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I'm a mature Harry Potter fan (yeah we do still exist!). Also of late I've also got into the wonderful Hunger Games trilogy and have started to write in that genre too. I'm 'getting on' to say the least as I'm 61 this year. If I let it grow I'd have a beard like Dumbledore ! :-)

But hey! Who cares? Lots of the good stuff I've read on here comes from people I'd guess are more than forty or more years my juniors anyway, so what the heck! :o)

About me, I'm a 'born again' writer having previously had a few factual non HP magazine articles published about twelve years ago in some obscure Pagan and Archaeological journals. My screen name should tell you where I'm coming from. Yes, I am a real Druid, a Bard of the Avebury Open Gorsedd and Quest Knight in The Loyal Arthurian Warband to be precise. That's not as grand as it sounds but anyone who wants to know about it please feel free to contact me, (or if you just want to see somewhere ultra cool, type Avebury into Google).

Since first getting into writing within the Potter 'Universe' instead of just reading the books and watching the movies I have been seriously attacked by the dreaded 'plot bunnies' and spent many sleepless nights glued to the keyboard. I try to be as 'canon' as possible but like to 'think outside the box'. That means that you'll not often see me writing much AU stuff deliberately within the time frame of Jo's books, (not never, but not very often). However, anything that is compliant (ish) with the Epilogue after DH is open to be explored. I particularly like to speculate about the post-war reformation of the Wizarding World, which was hidebound, it's administration and attitudes crying out for change. My 'future projection' includes adoption of some muggle technology by magical society, where it is useful and can outperform magical methods, (for instance computers). The fact that JKR wrote in her Epilogue about both Ron & Hermione's and Harry & Ginny's families arriving at Kings Cross to meet the Hogwarts Express by car, having driven there themselves should give you pause to think about that!

As to 'ships' I'm largely conventional in what I write, but love to see other's ideas. I particularly love to see relationships between known 'next generation characters' as many of these are open to speculation, JKR mainly never having specified exactly where the direction all their lives went in the books, although Pottermore is adding detail. Nevertheles the post war period still gives writers a load of 'wriggle room'. The only commonly written 'non canon ships' I really like are post Hogwarts Lavender/Seamus and particularly Luna/Neville, since those two clever but 'different' and once 'outcast' people are made for each other, as even Steve Kloves the HP screenwriter, (and not my favourite person for the appalling hatchet job he did on DH2), recognised, even if Jo herself for some reason didn't.

I'm so thankful for Jo Rowling's massive generosity in allowing her fans to produce work within her 'universe' (unlike several other famous authors). That freedom has sustained our writing, the continuation of which may one day possibly help Jo to see that we need her to carry on! We're not going away even though the 'franchise' period has ended, the stories keep rolling in to this site and that commitment is the essence of a good fandom.

However, as to my own HP writing, most of my stuff is based around the period after the battle and before the Epilogue, which gives me a lot of scope for 'projecting' changes to the wizarding world as it evolves. But just because I rarely choose to deliberately modify JKR's existing creation, I can't claim I never do so. I have written a few AU stories, like my 'redeemed' and VERY AU take on Bellatrix in No Fate, But What We Make, and my 'Multiverse' rewrite featuring the altered 'timeline' generated following changes I created in the events around the wand fight the trio had in the cafe near Tottenham Court Road. This AU story I called Ripples and is the one I am probably most proud of that I've yet created in the HP genre on this website.

All this does not mean that I do not, or cannot, appreciate a well written plot in any 'mode'. I fully admit to being something of an old 'fuddy duddy' and find some extremely sexually explicit plot lines a bit too extreme for my own taste. But I guarantee that as an 'old hippy' I'm the first one you'll find at the barricades, defending your right to write whatever you want! My way of working does not prevent me from enjoying other peoples 're-imaginings' of JKR's universe, be it canon or AU, slash, crack, poetry, whatever. For me the only relevant criteria is quality of writing in a given style, which on this site averages out good to excellent!

