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Author has written 15 stories for Harry Potter, Tangled, Neopets, Tudors, Hunger Games, Les Misérables, Glee, Once Upon a Time, and Assassination Classroom/暗殺教室.


Name? Just call me Reese, after the peanutbutter-chocolate thing (I LOVE those). It's also a real nickname. The last part is really after my username in Pottermore, Sunquill88. Feel free to add me. I'm in Gryffindor!

Why? Did you win a food-eating contest with them or something? No...once, my teacher adopted a pet kitten and told the whole class about it. Apparently, the cat originally had my real name. When my teacher renamed the kitten Reese, it became my nickname too. I don't hear it much anymore, due to moving, but I still like it.

What's your gender? If this was a real interview, I'd be really insulted. I'm a girl.

How old are you? That's a rude question, too. I'm between 12-18.

When's your birthday? April 8th.

Where are you from? Originally, I'm from the Philippines, but I moved to the UAE since I was six. So if it's a question on whether I'm more used to the tropical weather of Philippines or the sunny, golden deserts of UAE, I'd have to go with the latter. I moved back, though...and yes, I still miss it. Badly.

Did you ever get lost in the desert? Yes. Yes I have. I would've been more freaked out if my friends haven't been there with me...anyway, I'm planning to post that story in my profile either in Christmas or my next birthday. I got lost after that incident two more times, but none were as serious as the first.

Ever found a jinni's lamp? In Dubai, jinn are supposed to be feared. Kids there try to summon them like kids in America try to summon Bloody Mary, and like kids in the Philippines say there are ghosts in the bathroom. It's actually an interesting parallel.

Any siblings? Oh, yeah. An annoying sister who is one and a half years younger than me (I have to admit, though, she's a great sounding board and helps me with ideas for HJ-even if she won't read it herself), another annoying sister who is almost exactly half my age and is treated like a princess. She's cute, though, which makes everything okay. :D I have a throng of cousins who I consider my brothers and sisters.

What's your favorite historical figure? I can't decide from Queen Anne Boleyn or her daughter, Queen Elizabeth. Anne was an amazing person, rising to the top and using King Henry VIII's love to change England's faith forever. I do believe she loved him, though...why else would she freak out when she saw Jane Seymour on his knee? She wasn't a typical beauty, even; dark hair, vibrant skin, hypnotizing eyes….plus, she wanted a hand at court, not afraid to argue with her husband. Her successor, however, was blonde and blue-eyed with a milky complexion, and was a meek, obedient wife.

I think Henry loved Anne most of all, despite cutting her head off (I don't think she actually did what they said – besides, she was a queen and was being watched carefully, it would be almost impossible). He had a crush on Katherine of Aragon, like a high school boy crushing on a teacher (li'l creepy). Jane Seymour was just a contrast to Anne Boleyn, and I believe if she had lived he would have grown tired of her. Anne of Cleves…well, he never really did like her, it was an arranged marriage and he just annulled it. Katherine Howard was just his mid-life crisis love, almost the reverse of Katherine of Aragon. As for Katherine Parr, I think he was just so used to having a wife he just picked one.

Queen Elizabeth…just take a look at her reign. She was AMAZING. As much as I love the what-if fics on if Anne had lived, chances are that Elizabeth would have been supplanted from the throne or as not the strong ruler as she would have been. Although I think some of her regality was hereditary, it was her experience that really shaped her life. She had to deal with becoming a bastard; she accepted it, winning the love of the people, unlike Mary who legalized her parents' union as soon as she became queen. She had to deal with her faith being scorned; she acted her way out of it (but that's another story), and changed that because she became queen. Her mother's head got cut off; she decided to never marry. Maybe she even felt guilt that she wasn't born a boy; she was better than any king England had ever known.

Oh, and she loved her mother….revealed in the locket ring, which she kept her mother's portrait all those years.

Can you tell about some of your stories?

