first Dumbledore, then the Minister, Shacklebolt, and finally Mr. Weasley read it. All three adults stared at Harry, deeply impressed. "I see," Dumbledore finally said. "Well that changes a few things, now doesn't it?" "I don't see what it changes," Harry said angrily. "He was already after them and he will continue to be after them even if I joined." "That is true, Harry," Dumbledore said nodding. "But we were discussing your holiday plans." "I'm going to spend it with the Weasleys," Harry said stubbornly. "We do not think that that is the best plan," Dumbledore told Harry patiently. Emmeline was slightly surprised that Dumbledore took such insolence from his students. "I do," Harry replied with finality in his voice. "I'm not hiding, Professor. I'm going to live my life as much as I can with this... this idiot after me." Dumbledore watched Harry sadly. "I cannot guarantee your safety there," Dumbledore told him. "Where's there?" Harry asked. "If you don't know," Emmeline finally said, "where you're going to spend Christmas, then how can you be so sure about your plans?" "I don't care where it is," Harry answered her quietly. "For all I care I could spend the entire break at Azkaban with the dementors, just as long as the Weasleys were there with me. I'm not spending it without my family." Harry told the headmaster firmly. Because Harry was staring down Dumbledore, he missed the look of happiness and joy that lit Mr. Weasley's face. "It was going to be at the Burrow," Dumbledore finally answered. "The house should be finished by then. But this complicates things." "We'll still take him, Professor," Mr. Weasley said willingly. "We would be more than willing to take him for the break. Our house was already destroyed, with most of our belongings. What more can Voldemort do?" "Oh, I'm not doubting your willingness, Arthur," Dumbledore told the man. "I'm just hesitant about having all those whom Voldemort wants to use against Harry all in one place at such an obvious time." "He picked these people," Harry argued quietly, "because they were close to me. You spend the holidays with those closest to yourself. That would be the Weasleys, Remus and Tonks, Thia, and Hermione." "That is a good point, Harry," Dumbledore conceded. "Are you willing to put them in harm's way?" "They already know," Harry responded, almost inaudible. "They haven't deserted me yet." Dumbledore looked at Fawkes and thought for a long while. "Headmaster, I promised Mrs. Weasley that I would be at her home for Christmas. I would rather not have her angry with me," Harry added with a smile. "He's got a point there, Professor," Mr. Weasley told the headmaster with a smile. "Molly would be furious with all of us if Harry didn't spend the holidays with us. And I'm sure Ginny would be just as angry," he added with a laugh. Harry felt his cheeks redden and cursed himself once again for being easily embarrassed. Dumbledore looked from Harry to Arthur. He seemed to have arrived at a decision. "We'll compromise. I will let you go to the Burrow, only after we have added several precautions and wards. New ones that we didn't have last summer. Maybe even the Fidelius Charm, with myself as the secret keeper. If we cannot get the wards up to my likings you spend Christmas here, but," Dumbledore raised his hand to stop the two men from arguing with him. "But the Weasleys may all stay here, once the students leave." Harry thought about it for a moment. He knew it was as good as he would get. "Fine, but please try to get all the precautions up. I really want to spend one Christmas at the Burrow." Dumbledore nodded. "Now, as for your reply to Voldemort," he stopped and smiled. "I must discourage you from giving him that particular note. I would suggest one with more tact." "That's odd," Harry stated curiously. "That's what Snape--" "Professor Snape, Harry," Dumbledore corrected quietly. "That's what Snape," Harry continued as if he hadn't heard the headmaster, "told me when I said I was really going to send it." "He knows about this?" Shacklebolt asked surprised. He couldn't believe Harry had gone to talk with Snape before Dumbledore. "Yeah, along with every sixth year in my Potions class and several fifth years," Harry responded bitterly. "Snape thought it was a note, probably thought it was from Gin, and he demanded to read it to everyone. He should have realized I didn't want to give it to him for a reason." "And they all know?" Dumbledore asked surprised. "Didn't Severus stop once he realized what he held?" "One would think, but maybe he doesn't really have a brain," Harry said contemptuously. "There sure is a lot of proof against him having one." "Harry, please respect him," Dumbledore chided gently. "He is your teacher and deserves your respect." Harry just rolled his eyes. He wasn't going to go into details about why he wasn't happy with Snape at this moment now. "I'm sorry, Professor. I think he didn't realize that he was still speaking out loud at the time. He sure didn't read it before hand." "Tom will be mad when Harry turns him down," Emmeline said, speaking to Dumbledore. "Harry might as well send whatever message he wants. And it'll worry Tom if he cusses at him like that." Dumbledore looked at her with a slight smile on his lips. "That is a good point," Dumbledore turned his gaze to Harry. "What exactly were you planning on sending?" Harry took the note that he had hastily stuffed into his pocket. He smoothed it out and read it out for the three to hear. "'Dear Voldie.' I thought that was a good touch seeing as he wants to be chums with me. Any way. 