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Caressa Sava. Fifteen. Will be a Junior next year. :)

In a sense, Mariska Hargitay saved my life. I owe everything to her. I will never be able to thank her enough.

I love Law and Order: SVU. EO is my life. It is next to all I talk about. :)

I'm from Bulgaria, and speak nine languages fluently. (Bulgarian, German, Welsh, Greek,

Portuguese, French, Hungarian. Turkish, and Romanian. Some Russian, and some Italian.)

Random things about me ~

- I had braces for four years
- I paint my nails random colors
- I lost my first tooth when I was five
- I - Hey, look! A squirrel!
- Bipolar, ADD, and according to some 'Gifted'
- I take pictures of everything.
- Shells are pretty
- When I'm older I'm moving back to Bulgaria. Or Hungary.
- My shoe size is size 8
- My dress size is a 2
- Pant size 0
- Shirt size...I don't think it has a number...lol, woman's small.
- I hate bras with with stupid un needed designs on them
- I never bite my nails
- Never have I failed, at anything (school wise)
- I shop a lot in the athletics section of stores. lol
- Favorite store, H&M
- Favorite word, persnickety
- I'm allergic to cats, but we have them any way. :)
- I have hazel eyes
-I'm extremely flexible. And, double jointed
- Under the age of ten I had seven surgeries
-The face Mariska is making in my avatar, I make that face a lot.
- Some people say if MH had a daughter she'd look like me.
- I'm crazy
- I drove on the high way without a license
- I am a bad ass
- I have no tattoos, piercings (except ears)
- I took a Pre-med course last year
- Was a finalist at YAGP in the year 2006
- I wear a lot of black. ONLY because it looks nice with my skin tone
- I love foot massages
- I once got hit on by an old guy. Lol
- I wear tank tops to sleep
- I hate bananas
- I love sunny side up eggs
- Twitter and Tumblr is my happy place
- My best friend is amazing.
- I curl my hair a lot
- My mom and Mariska Hargitay could be twins
- I have a scar across my mid abdomen
- I like coffee ice cream
- I broke my arm when I was three
- I don't see why we moved to America
- I love my name
- I have a niece named Mareska
- I 'm never tired, far too energetic
- This is hard to do, but fun
- I Sail, and it's awesome
- I go to Cape Cod every summer
- I've only been to CA. Three times
- Most my friends are older than me
- I'm 'smart'
- I am not cute. Call me cute is like signing your death wish
- I hate writing essays
- My favorite class is Biologic chemistry
- I always press enter before I'm done typing
- I ship EO, in case you couldn't tell.
- I did a 3 page report along with a poster on Mariska and the JHF
- I wrote a two page essay on EO
- I really hate the color pink
- I'm extremely OCD about little things
- I never have never skated without falling
- I adore swimming
-I draw on myself all the time
- I hate things with school logos
- My boyfriend makes me happy
- I often mistake Hugh Laurie for God.
- I believe in a Parallel Universe
- My favorite flower is the calla lily

I don't know why I bother posting this. It says everything about me. Oh well. :)

I met Roberta Flack in an elevator in the Dakota building in 2006.

I have a Twitter... @YouCheeseball

Oh, and 'Strip Torture' by ~ LivElLittle Is my favorite one shot, ever. You must read.

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