Sure. Let's start from the oldest to the newest. The first story I wrote was "Mother's Daughter" in the Tangled archive. I loved that movie(heck, I like Disney movies). It was my first fic, so if you read that please go easy on me-looking back, I think it's way too...sweet. Fluffy. I would rewrite it, but I'm caught up on the other fics I'm currently doing. It's about Mother Gothel getting another chance to go to Heaven by possessing people one hour a day and do something that merits the permission to go 'upwards.'

"The Next Generation" is a Harry Potter fic that I will most likely never update again. Maybe I should take that down, but I don't really feel like it for now. It's about a girl called Abby, great-great-great...grandaughter of a fifth Hogwarts founder, come back to the school to unite it after the damage done by Voldemort...and to prepare the next generation for the newest threat heading their way.

"Hanso's Journal" is the counterpart to Amethyst3232's "Brynn's Diary." I loved reading it, but I noticed that Hanso didn't seem to get much of a say. But he's such an epic character, and he was bound to have a journey too, right? So I asked Ame if I could write HJ, and she said yes. :D I didn't notice up till then that a lot of my favorite Neopians were thieves (Hanso, Nabile, Tomos, Jacques, Masila) so it's fun putting them all in the same story and adding depths into their characters. To make it clear, this story is about how Hanso became the charming, honest, but devious thief in TFR. It is the longest thing I've ever written so far.

My oneshot song-fics are about various characters. I cannot guarantee they are canon to the HJ universe, although some of them might feature some of my OCs. Most tend for them to be OOC; those were really just writing exercises, I didn't spend much time editing them.

"Tale of the Brave" is about Hannah. She bothered me a lot before I wrote it. She was so vengeful in HATIC, even more vengeful than Masila (she climbed Terror Mountain in a SNOW STORM to hunt down Kanrik-I'd have just gone home promising to be more careful when dealing with customers). This story shows how she once tried to find and protect something her grandfather entrusted her with, and gave a clue to how much family meant to her. Also dragged into the story are Garin and Jacques. ;)

"The Queen's Favourite" is a Tudors fanfic about Robert Dudley and what could have happened if Elizabath named him Lord Protector before she fell in to a coma during her smallpox disease, and if the coma lasted far longer than anyone would've thought. It's currently on hiatus, unfortunately, but I might come back to it one day.

"Canary's Call" is an AU Hunger Games fanfic, in which one small, tiny change made a huge difference in the lives of the Everdeens and Panem. It will takes place a little bit before and then eventually during the books.

Favorite quotes?

Walt Disney (he's awesome):

"If you believe in something, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable."

"If you can dream it, you can do it."

"Though the mountains are wide, and the seas divide, it's a small world after all."


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."


"The meaning of life is to give life a meaning."

"Even a fool knows that you can't reach the stars, but that doesn't stop a wise man from trying."

Chinese proverbs:

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift—that's why it's called the present."

"Keep your words short and sweet—you'll never know which ones you'll have to eat."

Elizabeth Tudor:

"I shall have but one mistress here, and no master."

Anne Boleyn:

"If any person will meddle of my cause, I require them to judge the best."

"Let them grumble, that's how it's going to be."

I would put this in a fanfic, but this really isn't a story. This is a guide to the basics of the Thieves' Guild. I've established a few rules already, but most even I forget sometimes. This might get updated, by the way. You can send me any suggestions on what you want added on here, too.

Thieves' Guild 101


"So," I say, staring at you intently. "You want some info on the Thieves' Guild, huh? Can't say I blame you, what with how many crooks are around nowadays. And the information's plenty useful. Why, if you want to be a guard, this is an introduction to basic criminal psychology—though I guarantee you, the information they give guards are biased. Then again, you might want to be a criminal yourself."

"Or maybe I'm just curious," you say evasively.

I shrug. "Seems fair. It's a pretty fascinating topic, though you can't say what it's like to be a thief until you've tried it out. Same as being a guard. Why, I know a few people who realized that they didn't like their job and even-" I stop, realizing I almost gave important information. "Well," I say uncomfortably. "No need to say how I know so much information. Let's start."


(Note: Some facts have been censored…there is a lot of surprising history of the Thieves' Guild not filled in yet)

Cal (let's call him Cal, you've gotta admit, Caollaidhe is quite a mouthful) was pretty hot-tempered, and he began stealing stuff and giving them to other people. A few others wanted to help, including the ones he actually fed. So he organized the Thieves' Guild.