'Dear Voldie, I have just received your letter of invitation. I must inform you that my whole Potions class was very impressed with it. I must, however, warn you first about what you will be dealing with if I joined you. These are, I believe, the reasons why Dumbledore is so willing to sacrifice me--'" "Harry, you don't believe I'm just sacrificing you?" Dumbledore asked hurt. "No, but Voldemort does and he brought it up. It also fits in with the theme of my note. Anyways, where was I? Oh, here we are. "'First, I play knock and run quiet frequently. As you must know, that game consists of knocking on someone's door and then running away. After about five minutes you repeat it. It goes on all night and it annoys the crap out of Dumbledore. I'm sure you'll love it when I play with you. "'Second, I like to make insolent remarks at inopportune times. I've already planned some for our meetings with our Death Eaters. After you tell them our plan, I'll say out loud, 'As easy as taking candy from a baby,' but then under my breath but loud enough for all to hear I'll say, 'but some of us have problems with that.' "'Third, I insist on tucking Dumbledore in every night, singing him a lullaby, and making sure he has his teddy bear. For some reason I get the impression that he doesn't like that. I also like to read The Ugly Duckling to him almost every night. I believe it'll fit in nice with your bedtime also. "'Fourth, I also have found a liking to snake meat. It grosses out Dumbledore and my friends, but I'm sure you enjoy it. I mean you lived on snake venom for a year, didn't you? And I'm sure your pet snake would make excellent cuts of meat. "'Fifth, I must ask you as I've asked Dumbledore a billion times, have you ever had a girlfriend? "'Sixth, I think it would be cute if I was called The Boy Who Lived and you would be called The Seriously Dark Wizard Who Let The Boy Who Lived Live. What do you think? I think it's a lot better than You-Know-Who. I mean who came up with that nickname, Wormtail? Or maybe Bellatrix? Or even Lucius? "'And lastly, I must inform you that I must turn your wonderful offer down. I have just realized that I have a billion pranks to play on you, and that if I was in close quarters with you every day, I would never get around to conquering the world. "'Yours truly, Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived (The title given to me by the whole world after I beat you as a little child.) "'P.S. Go! To! Hell! Love, H. Potter T.B.W.L. (The Boy Who Lived)'" Mr. Weasley had been laughing through out most of the letter, Emmeline was striving to keep a straight face, Shacklebolt's deep chuckle filled the room, and Harry had noticed that Dumbledore's twinkle had grown in size. "So can I send it?" Harry asked them warily. He really wanted to. It was about time he actually did something to piss Voldemort off, instead of just living. "Yes," Dumbledore said. "But please be aware that it will seriously anger Voldemort and he'll want revenge." "What more can he do to me," Harry started to ask, "than what he's already promised? Killing me afterwards would only make it easier on me." "That's true," Dumbledore remarked sadly. He would always find it sad when a child had to grow up too fast. "Now go on and send it. I wouldn't send an owl you want to see again; Voldemort will probably kill it, if he's given the chance." "I think Hedwig can out-smart him," Harry said confidently. "Thank you for your advice." "It was my pleasure, Harry. Now off you go. It is already lunch and we're both late." Dumbledore rose and said goodbye to Emmeline, Shacklebolt, and Arthur. Harry left and headed to the Great Hall. He wanted Hermione, Ginny, and Ron's advice before he sent it. "There you are, Harry," Ginny said when he entered the Entrance Hall. She walked over to him hurriedly and wrapped her arm around his waist. Harry's arm automatically found its spot on her shoulder. "Where have you been? "Talking with your dad, Emmeline Vance, Kingsley, and Dumbledore about Christmas break and about Voldemort's nerve." They had entered the Great Hall and every eye turned to look at them. It had gotten deathly silent and his last words echoed through out it. Harry rolled his eyes. He had once again been part of a rumor that had beaten the previous record time. "So, every one knows then," he commented loudly. They all looked away embarrassed, but Harry still saw the quick glances shot his way. The noise still hadn't risen and Harry used that to his advantage. "So, Gin, what do you think? Should I tell Voldemort to go to hell or tell Voldemort and all his Death Eaters to go to hell?" Ginny laughed at him and steered him to an open seat at the end of the table. "I like the sound of the first one. It will make him feel more special. Ron and Hermione went to the Owlery to look for you. They'll be down in a minute." It seemed that the whole Hall was still trying to listen to their conversation. "So do you think everyone is worried that I'm going to accept Voldemort's offer or do they just want us to confirm the other rumor about us?" Harry asked her loudly. Ginny just rolled her eyes at him and hit him over the head. "What did I do to deserve that? I'm not the one trying to eavesdrop!" "No, but you're making them feel guilty," she scolded. "Just