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“In order to raise morale, I am offering prizes to the most deserving workers. The rules that govern what I like to call ‘The Reaver Team Spirit Award’ are these: firstly, any worker that so much as murmurs another complaint will be shot. Secondly, any worker who takes more than a three-second break will be shot. Thirdly, any worker who breaks any other rules I have yet to formulate will, yes, you guessed it, be shot. You may return to work now. As you know, I am a generous man, and likely to start handing out prizes right away! So go on. Shoo! Be off with you! Chop chop.”

Reaver (Fable 3)

P.S. I'm a big fan of his and I don't mind squealing over him from time to time with someone! :D


Al' Mualim: "The Creed tells us to stay-"

Altair: "Our blade from the flesh of the innocent, I know, I know."

Al' Mualim: *backhand slap*

Al' Mualim: "And stay your tongue!"

(Altair being scolded by Al' Mualim)

Yes, yes, I'm also a BIG fan of Altair and his arrogant ways. I mean, who doesn't like the sarcastic rough guy? Truthfully, I would squeal more for Altair then Reaver, but hey, I'm a lover of smexy Assassins, what can I do? XD And now that I have an obsession for a certain Turian from the Mass Effect series i choose Garrus Vakarian over anyone else! XD


Serendipity: A Few Mass Effect Series Tidbits

Human/Humanoid Face Models:

Commander Aurelia Shepard : Jessica Alba

Kasumi Goto : Michelle Phan

Ashley Williams : Gemma Arterton

Emily Wong : Kristin Kreuk

Miranda Lawson : Yvonne Strahovski

Liara T'Soni : Jillian Murray

Samara/Morinth : Rana McAnear

Kelly Chambers : Rachel McAdams

Samantha Traynor : Kat Graham

Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy : Emmy Rossum

Jack/Subject Zero : Candice Neil

Doctor Karin Chakwas : Maggie Smith

Gabriella Daniels : Felicity Jones

Oriana Lawson : Emily Browning

Diana Allers : Jessica Chobot

Kaidan Alenko : Luciano Costa

Kenneth Donnelly : Sean McGowan

Joker (Jeff) : Seth Green

James Vega : Joe Manganiello

Admiral Steven Hackett : Hector Elizondo

Kai Leng : Rich Ting

Admiral David Anderson : Danny Glover

Kahlee Sanders : Ashley Judd

The Illusive Man : Martin Sheen

Jacob Taylor : Kenyon Glover

Zaeed Massani : Liam Neeson

Kal'Reegar : Alex Pettyfer

Donnel Udina : Tony Shalhoub

Darrin Johnson Jr. : Corbin Bleu

Tanya Svirskaya : Emma Stone

Maha Moazzam : Sajal Ali

*The reason I have not included the more alien species is because, well, they don't look human and they have their own unique structures and facial models. Hopefully by now if you have played the Mass Effect Series, you know what alien is who when they are mentioned in these tidbits, if they don't ring a bell or sound unfamiliar, look them up! It's a lot more fun imagining them while you read, at least that is the case for me!*

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