His family passed the leadership of the Thieves' Guild to their sons (girls never inherited the title). In fact, it was passed down for so long that it became a myth that the Thieves' Guild would never truly be right without a descendant of Cal ruling over it—a myth subverted by Kanrik, who wrest the leadership from the hands of Galem. Kanrik then moved the Guild to Brightvale and established thief training, thereby making thieves life expectancy go up. Still, tell that to the kids who complain about homework.


There are about thirteen ranks in the Thieves' Guild, not to mention the ones on the council (but we'll get to that later). Anyway, it requires either a number of years or a great amount of competence to jump from rank to rank. Few students manage to rise up while still training—though of course, there's that exception (we'll get to them, too). The ranks include the general jobs, but of course there are exceptions if the person is doing tasks for the Guild Leader or are in the Council.

Now, let's start from the lowest to the highest:

1) Pickpocket: This is pretty self-explanatory. Just pick pockets and you're good to go. This rank requires three years.

2) Apprentice Thief: This isn't that much different from pickpockets, but you get to watch and learn with the pros. This rank requires five years.

3) Swindler: Ah-ha, this one's a tad more difficult. You'll have to learn the basics of distracting people, and usually have to work with a partner. You'll also have to steal multiple items, except one by one. This rank requires four years.

If students somehow manage to get to these ranks before they're eighteen, they are exempted from the required duties until they finish training.

4) Pilferer: How do you like sneaking into houses at the dead of night? That's generally what pilferers do. This rank requires four years.

5) Scoundrel: This is usually when you end up in the wanted posters. Every rank needs to avoid guards, but in this one you'll be in charge of running them around the kingdom while others do the dirty work. This rank requires two years.

6) Bandit: Undercover time! This also requires a fair amount of traveling. You'll travel with a group of (preferably rich) civilians, and keep your superiors updated on how much stuff they can steal and when they will be at their weakest. This rank requires five years.

7) Plunderer: A little bit like pilferers, you're going to have to gradually steal the supplies of a caravan. Make sure you know your priorities, because you won't be able to get to all the goods. This rank requires six years.

8) Footpad: Usually working with the bandit, the plunderer, and a bunch of other footpads, you're going to be attacking a caravan at it's weakest and run away with all its goods. This rank requires four years.

9) Blackguard: You're going to spend a lot of times at the cross-roads, taking out rich travelers or small caravans. You're going to need a bit of 'presentation' in this one; you'll be working alone, but they're going to have to think you're a swarm of thieves.

This rank requires four years.

10) Rogue: This is when you really start traveling! Basically, you're going around the world and stealing things. This is more like a reward rank for sticking with the Thieves Guild' so long, so it's either skipped over or lasts for only one year.

11) Infiltrator: Back to your home-base, it's time to start stealing from banks, or even better, castles. This rank requires seven years.

12) Brigand: Good news: You're finally going to be able to get a good night's sleep again. You're going to be robbing jewelry stores, crystal shops, that sort of thing. By this time, you're probably so good that you don't have to do it at night-time. You'll also start getting assignments from the Guild leader (this carries on until Master Thief). This rank requires ten years.

13) Master Thief: Sweet Fyora, you must be real dedicated to have gotten this far. You pretty much get to do whatever you want, as long as you do your daily quota. Heck, you can even apply for the council, and who knows? If you're lucky, you can be considered for the next Guild Leader. This rank is very, very hard to get into. If you haven't demonstrated competence and just became Master Thief because you've been here a long time, you'll be about sixty-two years old by now (that is, if you've been here since you were seven). If you've managed to get here, then you pretty much stay until you die. Special Note: If, against all odds, students manage to get to Brigands when they're still in training, please note that there can only be one Master Thief per class.

Council Members

Not much to tell about them. There's the Guild leader, and the second-in-command. Now, the second-in-command is usually young, and is assigned to be the Guild leader if the old one croaks. Then there's third-in-command, and fourth-in-command. There's also a panel of advisors, though usually they're unofficial.