because you're pissed at Voldemort doesn't mean you get to take it out on them. So what did you write? I personally liked the first draft." "Read it then," Harry said handing it to her. She read it quickly and was giggling through out it all. "Like it?" She got to the P.S. and broke out laughing. "Well, Harry, you just proved that you're a Gryffindor through and through. No Slytherin would have the guts to send that to him. He should appreciate the P.S." "What P.S.?" Hermione asked sitting down next to Ginny. Ran sat next to Harry even though there was an empty seat next to Hermione. "Read it," Harry told her pointing to the letter. She read it, trying not to smile the whole time. She did let out a laugh when she got to the P.S. "Ron?" he asked holding the letter out to the boy. Ron was laughing the whole time. "Your dad liked it too." "Can I suggest something?" Ron asked carefully. Harry nodded and Ron continued, "Add something about apparate and run. Remember Fred and George did that to us before last year and how it drove us insane?" "Ok," Harry said getting a quill out of Ginny's bag and dipping it in ink. "So I'll add that as a star after that paragraph and at the end write, 'And I can't wait 'til I get my apparation license 'cause then I can play apparate and run. Which is very much the same except I apparate into your room. Just think of it. *Poof* I'm here. *Poof*I'm gone. *Poof* I'm here. *Poof* I'm gone.' What do you think?" "Perfect," Ron said with a huge smile. "Harry, you know that's going to piss him off. The last time he was pissed off he killed that person just to amuse himself," Hermione warned him quietly. The silence in the Hall was getting to her too. "And how would that change things?" Harry asked her instead. "He's already pissed at me. And he's going to get pissier even if all I wrote was 'No!' so I'm going to milk this for all it's worth. Anyways, I should get points for creativity. I don't think anyone's ever turned him down with more class." Ginny and Ron broke out laughing. "So," the sneering voice of Draco broke into their laughing, "you're going to turn him down and mock him at the same time. I wouldn't do that if I were you." "No, according to him," Harry told the boy as he stood up, "you'd jump at the chance of being offered that. Is he telling the truth?" Draco just glared at him; he was more than slightly conscious of the hundreds of watching students and teachers. "I'll just put in a little recommendation. You'll fit right in with the other morons and cowards he employs." Draco reached for his wand, but Harry was quicker. "I wouldn't take the Mark if I were you," Harry told the boy with his wand at his heart. Draco put his hands at his side and Harry lowered his own wand. "I can't see why anyone would want to serve an abusive lunatic like him. I would think that a person of your aptitude and intelligence would at the very least want to become the next Dark Lord and rival and eventually overthrow Voldemort. At the most you could be a talented Auror or just about anything else. Why it's your goal in life to do exactly what Tom Riddle wants you to do, I don't know? Maybe you just don't quite realize what it means to be a Death Eater. Or maybe you just don't care." Harry turned his back on the stunned boy and sat back down to eat his lunch. "He'll kill everyone you love and he'll get you, too," Draco said menacingly. Harry turned to face the boy and yawned. "You know, that threat gets old after sixteen years. As Voldemort was so kind in telling everyone, he's been after me since before I was born. I shiver in my boots with the thought of Voldemort being after me. Now, go back to your table, you're dirtying ours." Draco sneered and walked back to his seat. "I hope I'm not dirtying it," Blaise said contemptuously. "Nope, not you," Harry said, scooting down a seat, pushing Ginny and Hermione over a seat and motioning for Blaise to sit. Everyone in the Great Hall stared, shocked at the invitation. Slytherins didn't sit at the Gryffindor table and Gryffindors didn't sit at the Slytherin table. That was an unwritten law that didn't exist with the other houses. "Thanks," Blaise said sitting down. "What's up with the double standard?" "There isn't one," Harry responded. "You fight against Voldemort and, at the very least, Draco sympathizes with him. Do you want something?" "Yeah, can I read that letter," Blaise asked pointing at the piece of paper sitting in front of him. "Sure, go ahead. It's not like it's a secret." Blaise read it, the corner of his lips turning up in a smile. For Blaise this was like rolling on the floor laughing. "Ginny's right, you're definitely a Gryffindor. Though I do disagree with the reasoning," he added thoughtfully. "No Slytherin would be stupid enough to send that, only a Gryffindor is." Harry laughed at this remark and nodded his head. "It's a weird mix of the two really. One half of my head is saying, 'Don't be an idiot and send that,' while the other half is saying, 'What more can I add?'" Blaise's face broke out in a full grin and Harry smiled with him. "It's kind of confusing having them arguing all the time. Maybe I should get other people's opinions. You're first person to answer the 'Should Harry Potter Piss Off Voldemort Poll'? What do you think yes or no?" "Yes," Blaise said simply. Harry turned the paper over and wrote the title of the poll at the top of the page. He put four columns with the name