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Author has written 6 stories for Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Harry Potter, and Sekirei.

I'm not one to reveal too much about myself on the intarwebs, but:

Gender: Male

Age: You know that age range where you think you're too old to read 'children's stories'? I'm older than that.

Story Notes

Shrouded Veil: My newest story is a really kind of a surprise to me. It's a bit of a mish-mash of things I told myself at one point I would never do and some things that I've wanted to try since those self-imposed barriers crumbled. Nominally it is a Harry Potter/Sekirei crossover. Being at least partially a Sekirei fic, it is a Harem story. Right off the bat are two of the things I was 'never going to write.' A crossover and an harem. I realized that my previous reluctance to write a harem was due to some old notions I had about the value of committed monogamous relationships. Four years of marriage followed by a pending divorce have divested me of such rigorous adherence to social norms. Though I suppose divorce is kind of a social norm these days, which should tell us all something. At this point, I say take what works for you and hold on for dear life. As for the crossover bit, well there seems to be a bit more room to explore so I decided to pluck the low hanging fruit.

As for the parts I've wanted to try for a while, the first is to write a harem from the perspective of the seraglio. What I mean is that my main viewpoint of the story comes not from the warlock of the coven but from a coven member. In this story, Harry is head of the harem, coven, whatever you want to call it, but the main perspective is Uzume's. While I've seen fics where and author will write small sections from a harem member's POV, I've not seen one where the protagonist is not the harem leader. I'll admit, I'm a bit reluctant in this undertaking, mainly because Uzume is a girl, and I am not. Also, I really want to try to explore how she copes with being one in the crowd, yet I've never been in a polyamorous relationship. So I may completely screw this up. But no risk, no reward.

The other thing I'm doing that I've wanted to do for a while...is a secret. At least until it's revealed in the story. I guess you'll just have to read it and find out.

Roman Roulette: COMPLETE! Now on to the sequel...

The Stains of Time: 10/7/13 Cancelled/Up for Adoption I know, I know...you all hate me so much right now. To be honest I'm pretty bummed myself, but also relieved to finally give up this ghost. It's been hanging over my head for over two years now. I know there will be haters, but at least the first part was entertaining. If anyone feels like they would like a shot at writing the sequel, PM me and I'll give you a general idea of where I was thinking of going with it.

White Winged Dove: 10/7/13 Cancelled/Up for Adoption Yeah, so this story never really got much attention anyway, so I'm thinking most people won't be that upset. It's sad for me really since I think the one chapter I actually posted was probably some of my best writing to date. I wrote a few more scenes that I never posted, mostly because they didn't take the story where I thought I wanted it to go. But every time tried to write more along the lines of my notes, I got nowhere. Plus there's the fact that the more Naruto FF I read, the less and less I liked non-Naruto world stories and here I was trying to write one. Anywho, this one's up for adoption as well, if you're interested, let me know.


I've got two Harry Potter stories that I'm working on at the moment. My goal is to get several chapters or even the whole story done before I post anything, but I might get impatient. I've got almost 10k words for each already and I'd like to get to 50k before I start posting. Anyway, below are a brief summary of the stories.

The Will and the Wand - This one is a crossover between HP and the Belgariad/Mallorian series by David Eddings. I've only seen one other HP story that used even the concepts put forth in the Eddings books, and I got angry with the author for never giving credit so I stopped reading. Anyway, the story takes place in 4th year and explores a scenario where Harry actually doesn't compete in the TWT and loses his magic. Of course, I'm a chicken shit so he does not remain powerless, just not magical as the wizarding world is used to. This is a very mature story that, like many others before it (with 600k stories on this site alone, originality is tough to come by) explores the role of sexuality and magic with a slight bit of religion thrown in for the pure mysticism involved. The pairing is a triad/triangle with Harry, Katie and Fleur but there's a bit of a twist. Throw in a few multi-thousand year-old sorcerers masquerading as HP characters we all know and love and this story should be all sorts of sexy fun.

Sinister Spellcasters Support Society - This a story that tackles a magical world where there are some slight but significant differences to the standard HP universe.

  1. Special magical talents (i.e. metamorphmagus, elementals, Veela traits, etc.) are not inherited genetically but seemingly bestowed at random by Magic. (Note: does not apply to contagious traits such as lycanthropy or vampirism, those are inherited in the traditional way.) Only base magic is genetically bestowed.
  2. A muggleborn only occurs when Magic bestows a special talent on the child of two non-magicals, and as such are very rare. The muggleborn receives their basic magical core as a result of their specific talent.
  3. Magical schooling starts at age 15 due to developmental issues. It's still a seven year program but rather than middle through high school, is high school through college. There are various benefits and disadvantages to this which will be discussed.
  4. All magicals are right-handed.
  5. All generalizations are false.

My hope is that I can make this story deeper than the superficial plot line of a left-handed Harry trying to fit into a right-handed magical world. I've always enjoyed stories where the bad guys have motivations that are not cut and dry evil. JK's best villain was wizarding society itself, in my opinion. Fickle, ignorant, fearful... I want to blow those traits up by introducing a prejudice so ridiculous but still based in the murky grey area of human motivation as well as over blow the bigotries already present in the original stories. I'm fairly certain this will be another triad story with Harry and Fleur, but I'm not sure about the third. I was thinking a two-years-younger Penelope Clearwater (twins age) but I'm not sure. I'm starting in first year so there's time to think about it. One thing's for certain, I just can't see a Dursley-raised Harry with anyone younger than him, but I also don't want to go overboard with the older witches. Tonks is too old. Despite what it may seem with the age range of the students, I haven't decided how racy to make this story. It will likely start off as a T rating.

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