How to Enter the Guild

Every thief has an amulet with a piece of the Heart of the Mountain and a golden Cobrall encircling it. Upon membership, you are taught where the entrances are. Simply hold up the amulet and the entrance will let you in. There is a back way, though, but it involves a very confusing maze to go with it (NOTE: After a few guards broke into it, it's now blocked).

Known Rooms

The Thieves' Guild resides in a vast system of catacombs, with multiple entrances and exits. We have bases all over Neopia (and a few abandoned ones), but this one alone can fit almost all of them. It's a pretty genius idea to put the Guild here, though you've got to question who suggested it to Master Kanrik. Here are a few of the known rooms:

1) Residential Rooms: It's pretty obvious that most thieves don't have enough to pay for their own house. Luckily, we have plenty of rooms to spare. Unluckily, you'll have to pay for your own furniture or sleep on a stone-hard mat, as well have a greater risk in being robbed by your fellow Guild members. It's really no wonder why most decide to live somewhere else.

2) Guild Leader's Office: Self-Explanatory. Nothing much interesting about it except there's been more protection spells used since someone led a few guards there. Let's move on, shall we?

3) Training Rooms: This can be any room. There are the classrooms, sure, but a few others hold cages which you can learn to escape from, as well as a few containing monsters. There may also be a few labs.

4) Main Hall: This is the official center of the Thieves' Guild, where most thieves meet up. There's a bar and cafeteria, as well as a part used to give needy members some supplies.

5) Storage: Where they keep the goods and supplies to either trade illegally or give to needy Guild members.

6) Arena: Just in case two thieves want to battle it out, and a few people want to watch.

7) Kitchens: Where they prepare the food. Exciting, isn't it? Still, rumor has it the only two members who can even manage to cook a decent meal is Marie Ritch and Lizzie Laron, so people, leave the stuff to the ladies unless you want something blowing up in your face.

8) The Sick Room: Where they treat sick people. Next!

9) The Death Room: Don't panic—the official name is the Memorial, though people usually use the 'Death Room' to scare kids. Anyway, this is where a dead thief's family gets to carve the person's name in the cave. It's made with the finest rock, so it's easy to carve and it stays on forever (Fyora help you if you misspell something). If a thief's body hasn't been recovered, you're going to have to wait nine months before you can add their name. All of the people's names in there are thieves, with one very special exception: Summer Vines, who, by unanimous vote, managed to get in there for her special connection to one thief (though people pretty much forgot who the thief was) and her assistance and tolerance to the Thieves' Guild in general.

Character of amethyst3232

The Elite Class

These people…well, let's just say they're an amazing bunch of kids. Skipping from rank to rank within a year—wow. It's no wonder, really, how they're making a mark on Guild history. They're a good bunch of people, too, so if you want some tips, you might want to ask them. Feel free to submit your own wanted posters to me (PM me the link).

Hanso Laron: The blue Ixi's pretty much a jack-of-all trades, and you can ask him anything about being a thief. That is, if you're not blinded by his awesomeness. Still, he has a knack for getting in the thick of things, especially trouble. If you somehow become an acquaintance, you can be assured you'll be pulled in about a hundred different adventures. Make no mistake, though: He'll never abandon a friend.

Kayley Halvard: Promise to never reveal I gave this info to you. Her name alone would have her knife at my throat. Still, not a lot of information in known about this mysterious black Acara anyway. We know how she looks like, of course: She's of medium height, wears a trench coat, and has eyes the color of grey steel. And she really, really hates guards. She's a master strategist as well as an expert on anything thief-related, so make sure to get on her good side: She can either be a powerful friend, or a powerful enemy.

Here's a wanted poster by Kyanite_Archer:

Here's a wanted poster by me:

Here's a wanted poster by my sister:

Razor Medici: He's a bespectacled blue Bruce (usually wears a duffel coat) who probably never wanted to be a thief anyway—regardless, he's eventually become an essential member to the team, what with his first aid skills and extensive knowledge from books. Despite his fairly calm personality, make sure you're friendly to him: He knows as much with poisons as he does with medicines.