Regarding my recent 'infatuation' with Suzanne Collins' magnificent creation, The Hunger Games, well what can I say? Many 'Potterheads' feeling bereft after the series ended and with no new books on the horizon were casting around looking for something fit to read. Some went the Twilight route, and my blessings on them, but I must say that series is not for me. I guess I'm not really a 'sucker' for vampires unless they're called Selene, you've gotta love that leather outfit and her kick-ass moves! :o)

Ahem, sorry 'bout that, back from salacious daydreams about gorgeous female vampires and returning to how I got involved with Suzanne's wonderful creation, I once heard a Pottercast on The Leaky Cauldron website talking about this amazing series that was out, called The Hunger Games. I read the first one and was instantly a complete 'Panemhead' as well as a Potterhead. :o) The series is magnificent and the first film was brilliant and superbly cast. I'm deeply in 'love' with the characters of Katniss, darling Rue and obviously if somewhat perversly with Clove, whom I see as having been 'messed up' by a vile and evil system, and like the other Careers a 'victim' and not 'evil'as such. Given that I was so smitten with the books it was only a matter of time before I started writing in that 'universe' also and now have quite a few stories online.

That's enough of me, now stop reading my ravings and start bashing those keyboards! :-)

PS: Due to some depression issues my writing output can sometimes grind to a halt and I've had to almost abandon for the moment writing anymore multi chapter stuff. However I am still adding to my 'output' whenever the muse is able to kick me in the behind hard enough and tell me to get over myself. :o)

Catch you latter everyone.

Love and Peace, Oriondruid.

Important Announcement.

A List of Altered, Suspended, Incomplete and Abandoned Harry Potter Fics, some now deleted from my profile.

By Oriondruid.

Hi Everyone.

I am currently in the process of doing minor 'improvement' works to several of my already published tales, those few which for some reason slipped by and got published without proper proof reading/spell checking because of my own over-eagerness to publish them and also those I feel benefit from minor changes or some additional material being added, such as my Luna Lovegood story On The Wings Of Night, which I just 'upgraded'. This I feel has been greatly improved by losing all the many spelling errors and having a small amount of additional text written. :o)

However, I'm sad to say that due to a prolonged bout of the clinical depression I suffer from, and which has largely prevented me writing creatively for some while I have had to appraise my incomplete posted multi-chapter output and get realistic, regarding updates and when/if they will be completed.

In the Harry Potter genre I have been forced to at least temporarily withdraw some stories from the site, as for people to commence reading them with expectations of regular updates that aren't happening I see as unfair.

The following is a list of stories current affected and details of their current status...

The Surprise. This story is now 'adopted' from me by the wonderful Cloverlover, whose talent I'm sure will do it justice.

A Way To Love, although complete is currently withdrawn due to it needing a near total rewrite, as it is embarrassingly bad!

I Wonder Which Wonder Witch Is Which. Also 'adopted' by Cloverlover and is being completed by her, (probably to a higher standard than I could ever achieve).

Sunday Night At The Leaky, is temporarily withdrawn as it needs better completion and some re-writing.

The Case of the Mislaid Muggle, is now withdrawn and in long term suspension/hiatus, but will be completed and re-posted when possible.

The 'Other' War, is also withdrawn and is in suspension/hiatus. This pains me as I very much want to finish it and it seems popular. But at present the required work is simply causing too much stress and worsening my depression. This will definitely be finished though, once I'm fully fit to do so and haven't got my 'mad head' on any more. :o)

For now I will only be posting fully completed works, as part posting by chapters is not possible for me at present. The stress and pressure to update is too bad for my 'mood disorder', as they call me being bonkers! :o)

However, look out for some of the above being completed on an 'as and when' basis and also some upcoming shorter stuff, which I find therapeutic to write because it causes no pressure to update.

Sorry that this might disappoint some people who've been awaiting additional chapters of some of the above, but sadly I must place my own health first and as I said, I will be getting most of these finished or re-written eventually, just not any time soon.

I have also withdrawn my Hunger Games multi-chapter Grand Alliance for the same reasons as above, this too I hope to complete and post intact when possible, as it seems popular but sadly at present I cannot finish it.

Many Blessings All and thanks for your understanding, this is not a goodbye, just a slight pause/slowdown and most of my stuff is still remaining posted.

Oriondruid, (John)

Some short articles of mine and such which may interest some.


Regarding writing standards

The following is how I feel about how fan fiction writers should go about the process of creating and writing stories, it is purely a personal opinion, but feel free to PM me if you wish to discuss it.

A Manifesto of Promises for Fan Fiction Writers.

By Oriondruid


Summary: This is simply a short list of four 'promises' I think myself and fellow fan fiction writers should agree on, as a basic courtesy to our readers. They not only apply to Harry Potter and The Hunger Games, which I mostly write, but all genres. See footnotes (a) to (d) for detailed explanations.


