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Author has written 5 stories for Fallout, Elder Scroll series, and Mass Effect.

I'm just a freelancer that writes in my spare time, which as of lately has been very few and far between.

I'm also a video game and book lover and have become a fan of RPGs especially.

A few of my favorite games include:

-The Elder Scrolls Series (ones I've played): Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim

Loved them all. I went back and played Morrowind the other day. It really put into perspective how far games have come in so short a time. I almost got killed by a freaking rat.

-Mass Effect Series-

Favorite of the series has to be Mass Effect 2. I have to say this is the series that really turned me on to RPGs and though ME3 was a huge bomb at the end, I still love the work that was put into it, even if it fizzled off at the end. The characters and story is still incredible in my humble opinion.

-Jade Empire-

While combat was a little shaky, I really liked Jade Empire. The dive into Asian mythology was very interesting and educational. The story was easy to follow and engaging. It was the game that brought Bioware closer to creating games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

-The Halo Series-

Played 1-3 and I have to admit I was worried when 343 took over for Halo 4, but they absolutely KILLED it.(I don't play online multiplayer) Especially the story with Cortana. Her being alone for so many years in space was especially haunting, but I won't go any farther than that so as not to spoil for those who haven't played. I also LOVED Forward Unto Dawn, I wish they would make Halo into a movie, honestly.

-Dragon Age Series-

Origins: I loved the characters and their camaraderie. Alistair and Morrigan getting after each other was a riot. I also thought Wynne was interesting despite her stuffiness at the beginning. Everyone in the party was a lot of fun and the style of the gameplay was very unique and engaging.

II: A little disappointed with the recycled maps and the fact that it felt a little rushed, I was overall happy. I loved Hawke and how hilarious he/she can be. I also really loved the relationships that they fleshed out, especially Isabela and Aveline...HILARIOUS. Favorite companion hands down was Isabela... Romanced her every time... :) The character base was great in my opinion and basically made the game for me.

-Red Dead Redemption-

Always thought Bonnie MacFarlane and John Marston were gonna hook up but was sorely disappointed... I suppose John deserves points for being faithful. But then again I have this theory that she ended up with Jack Marston, forget the age gap, this is the wild west! Anyways, I thought the game was great. I loved the story and also the ability to just run around and shoot stuff and cause mayhem! I've heard rumors that another Red Dead is in the works... Fingers crossed!

Fallout series (3 & New Vegas)

I have to say that Fallout 3 is my favorite game, period. I used to be carrying the torch for Mass Effect, but needless to say we had a 'falling out'... (I apologize for the terrible pun, but I couldn't resist) The atmosphere was haunting and albeit boring... It really held the point that you are in fact in a wasteland. The main characters are very fun to work with and write about. I feel like New Vegas lacks that in a way. It definitely smoothed out the gameplay, but in the end the characters are what I pay the most attention to. That and firing random objects out of the Rock-It launcher... :) I really hope they make a new Fallout soon... I've been so patient!

Current Stories:


Love & Loss-(In Progress)

The Savage-(In Progress)

Glory and Gore (Forthcoming)

Other ideas I've begun drafting are:

A Pokemon Fic. Being a child raised on pokemon, it holds a special place in my heart. Since I'm not all that familiar with more recent pokemon version, I would probably go with first and second gen pokemon and focus on the original gang: Ash (obviously), Misty, Brock, and I've been toying with adding Janine. I always thought she was cool. A modern ninja...What's not to like? The story would be formulated upon a return type format. Where Ash returns home after being gone for so long (as well as under the radar/off the grid). He returns to find things changed and as he tries to acclimate and reconnect, he finds it isn't that simple anymore. There will also be an awesome quest style plot that goes with that.

A Red Dead Fic:

It would involve Bonnie MacFarlane and Jack Marston three (or more) years after John's death. Rumors are flying around that John isn't dead or that his ghost still rides the New Austin desert. Jack, having been through everything he has, is bitter towards authority and brings a sort of vigilante, eye for an eye type of justice. Marshal Johnson has been unable to stop the young outlaw and asks for Bonnie's help in trying to help the kid. But it's obvious that Jack doesn't want any.


I've also thought of many scenarios in which I could write a Mass Effect fic, but I can never get anything off the ground. I suppose I don't want to ruin any of the characters as they are fully fleshed out by the game itself. I think I would write either an alternate universe style story, putting the same characters in a whole new plot, or avoiding romance all together. I've also thought of simply doing one shots.

I'm also dabbling with the idea that I first thought of when I saw some drawings on deviant art. I saw a drawing of some of the mass effect characters in a high school setting. I was surprised at how I responded to it. I kept thinking of mean girls and Jack calling Miranda a cerberus cheerleader made me think of how that would actually look in a high school setting. Each of the characters fits into a stereotypical high school role and I keep thinking it would be hilarious to write a spin off about it.

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