Juliet Capulet: Don't mistake this Wocky younger-by-five-minutes twin for that weepy female who killed herself in Shakespeare's play; Juliet's way too independent and self-efficient for that. She's also, what we say, a 'people person;' just about no one can stay mad at her, and she's great at making new friends (except…well, that's not important). She has long, brown hair usually tied up in a ponytail with matching chocolate-colored eyes. She usually wears a white leather jacket. She's generally a sweet gal, but beware of harming her brother—if you do, she'd rival Kayley in her scariness.

Here's a wanted poster by me:

Julius Capulet: This older-by-five-minutes twin tries to keep Juliet in check, but usually fails. Hey, gotta give him props for trying. He wears a black leather jacket, and has floppy brown hair with chocolate-colored eyes. He's the strongest and quietest in the class, though you can count on some useful advice whenever he does speak. His presence alone is pretty intimidating, but watch out when he's really in fight-mode: My advice is to run away really fast.

UPDATE: The Newbies (from January Age 11 onwards)

Romeo Montague: The oldest Montague triplet Aisha, and Juliet's arch-enemy, although they both won't say the history between them. Other mysteries include why he isn't as close as his siblings as he seems, and why he hasn't mastered the Arabic language like they have. He seems the nicest of his family, looking out for them and willing to see pass prejudices…but be careful. He's the most devious of them all. He wears a light grey woolen jacket.

Rosaline Montague: Although originally from Brightvale, Rosaline's a desert girl through and through, and upholds her home's customs even when she's far away. She's smart, has an ear for information, a mouth for dead-pan remarks (although she sometimes talks a little too much), and a fierce and loyal attitude that never lets her back down from a fight, especially if it challenges her honor. Unlike the others in her class, she wears a light-red hooded cloak which can be transformed into a hijab or a veil.

Mercutio Montague: The youngest of the Montagues, he's the most outspoken and impulsive, probably due to the need to stand out from his siblings (for pete's sake, he was only born two minutes after them, it isn't like he's the baby of the family). He is the most empathic, managing to relate to every situation and offer 'imaginative' advice for it, and is happy to motivate people…if only he would channel his destructive nature to work. He wears a woolen dark-violet coat.

Tyler Shuriken: The youngest of five siblings, the floppy-haired, dark-eyed Lutari has an awful lot to live up to. Not that he doesn't have any talents of his own...his skill with Chi, as well as his uncanny ability to remember long after many people have forgotten, makes him a pretty powerful guy, if only he'd enough self-esteem to admit it. He's easy-going and peaceful, if a little troubled by his past, and is easily one of the most reliable, determined and friendly people you'd ever meet. Here's a warning, though…when he sets his mind to doing something, there's no stopping him. He wears a brown windbreaker.

A/N: Yay, another guide! The Uptown one is slightly based on real life nobility and ranks, although I’ve changed a few things (like modes of address, since most of it was ‘my lord’ and ‘my lady,’ which is boring). Oh, yeah, and for those of you who know the order of the peerage, ‘Lord’ has replaced ‘Baron,’ okay?

Uptown Guide


“Hey, you, over there!” I hiss. You stare at me blankly, and point a finger to yourself. “Yes, you! I say exasperatedly. “Get over here, now.” Wondering what in Neopia was going on, you make your way towards me. “Finally! Sheesh, what’s a girl gotta do to get some attention around here?”

“I don’t know, dance a jig?” You reply sarcastically.

I smile. “You’ve got spirit. Good. Makes me believe I made the right choice.”


Without another word, I pull you into the alleyway with my hand clamped over your mouth. You try to struggle, kick, and scream, but it’s fruitless. After all, this is my story, and if I want to give myself non-existent super-strength, I can. “Whoa there, buddy,” I finally snap. “I’m not gonna hurt you.”

“You just dragged me in an alleyway,” you say with disbelief. “If this was real life, this is usually the time I call the cops.”

“Please. This is Neopia, not Earth.”

“And I suppose the Defenders or the knights would be okay with this…”


“Now, what do you want?”