of each of the houses at the top. Each of those columns he split in half with 'Yes' and 'No.' Under the Slytherin 'Yes' he put a tally. "So what do you three think?" he asked his best friends and girlfriend. They all nodded and Harry put four tallies down under 'Yes.' "There's only three of us, Harry," Ron told him quietly. "And why can't I vote?" Harry asked pretending to be hurt. "It's my poll after all." The bell rang and Harry reached for his bag, which wasn't there. "You left it in the Potion's dungeon," Ginny whispered in his ear. "Here you go." She handed it to him. "Don't do anything else to piss Voldemort off without consulting me too. I want to participate." Harry wrapped her in a tight hug and leaned his forehead against hers. "I wouldn't dream of it," he told her quietly. He leaned his mouth next to her ear and whispered, "Do you think making out tonight counts as pissing him off?" Ginny laughed at him. She pulled his ear down to her mouth and whispered, "Yes, particularly if he didn't have a girlfriend at Hogwarts." "That's too bad then," Harry said leading her up the stairs towards their next classes. "I was planning on spending the evening with my best mate. Probably getting thoroughly beaten and demolished by his chess team." Ginny laughed at him and smiled. "At least he's there to beat and demolish you," she added between laughs. "That is true." All through the day, Harry asked for people's opinion on the matter. In the Dark Arts class, Thia even allowed Ron to read it out loud. Harry was too shy and couldn't stop laughing long enough to read it. Everyone gave Harry their opinions, particularly since it was an anonymous poll. In the end, the yes's won by a landslide so Harry sent the bent and broken piece of paper off to Voldemort, hoping that Hedwig would return safely. He had felt foolish telling her of the danger, but he knew she could understand him and would be safer with a warning. That evening, many Gryffindors came up to congratulate him on his wonderful letter and the guts he had in sending it. The D.A. members asked him when the next meeting was and he realized that he hadn't set a date yet. "Katie!" he yelled over the noise. "Yeah?" she yelled back from the table she was studying at. "When are the practices this week?" he asked her, walking over to her. She thought for a moment and then answered him. "We practice Wednesday. Ravenclaw has the pitch today and Thursday. They wanted two practices because of their game two weeks from last Saturday. Hufflepuff practices Tuesday. Why?" "Trying to figure out when to have our D.A. meeting, that's why," he answered. He grabbed his galleon out and tapped it with the date for Friday. "Thanks." He headed back to his game of chess against Ron. He lost it spectacularly. He went to bed soon after and slept fitfully. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Harry," Sephra came up to him at the breakfast table the next day and told him in a no nonsense voice, "We can't have the D.A. meeting Friday." "And why not?" Harry asked sleepily, but curiously. "Because I'm holding tryouts for the new Slytherin team," she told him, "and I'm hoping most of the D.A. members will tryout." "So they did give you guys a team," Harry commented casually. "I'm glad you're the captain." "Yeah, me too!" Sephra said excitedly. "I tried out for the team in September, but Draco laughed me off the pitch. Now I'm captain and he's facing expulsion. I couldn't be happier." "He doesn't give you a hard time, does he?" Harry asked her worriedly. "Nothing, I can't handle," she answered evasively. "So are you going to change the meeting time?" "Could you have tryouts on Saturday?" Harry asked. He knew that the D.A. members would complain if they met on a Saturday or Sunday. "No, I need to get approval from Professor McGonagall a week before any practices," she told him, clearly annoyed. "She or Madame Hooch must supervise our practices. If I cancel I can't practice until next Tuesday, but there aren't any days open after Saturday." "Oh, let me think." Harry thought about it carefully. For any other team the club would be willing to sacrifice an hour of their weekend, but for the Slytherins? Well, he didn't care. "Ok, I'll switch it. Good luck with your team. I wish we could play it." "Yeah," she replied. "Thanks for understanding." "No problem, Sephra." Ioci's Fics > Harry Potter and the Loss of Innocence Lol funny or what?

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My name is a anagram of my name on here, well my first and middle name, otherwise it will be too long. I love romance books and adore Harry potter! It's my world!

I am actually in Love with Draco Malfoy, but I figured he's a 'lil bit toonold for me, my mums age:Oo I daydream 24/7 about Teddy Lupin as

1) my age. He was born in 1998, same as me. Same year at school and everything!

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3) can change appearance.

4) godfathers Harry!

5) fitty!!!

6) could go on forever but I can't be bothered!

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What If? reviews
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Harry Potter - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,237 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 8 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 6/19/2011 - Published: 4/20/2011 - Lily Evans P., James P.
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