Promise one: I will not post text that is virtually unreadable, that is in one huge block of text due to lack of paragraphs and line breaks and/or contains appallingly poor spelling and/or obscure phraseology (a).

Promise Two: I will try and make my stories interesting and original and not repeatedly rehash the same basic scenes that are already 'mined out'. If I do revisit a commonly used scene I will do so in an original and inventive way that makes it 'new' again. (b)

Promise Three: When I write 'canon' stories I will do so in a way as to remain 'in character' as much as possible. My AU and Crossover Stories shall be at least vaguely believable and have some kind of viable 'internal logic'. 'Modern Day' stories will, (whilst taking account of the effects of growing up in another culture), at least try and keep as much of a character's original personality and motivations as possible and not just use their names. (c)

Promise Four: I will try and review as many stories as possible that I read and like, but if I feel constructive criticism is due I will offer it in a positive way, not just by 'flaming'. (d)


(a) : Of late and probably down to technological changes such as writing on tablets and smart phones there is a tendency developing that I have noticed for stories to be posted as one huge solid block of unedited text, with no line breaks or paragraphs. This makes things almost completely impossible to read. :o(

Also there are more stories being posted of late that have obviously never even been spell checked, let alone beta read. Some I have seen of late are so badly spelled and the wording so badly phrased that they are almost sense free and you have to try and work out what the writer actually meant to say. In saying this I want to add that if English is not a writer's first language then one must, of course, be prepared to make generous allowances.

(b) : Pretty self explanatory really, so many stories are written about the same small number of basic 'set piece' scenes, some almost 'word for word' Suzanne Collins but maybe shifted by POV. Don't get me wrong, a lot of these are very good, many skillfully done and with excellent original writing, there are just so many of them that picking out the 'goodies' is getting harder.

However, it is possible to write other more original 'canon' stories by filling in 'missing moments' and events outside the scope of the books, but set in the same time frame. As an example of this I offer anyone this plot idea. What about writing the discussion among the Gamemakers, after Katniss's amazing and 'daring' display of her bow skills? I've never seen that written, have the idea as a 'freebie' since I'm too embroiled in my own stuff to write it myself at present but would sure like to read it. I'd love to hear what those complacent gits had to say before giving her that year's top score. Here's another, what about the attack on The Nut? A story from the point of view of one or more of the personnel trapped inside the mountain and forced to fight their way out could be great and remember, not all Peacekeepers were whip wielding monsters. Feel free to have a bash at that if you like. :o)

(c) : Not much to say about this, only that the tendency for people of late to write 'modern day' stories using the Hunger Games characters is interesting as a concept, but rarely, with only a few exceptions, have I seen it well done yet. It is all too easy to go way too far OOC in these types of tales and it needs possibly more skill to write a good one than a 'normal' story. One recent example I can remember reading that I did like, (just so as to show I'm not completely prejudiced against the idea), is the story called Mellark 2012, by annieoakley1. and also another much longer and brilliant tale called Do Not Go Gentle, by too many stars to count, a superb long story set in a modern day hospital in the present day. Those two I did enjoy along with a few others, so many sadly I don't, but that's just my opinion. ;o)

As to AU and Crossover stories , in the case of those more or less 'anything goes' of course, but some degree of correct characterization will tend to tie in such stories to the original trilogy and also, as I said above, a reasonable degree of 'internal logic' helps. That all applies unless the characters are written intentionally OOC for a reason, if , for instance, something having happened to them brought about a major change of heart, such as in a recent 'afterlife' story I wrote in which I pointed out that death tends to let you take a good look at what you did with your life, take a 'long view' and develop some humility.

'Crack' fiction of course has no obligation to be logical at all, in fact almost the opposite. It doesn't need to be sensible, just fun.

(d) : Another pretty self-explanatory premise. I like reviews that are honest and constructive. Receiving other's opinions and ideas about what I write is helpful and not only the positive ones. I hope others feel the same and I always respond kindly but honestly when I review. If I am doing something badly let me know. I might not agree with you and 'carry on regardless', but then again it might come as a flash of inspiration and help me improve as a writer. God knows I need to. :o)

'Flaming' just to be insulting or objectionable is, of course, never acceptable or welcome. I hope it is an offence that carries a ban here because we don't need such 'trolls'. Not that I've seen any in my time on this site, but on some other websites and forums they are sadly all too common.