I grab your arm and push you to the edge of the wall, urging you to look. You do, and see a chunny old Ogrin with a fur-lined coat and an outrageous hat trotting down the sidewalk. “That’s an Uptown lady,” I state.

“I know.”

“No, you don’t.” I let go of you, causing you to fall on the floor. You rub your arm and give me a few meaningful glares, but of course, I ignore them. “You don’t have any idea how rough their world can be.”

“What?” You scoff. “The world of glitter and lipstick?”

“The crapsack world of glitter and lipstick,” I correct. You frown at me. “Anyway,” I continue, “I’m looking for a commoner to pass this knowledge to. Y’see, Uptown isn’t just a bunch of random rich people who follow weird traditions together. They have rules they have to follow to keep their authority. Not exactly laws, per se, but they do have guidelines which they live by and stuff they really consider taboo. They keep it in this book (which anyone who’s anyone has and which the poor people don’t know the existence of). Because I have awesome ninja powers in this story, I managed to sneak in and read it. Now, I have to pass on the knowledge I’ve learned.”


“And I’ve chosen you. So, what do you say we sit down and I tell you what I know? That was rhetorical, you don’t really have a choice. Now. Let’s begin.”


There isn’t that much I can tell you about this part; you’d be better off popping open a history book. Still, I’ll try to summarize the best that I can. In school, you probably learned something about feudalism, right? So, there’s this group of people (contrary to popular belief, they were first called serfs, not peasants)who promise to give their crops, profits (and basically, their freedom) to a guy called a lord as long as they protect them and rule over them fairly (the last point was kinda stretching it a bit; it wasn't always followed through). The lords do the same to the viscounts, the viscounts did the same to the earls, the earls did the same to the marquesses, the marquesses do the same to the dukes, and so on.

Now, the rest of Neopia has pretty much gotten over this style (Altador, for example, is ruled by a council, and the faeries have their own method – I suppose Fyora not being any particular element explains it). Obviously, this is just a general history of the kingdoms. Each has its own culture, but like I said, you're better off reading a history book than keep listening to me blathering. What? No, that was not permission to leave.


Rich people are Neopians. They are not limited to special places—in fact, they can frequent wherever they want, as long as they don't mind risking their oh-so-precious reputations. However, that isn't really going to help you if you want to seek them out for information or something. Basically, if you ever need someone, the wealthy are usually at:

Uptown. Well, duh. Ask for the part of the kingdom in which they live, and they stay there. It seems like a whole different world, really; though most outsiders only look at the residential spots, they don't generally know that if they travel deeper, they'd go to a kind of mini-city. That's where they serve the gourmet foods, and where the wealthy merchants make their important deals. A warning to thieves, however: They do not depend on guards. Security is tight.

Court. Where do rich people like to go other than their little corner of the kingdom? The king's corner of the kingdom, of course! Think of it as the cafeteria in a middle school—yeah, it's noisy, it's messy, but it's where all the excitement happens. Of course, a lot of people can live happy lives never even setting a foot there, but what fun is that? What fun is not taking place in the game in winning the attention of a monarch through your intelligence, strength, etc. and becoming someone of your own making? Take note, though. This is the place where the most backstabbing, cheating, and lying happens. Definitely like a middle school cafeteria.


Before we get into the stuff for the normal rich people, I'll discuss a teeny bit about the royalty, who usually are the one who snag titles like below. Brightvale and Meridell are the biggest examples of kingdoms, but there are smaller, less known places nearby, like Richmond. Royal blood has its perks - you don't have to marry until your parents say so - but it has its own responsbilities and ideas, and can be tiring at times. And there's also the fact that whoever's next in line after you will probably do his hardest to get you killed...

When trying to gain favour, take careful note on what type of person the monarch is—their personalities can vary from being condescending to kind, and you never know exactly who gets the crown after the last person dies. Whoever's the king or queen (though really, queens have never managed to hold on to their positions, ever) gets to decide who comes after them, but it's usually more about the blood; the closer you are to the family, the closer you are to the throne.


