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Author has written 2 stories for Star Wars, and Hunger Games.

I guess it says a lot about me that my favourite thing in the world involves brutal murder at the hands of psychopathic children a.k.a The Hunger Games. That pretty much sums me up in one.

But yeah! I'm back. Three years of having this account and at one point writing took over my life so I had to pull myself away so that I could actually pass my exams and secure myself a future. I'll let you all know now I did indeed pass all of my exams so I am now back as I have found life without writing is incredibly boring. Sorry for just vanishing. Uh. Feel free to throw rocks at me, or, something. Yeah.

I'm not particularly secretive because I'm old enough to know nobody is going to stalk me and track me down via FanFiction, so I don't mind you knowing that my name is Dom, I'm 16, I live in England and I'm almost classed as a giant (6 ft 6 inches, to be precise)

Tributes in SYOTs:

Pixie Rhodes of District Six (victor) in Young Blood by BeccaJoy (AN)

Celeste DeWynter of District Eight (placed third, killed by Audrina Prescott) in Femme Fatale by BeccaJoy

Alex Applique of District Eight (placed fourth, killed by rat mutts) in Nowhere To Hide by JabberjayHeart

Charity Greenwood of District Seven (placed thirteenth, killed by wolf mutts) in Standing Alone by Saltey

Misty Liu of District Four (placed fourteenth, killed by Beauty D'Avanzo) in Child's Play by JabberjayHeart

Porsche Cartier of District One (still alive) in Children with Dead Hearts by daughterofthesirengoddess

Felix Hart of District Two (still alive) in The Eye of Horus by I'mCrazyAndProudOfIt

Chrome Hilton of District Three (still alive) in Tempest by dark clouds on a winter night

Salem Jones of District Six (still alive) in Amare Discordiae by Manda Louise

Daphne Martin of District Six (still alive) in Mousetrap by Emerald112

Sabrina Calladine of District Eleven (still alive) in Madhouse by jakey121

Crow Thorpe of District Twelve (still alive) in Road to Nowhere by QuietConspiracy

Pandora Coleman of District Twelve (still alive) in Amare Discordiae by Manda Louise

Delilah Monroe of The Capitol (still alive) in Reality Shift, a 26 author collaboration

(AN) - story was deleted


Year Of Silence: 49th Annual Hunger Games
Arena: Twilight Swamp

Becca and I have made a blog containing profiles on all of the victors in our canon world. You can find it here:




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