Well there yer go folks, just a few thoughts, hope I didn't upset anyone. That was not my intent, these were positive promises I laid out above and are intended to apply just as much to my own future writing as to anyone else's.

Bright Blessings All.



This is not so much a story, more of a geopolitical rant and comparison of two societies, ours and Panem's, so that's why it's posted here, not the main site.

Gimme Panem Anyday.

By Oriondruid


Summary: Not a story as such, but a musing about the nature of our world and that of Panem.


So tonight I finally did it, I bought the DVD and watched the Hunger Games movie that is. I never saw it in the cinema as I knew I'd be sat there bawling my eyes out at Rue's death scene and as a bloke I feel that's just too weird a thing to do in a movie theatre! :o)

It was wonderful, not perfect of course, but no film can ever fully do justice to a magnificent book. For instance Katniss becomes very fond of her Prep Team and they her. Katniss's 'rescue' of them features later in the trilogy but they are virtually ignored in the first movie, certainly not featuring as individuals. Can't wait for the next film though, as in general I loved the first one. And yes, I did bawl my eyes out when Rue died. So I'm not macho, who cares?

I often get very affected by good fiction, as what we laughingly call the real world is often so awful that I have learned to tune out and desensitise myself to a lot of the news about the tragedies and violence, injustice and prejudice of what we imaginatively call our 'civilisation'. If I didn't as someone subject to clinical depression I'd probably have been dead by my own hand years ago!

Here's the thing, to make for an interesting project let me compare and contrast the two 'realities' of the 'here and now' and Panem. Lets see which, in my opinion, is perhaps 'better' or perhaps more accurately might be 'least worst'.

In Panem each Hunger Games twenty four Tributes, from children to youths in their late teens are chosen to fight to the death in an arena, to atone for the 'terrible crime' their ancestors committed in wanting freedom and independence from tyranny. Also in the populations of their Districts perhaps several hundreds or maybe a few thousand each year, (an unspecified but for practical reasons probably a relatively low number), are left to die of hunger by a decadent, corrupt administration who have no compassion or care for their fellow humans.

I believe it most likely that the numbers who actually die of starvation are probably fairly low as, like Peeta with the bread, their neighbors and friends will tend to help out where possible and the Capitol needs at least a reasonably fit and stable workforce to keep them in luxury. Also, of course, if by chance a particular District's tribute wins then they, their family and their District benefit.

In our globalised 'civilisation' however we do things very differently. Instead of a few dying each year in ritualized combat we have a constant massive background level of slaughter to contend with, based on religious hatred and greed for territory and resources. These formalized wars and ad-hoc civil wars like the current conflict in Syria, plus the many usually religiously inspired insane terrorist killings worldwide are a constant backdrop to our day to day lives, so much so in fact that the vast majority of us barely even bother to 'keep score' and a great many even really notice them as they are so wrapped up in their own day to day problems. Unless, of course, they overspill into some major act of murder or genocide in our own countries.

In Panem many people go to bed each night with pangs of hunger but in our 'civilisation' hundreds of thousands die of starvation each month and millions are in hunger and under the constant threat of famine each year, plus a great many more, perhaps billions out of the seven billion or so of us, live in a grinding poverty which often makes even the poorest citizens of Panem look fairly well off by comparison. What's more none of these impoverished people have even the faintest chance of getting themselves and their families out of their situation by winning in a semi-fair competition like the Hunger Games.

I don't know about you but I feel that perhaps those of us who moralise about how 'terrible' The Hunger Games are should look to our own society first. As far as I can see we live in a far more callous, sick and tyrannical global 'civilisation' than President Snow ever ran in Panem. The military/industrial complex and multinationals own all of 'our' politicians body and soul, they control and script every word they spout and can only make money by furthering conflict and division. As proof of this how many multinational companies pay any tax at all to national governments. Most of them pay very little, if any, tax to any nation and hold no allegiance to any one nation state. Instead they rampage around the world like old fashioned Imperialist nations such as Britain was, plundering the planet's resources and exploiting the near slave labour of millions of poor people worldwide, to satisfy the greed and lust for power of a tiny 'elite' minority who own and control them.

And talking of those in our society who consider themselves 'Masters of the Universe', How many bankers are in jail for ruining the world's economy and recklessly gambling away all of our money? (The answer in the UK is none!). By the way, this alleged 'debt' we all apparently owe is not real! It's just a set of imaginary numbers in their computers, an artificial 'scorecard' for their ego games that is not based in any way in the real world, just like their 'derivatives' which they traded and lost fortunes on were artefacts of their fantasies. Still, as long as they can go on voting each other multi million bonuses who cares, eh?