This about the people with peerage; the ones who benefited from feudalism, like I explained earlier (What do you mean you weren't paying attention? Scroll upwards and read it again). I'll start from the poorest – though really, the best way to describe them is the 'least affluent' – to the richest. Keep in mind that wealth isn't the same as power, and that the monarch has absolute control, and so can give and take as he pleases. For the few who have true ambition in them, a sly mind and a charismatic personality does help you rise to the top.

1) Lord or Lady: The main (and only) mode of promotion in the land of the rich people is to gain the favour of a monarch, and have him or her bestow a title on you. This one, on the other hand, is gained automatically when someone reaches two million neopoints (and if you're part of the 'new money' crowd – the ones who earned their way – then you are now allowed to move to Uptown. Once you get this title, you can't lose it unless a monarch takes it from you. Therefore, yes, there are poor lords and ladies, although I bet they'd chop their tails off before they admit who they are. You address them (obviously) as 'my lord' or 'my lady.'

2) Viscount or Viscountess: These people usually have patronage over a few good estates, as they're very rich and have at least pleased a monarch once (or inherited the title, that's also possible). They spend some time at court, but most either live in Uptown or in a countryside estate. That being the case, they've lived most of their lives in the high-bred class, and don't think much of people lower than them; even other rich people. You address them as 'my liege.'

3) Earl or Countess: These people usually end up as courtiers. It's almost inevitable, as their rank (and the number of estates) signify them as favourites of the king or queen, or at least have done something very great to receiver such a reward. They are usually organized people (at least the women are), as they're expected to run large households or give an honorary guard to the king at a moment's notice. You'd address them as 'sire' or 'my patroness.'

4) Marquess or Marchoiness: This group, or most of them, are sly and well-bred. How else can they have risen so high at court? The have a firm grasp at politics and manipulation; however, some don't manage to work well in groups, or really, work or act in someone else's benefit. Like the previous rank, their supposed to be organized, and slightly more military-like as their houses are the ones on edge of the kingdom (and so the parts in which people set up defences against invasions). You address them as 'Master' or 'Madam.'

5) Duke or Duchess: The highest rank, after the royal family. In fact, this rank does have a lot of royal family itself in it; for example, the brother of a crown prince is usually a duke, and his children also inherit the title. They're the in-crowd, one of the highest of the higher class, and the ones you'd have to please if you want to get a foot in the ladder. You address them as 'Your Grace.'

Special Positions:

1) Lady-in-Waiting: Perhaps the only honour not scorned upon for women, it's for people who are to serve female loyalty, such as princesses or queens. In return, the person they serve will give rich benefits to their family, and will help make a suitable match for the servant when the time comes.

2) Groom of the Privy Council: These people are the most trusted of the court. Although the monarch makes his own decision, it is discussed and mulled over by the Privy Council. Obviously, it is one of the highest positions, and everyone's opinions here are well thought over. Of course, that doesn't mean to say that they're all suitable for the job…

3) Lord Chancellor: The highest of the Privy Council, it is he that has the king's ear, and, if the monarch is weak-willed enough, the one who could be secretly wielding the power of the throne through manipulation. This person would have to be sly and daring—although fools can be admitted to the Privy Council, none of them would last a month as Lord Chancellor. It is he who has to calculate the people's favour and make good decisions….or else.

4) Lord Protector: What do you do when the next heir to the throne is too young? Give him a Lord Protector to rule in his stead until he is of age. The royal may sign away their rights until a specific age; then he will take up the duties of the crown himself. However, once people get a taste of authority, they don't like letting it go…


There are a few general rules in the Uptown world. Sadly, I couldn't snag them all, though rumor has it that a lady called Grace Trate managed to find a loophole on every single thing in her law books. Basically, it's just act pompous as you can possibly be and kiss up to your betters, okay?

The Tradition

This is it. The thing that ties all blue-blood families together. The main reason why being a rich kid sucks. Y'see, one of the duties you have to do if you're a rich person is to marry well. To make sure of that, your parents chooses for you. Great, huh?

