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About Me

Intro: Hello. To those of you out there my name is ShadowWolf XIII. Anyway here's some stuff about me.

Name: ShadowWolf XIII (Call me Shadow or ShadowWolf, whatever you prefer)

Gender: Female

What kinds of stories I like to write.
Well I like yaoi so of course there's going to be yaoi in some of my stories but not all of them. I mean I may write a Pokemon story but maybe just for the adventure. I love romance and action/ adventure.

What are my motives for writing: To make you laugh, smile, or forget. I've been through some awful stuff in my brain and I discovered that just hearing when I cheer someone up is the most blissful and amazing feeling I could ever ask for. I forget all about the horrible stuff that happens to me for just that moment as I laugh, smile, or blush. I seriously can't thank my readers and reviewers enough.

Books: The Last Dragon Chronicles, Percy Jackson, The Lost Hero, The Kane Chronicles, Narnia, To Kill A Mockingbird, A Child Called It, Harry Potter maybe more but I'm not sure...

Anime/ Manga: Bleach, Durarara, D. Gray-Man, Ouran High School Host Club, Naruto, Claymore, Fullmetal Alchemist, Chibi Vampire, Black Bird, Black Butler, Death Note, Nightmare Inspector, Loveless, Inuyasha, Ranma, Rosario Vampire, Rurouni Kenshin, Tsubasa, Wallflower, Pokemon, Hetalia, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Dengeki Daisy, Bakuman, Prince of Tennis, Blue Exorcist, Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan and so, so much more...

Games: Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII, Pokemon

Music: Three Days Grace, other songs (Three Days Grace is the only band I listen to)

Movies: Rise of the Guardians, How To Train Your Dragon, Disney (Especially Big Hero 6!) films, Studio Ghibli films

Recently Completed:

Category: Bleach

Title: To Love A Little Ichigo (Chapter Story)

Number of Chapters: 26

Work(s?) in Progress:

Category: Bleach

Title: Twice Spirited- The One Who Was Kissed (Chapter Story)

Important: 12/18/15: So... yep I erased what I wrote. This is a bad sign? I will admit. Yes it is. So far I'm struggling with this story and the other stories I have planned have caught my interest and priority. What does this mean? A probably canceled story, but I'm not fully commited to letting this go just yet. I love the idea. Maybe I just have to finish my other projects first?

Update on My Status

11/23/15: Hello everyone. It's been a while since I updated this profile, but for those of you who are curious to see an answer as to whether I will continue to write again I can finally give you something solid. Yes, I am going to write again. Will it be soon? Sorry, but no, I have final exams in college to think about and it requires a lot of hours of my time. What little time I have not working on projects or planning my time studying I am working on a story on the side, but it's different from what I expected.

Right now the story I'm working on does involve an M-Pregnancy. Sorry if it's not your thing, I really didn't think I would be writing something like this either until I had the idea of turning Byakuya and Ichigo into parents, so I thought if they're going to have a kid it's going to be theirs, blood and everything. Now the only thing I have difficulty with is not turning the character into a Mary Sue (yep it's a girl, no it's not me self projecting). What I want to do with this character is turn her into a Bleach character, but there's also the problem of being blood related to Ichigo and Byakuya. How is this a problem? Ichigo has a lot of spirit energy and Byakuya is a captain with a lot of strength. It would be ridiculous not to include that their child has overwhelming spirit energy (eventually, not right away since it takes training to develop power like that) as well. It is logical since it is their child.

There is also something I want to do and it's to make the character grow up to be young woman (at least 15/16 like her orange haired dad) and have a love interest (she's a teenager, of course she's going to have a crush or fall in love eventually). The cutest thing I could come up with is this girl and Toshiro growing up together and eventually falling in love. Now it's actually for the sake of the character since I concluded Toshiro would help this child of Byakuya and Ichigo see a little beyond her years and develop some of her key characteristics. That and I want someone to keep my favorite captain company and I needed Toshiro to be related to Ichigo somehow. I can just imagine the two as brothers, or in this case his son-in-law, but the comical irony that Toshiro is still his boss since in this story Ichigo is his second lieutenant. Yeah, that sounds like a good hilarious situation.

Now does everyone see my dilemma? Two strong people as her fathers and a love interest that's already considered a very popular character. Now by no means is she going to get everything she wants, I'm going to make her suffer and work for it. It's just a matter of how I'm going to create certain situations to lead to certain things. Now I have a few things planned out as to make her a character that doesn't seem like she's everything in the world. This is going to revolve around Ichigo and Byakuya having a domestic life with a child and the one I can see having the most difficulty having adapting to this is Byakuya. He's going to have those moments of doubt of being a good father, but he'll be fine since he has his awesome husband. I'm looking forward to developing his character while trying to keep some of his key characteristics in tact. Although some will be gone due to him being married to Ichigo for some time now.

Well I think I shared enough information already. If I keep going I might end up spilling out all my plans so I'll keep the rest a secret until I get back. I plan on returning late December, so hopefully I'll see everyone then. Thanks!


Hello everyone! Surprised I didn't erase the message up above? Well, I wanted to share something brief because this concerns my writing for certain projects. I've attempting to write for a different series while working on said project above. Now this is confusing the heck out of me because on moment I'm working on this story and then I want to write for another one.

Bad choice. I'm so glad I didn't post any of this otherwise updating was going to be crazy... Trust me there are some benefits to posting and not posting during the beginning of the writing process. Posting when you don't have at least the skeleton of the story causes major stress with updating when you're in a writing funk. The good thing is the readers give you encouragement. When you don't post you can have as many writing funks as you want with less stress on your back. Now the problem with this is if you don't have an editor (or 'Beta' is the term on this site) you don't get feedback to help improve. Well, hopefully I can work with the latter route I decided to go with. I'm not getting a Beta until I can see what I can do on my own. I've grown a tiny bit in terms on writing so I'm happy about this. I'm looking forward to posting my next story after years of inactivity. Well... so much for being brief...

P.S. If you're curious about which other series I'm writing for I'll give you a hint.

It involves a toaster... and an egg. (Immediately runs away)

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