Another matter of concern is who gets given all the lucrative contracts to rebuild war zones after they have been bombed flat in wars that are often resources inspired. How much of that money actually ends up going towards such reconstruction compared to how much of it 'vanishes' and who owns those companies? Will Halliburton get the contract to rebuild District 12 and also District 13 now everyone knows it still exists? Why not? After all they did such a good and honest job in Iraq, didn't they? ;o)

As for me, if I were a starving ditch dwelling child living in a a rubbish dump by a broken down railway track in, say Bangladesh, and I had the chance to become a Tribute in The Hunger Games I know I'd take it, in a heartbeat! At least I'd have the chance of several good meals and a bit of luxury before I died! Not too mention a slim chance of riches beyond my wildest dreams! When contrasted against a long, slow and terrible death by starvation and disease it certainly seems like a good deal to me. Like I said Gimme Panem Anyday!

Just a thought or two, many blessings all and 'May the odds ever be in your favour'. Sorry about the rant folks, needed to vent, but at least as the X Files said, 'The Truth Is Out There' . :o)


Here's another of my articles that aren't really stories as such, this about a significant, superb, but sadly these days obscure author and her magnificent creations...

Of Crossovers and Coincidences

An open letter from Oriondruid.


This is regarding my story in the process of being written and already partially posted called No Different Flesh, which is something of a 'plot bunny' to be published in individual episodes as and when I can, with no solidly committed 'update schedule', due to my tendency towards bouts of clinical depression.

Of late I have been provoked into thought, (a rare occurrence for me) by re-reading several old favourites of fantasy and science fiction from my distant youth, back in the Neolithic. :o)

Some may be aware, (people whom I correspond with from this wonderful site), that of late I have been trying to encourage people to read the writings of an incredible author I myself recently re-acquainted myself with after a gap of many years, a writer called Zenna Henderson. Sadly Ms. Henderson is long deceased, having died back in 1983 and in any case her main output as a writer dates back between the late 1950's and late 60's and is now out of print and out of copyright.

Why should my fellow Potterheads be interested in the writing of a long dead American author do I hear? Well let me explain. :o)

Zenna wrote a long series of connected short stories about a race of 'alien refugees' from a dying world, who came to Earth in the late 1800's, fleeing their world, which was destroyed by a natural cosmic catastrophe. OK, so what? Well this race who call themselves The People try and colonise the area where the majority of their ships land, in the state of Arizona, but find themselves suffering a backlash from their neighbours, often in the form of violence and even killings.

Why when so many are foreigners are immigrants to America at that time are The People singled out for violence? Because their neighbours discover The People are a fully human like but magical race, who as a result of their different abilities are compelled to live in hiding, trying to blend in when forced together with 'normal humans'. So there we have the Potter link, a magical race forced to live apart in hiding due to the reaction of normal humans to their abilities. I don't think I need further spell out the similarities there. :o)

Of course I am not in any way suggesting Jo Rowling plagiarized Zenna's work, indeed she had probably never even heard of The People stories when she was writing Harry Potter, but the similarities are amazing and go far deeper than just the initial premise.

Let's begin though with the differences between the magic that Jo's witches and wizards and The People possess. In the later their 'abilities' are described as 'Signs and Persuasions' and each have slightly different strengths and capabilities. These powers, unlike those of Jo's characters, are rooted strongly in their spirituality. The People are not 'religious' as such, or at least not formally so, but almost all hold a belief in a spiritual power which grants them life, strength and their magical ability and which watches over them. This being/power they simply call The Presence. When one of them dies they are described as having been 'Called into The Presence'. Also The People with their innate gifts need no wand or magic spells to be used, 'the thought is the deed', like wandless silent magic. Also no 'magical education' can much alter or improve their individual and slightly varying abilities, hence no 'equivalent' to Hogwarts exists.

Now for the many similarities. The People have no need for formal spells or wands, broomsticks etc. to use their magic, but what they can do is remarkably similar to what Jo's witches and wizards spells can. For instance the abilities listed below, with equivalent spells where appropriate...

Some can cause small metal objects like coins to emit light, (Lumos?).

Their 'Personal Shields' which protect them when in flight (flight which is like a self acting Levicorpus?) and combine both Impervius Spell and Cushioning Charm effects to save them from the damage their incredible speeds and consequential inertial effects would otherwise cause, as well as shield them from bad weather, bird strikes etc.