It goes like this. Although there are a few exceptions, no one actually arranges anything until the person who's going to be betrothed reaches the 'due date,' or the specified birthday which the family agreed upon. So, if you're planned to be married at eighteen, the absolute last day to do it if you don't want to be shamed (and send to a hard-labor community home overseas) is the day you turn nineteen.

The father takes care of the marriages of his daughters, while mothers focus on betrothing their sons. Don't worry, if you're a boy you get a say in it, too; if you think your prospective bride to be is distasteful you're allowed to say no three times. On the fourth time, though, you're stuck with her.

There is another way to get out of the task if you're a guy…you can join the Guard. If you do that, you're usually at constant risk of being killed, although that's not usually in the job description. Anyway, if you do it, you are exempted from the Tradition, and over the centuries boys have flocked to train with swords and arrows and other weapons. Only recently, someone has discovered a loophole…it never said that girls couldn't join, either.

Either that, or you can run away. For obvious reasons (i.e. rich people never did anything by themselves and so have very little defence, they can't leave their family, they hate the loss of wealth, etc.) this is not a usual option. In fact, out of all the history of the rich people, there has only been one successful attempt in escaping…but that's another story.

UPDATE: Betrothal by Proxy

Eh, this is pretty basic. Maybe you're unwell. Maybe you're having a really, really bad hair day. Maybe your parents don't want to have you kicking and screaming and throwing a tantrum in your betrothal ceremony. Whatever the reason, you can't show up. Instead, your parents can choose a stand-in for you, maybe a godmother or an older sibling or something. Bit of a nasty trick, if they do it without permission, but it's legal with normal rich girls. For boys, they have three chances to say no, so they *have* to know about the ceremony; with royalty, it has to be done with the permission of the royal member, girl or boy, and the King, since the wedding would then be an affair of state.


Not much to tell around here. Most parents simply hire a tutor or governess to tend to boy's needs…again, girls are usually exempted here, and only a few families let their daughters learn. For those who do let their daughters learn, they are usually assigned to go to Madame Bullstrap's Academy for Young Ladies. That's where they get to study cooking, cleaning, the traditions of Uptown….things like that.

Normal rich boys study regular subjects; or, if a parent is particularly ambitious, he'll allow his son to learn manipulation and other such things (and sometimes, hunting). Fencing is sometimes thought as a sport; so remember, people, guards aren't the only ones who can use swords.

Residents and Frequent Visitors

To be honest, there are too many here to list down. So I'm just going to put in the interesting ones, hey? By the way, the ones listed in the Thieves' Guild (or Guard in Amethyst's profile) aren't here.

Charlie Windsor: Rumour has it that this kid is descended from the royals of Meridell. To be honest, I can't really see the resemblance between him and that chubby King Skarl. Anyway, the boy has an unfortunate habit of being at the wrong place at the wrong time and getting pulled into all kinds of trouble; nevertheless, he's almost always cheerful. He's a bit delicate, though; due to a horrible 'accident' a few years ago (has something to do with a fire), his heart isn't that strong, and so he's gotta take it easy or else choke.

Hazel Adonai: Sweet gal, but nothing at all like her siblings. I guess you can say that was a blessing…I mean, one's a bossy hair-perfectionist, the other a cunning would-be terrorist…you have to wish sometimes, though, that she had a little more bravery. She isn't too good at standing up for herself—but for her friends, she'd do anything.

Ebony Adonai: Ah, the would-be terrorist we were talking about! Also kinda sexist...he doesn't have much respect for girls, except one in particular. He's really fascinated with fire, and is known to do a few 'experiments.' He acts as well as looks a lot like his father; dark eyes as black as midnight, always in a suit and tie; and has a cunning, ambitious mind. But don't forget—he's his mother's boy, too.

Emerald Navarrete: Currently the fifth-in-line to the throne of a nearby kingdom, Emerald knows that she'll never be queen. How can she, with two siblings – a brother who's her father's pride and joy, and a sister who has the people's popularity – already in front of her? How can she, when she's a daughter of a traitor? But that's fine. Totally fine. The Duchess of Richmond has other things to worry about—such as keeping her friend, Ebony, in line, and learning with her mysterious 'tutor,' who comes and goes as he pleases.

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