They can store and recall memories using a special machine (Penseive?).

Some of them have powers of prophesy, as do some witches/wizards.

They can levitate objects, combined together they can even lift large things such as their spaceships, which thus need no engines. (Wingardium Leviosa?).

Some can read minds and are strongly empathic, (Legilimens?).

They can make their cars fly just like Arthur Weasley's, or better, because they work reliably. :o)

Some of them have less well defined powers, such as the ability to perceive things around them without sight, which was useful when flying in their ships from their dying Home world to Earth.

Some also have remarkable healing powers, allowing them to cure even serious physical injuries without 'normal' surgery, but also they have herbal knowledge for minor ailments.

So you see, Jo Rowling and Zenna Hendersons' worlds have much in common! :o)

What's more these stories are not just remarkable for their subject matter but because of the way Zenna Henderson wrote them. They are charming, gentle, almost bucolic rural tales, about apparently non-spectacular things. There are no Dark Lords, no Magical Wars, just for the most part day to day events and problems among otherwise 'ordinary' people who just happen to have magic.

For instance stories like the one about a new 'muggle' (for want of a better word) schoolteacher sent by the State Education Board as a replacement to a strange village, who then accidentally finds out about her young charge's abilities, magic that the adults in the community are trying to suppress to keep the children safe. She then goes on to 'free' the kids, encouraging them to use their talents in class and healing the whole community of it's fear. Another story is about a despairing suicidal young woman who is saved from killing herself, taken into The People's community and helped to want to live again, also learning much about the strange folk who are helping her in the process.

These amazing tales are so little known now, but at one time Star Trek's William Shatner, (and a younger Francis Ford Coppola no less!), cooperated on a film version of one of The People stories called Pottage.

In my 'crusade' to raise the profile of these now unfairly little known tales I am not just writing to tell people about them but am also planning and indeed have begun to write a planned series of short stories myself. My planned 'crossover' story is about the two 'magical races' The People and Jo Rowling's Witches and Wizards meeting. If the first of these chapters is well received there will be more to follow.

This story and it's plot about the meeting of the two magical cultures is about as far as I have got with the tale so far but I am hoping some here may have already read Zenna's stories and have some suggestions for future stories about them, when the current one is completed, if so please feel free to PM me. :o)

Also if you're interested in Zenna's incredible work I can point you in the direction of a place you can get hold of her now 'out of copyright' writings free of charge. Just PM me for details.

By the way, and regarding old stories I'm re-reading, here's another worth taking a look at. It is called Operation Changeling, a tale by Poul Anderson from the Sixties or early Seventies (not sure when exactly). It's about a magical rescue raid into Hell to recover a snatched child. This rescue expedition is made up of a fiery tempered red-headed Witch called Ginny who's a brilliant broom flyer, her 'good' werewolf husband and their highly intelligent kneazle like cat Svartalf, who is 'voluntarily possessed' for the purposes of the mission by the spirit of a famous real life non Euclidean Geometer, who acts as their 'navigator' in the twisted continuum that makes up the 'Hell Dimension'. It's a thrilling tale and yet again has more than a few coincidences. :o)

Anyway, hope you like the new crossover tale which will be added to on an 'only as and when possible' basis and please review, with any requests or sugestions for more tales most welcome.

Many Blessings.

Oriondruid, (John).



The first two 'articles' posted above were moved here to my profile page following a run in with a member of an associated 'community' here called Eliminator. These 'literary Taliban' are a very nasty and aggressive 'mob', one of whom contacted me by PM and using what to all intents and purposes appeared to be Official Admin authority and language ordered me to move the items. As a result of believing this was 'kosher' I did so.

However, I discovered by investigation and consulting with others that these people are not Site Admin and have no authority here.

I have reported the Eliminator community and their members with whom I have exchanged PM's to the 'Real' Site Support and await their reply. I told them that this group use blackmail, intimidation and impersonation tactics to try and bully writers here who have 'committed' what they unilaterally declare 'violations' of site rules, according to their very inflexible and literal interpretation of them. Be warned, if you are threatened by these people about anything you may have written they have no authority and should be reported to Site Support via their email address, available in the help options at the foot of the website pages.

Thanks for reading folks, don't let the boogey men bite! :o)

Many Blessings All.

Oriondruid, (John).

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