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Salut and welcome to my profile!

M’name’s Erika Danielle...and I am not telling you my last name. That’s all I’m gonna say ‘bout that because I don’t need any more stalkers…jus’ kidding! I’m a 13 year old girl who likes to write poetry (along with many other things) and likes to state her opinion. Ok now. Let’s get this show on the road!

Things I like:

I like to write poetry and stories. Right now I’m working on a story about a zombie apocalypse, but I’m not gonna get into that too far right now. PM me if you want to know a lil’ more about it or if it interests you. I might let you read a lil’ so you can help me out. I also like to draw, but it’s mostly anime, manga, or chibi…honestly I think the cutest art is anime but that’s jus’ my opinion. I like to play video games, too. I’ll get into those below. Listening to music is awesome too but I get into that later. I like to watch anime too though I haven’t watched much yet. I like guys, too. Hey, I’m a single girl who likes video games. ;)


I hate people who interrupt me. Not jus’ when I’m talking either. I get mad if you interrupt my deep thinking or concentration. I get mad when Christians say I’m going to hell because I’m an atheist. Is it that wrong that I believe different things then you? (Not all Christians are like this by the way. I’m not stereotyping…this jus’ happens a lot. I tolerate Christians and other religions I jus’ wish they’d do the same.) I also hate rude people. They’re jus’ rude for no apparent reason. Hey man I’m sorry your life sucks, but don’t take it out on me! Oh and I hate when I lose single player video games. Like slipping out of a fucking window and cracking my head on the concrete below (I did that on Left 4 Dead 2…) Whoa, this is becoming my vent journal…sorry ‘bout that…let’s move on shall we?

My appearance: (not like you’ll ever see me unless you know me, but I guess you might want to know)

My hair is slightly wavy and a caramel color that barely brushes the top of my back. My bangs are long and cover my left eye. My eyes…now my eyes are weird, but cool. ‘Round the iris is a dark green ring, but the iris itself is a light greenish-blue (depends on what I’m wearing) and light brown ‘round the pupil. Most people call my eyes ‘hazel’ even though technically their ‘green hazel’. My skin is pretty pale, but I’m not albino. I’m ‘bout 5’4…maybe 5’5…I don’t really know. I usually wear a graphic tee, a pair of pants (shorts depending on the weather), a pair of converse with a bronze coin necklace with an ‘E’ on one side and triskele on the back. (A triskele is a Wiccan symbol of protection.) I’m not Wiccan but I didn’t know what it was when I bought it…I jus’ thought it looked cool…

Let’s go on to my favorites now!~

Favorite Games:

My favorite video game is Left 4 Dead 2 on the Xbox 360. My next favorites are Portal and Half-Life2, both on the Xbox. I tend to like Valve games.My favorite types of video games are puzzles, adventure, time management, RPGs, and First-person shooters. Got any games to recommend? PM me!

Favorite Books:

I have a lot of favorite books because I actually like to read. Shocker right? A teen who actually reads. A teen who actually reads books other than that shitty Twilight series. I read it painfully. I wanted to see what was 'so great' 'bout it...nothing is great about a whiny teenage bitch who wants to have sex with a sparkly pixie-I mean vampire ;) I have read the Harry Potter series (last book’s my fave!), the Percy Jackson series, The Vladimir Tod books, Cirque Du Freak (books 1-8), The Hunger Games, The Uglies (The first two books), Maximum Ride series (jus’ the first one…haven’t even finished that one yet…) and Narnia. If you have any books you think I would like PM me!

Favorite Music:

My favorite type of music is Rock and Alternative. (If you don’t know what those are I suggest you use my old pal ‘Google’. He’s really helpful.)My favorite music artists are Panic! at the Disco, Escape the Fate, Paramore, Green Day, My Chemical Romance, OK GO, Jonathan Coulton, and Falling in Reverse. Quite recently I've been listening to Japanese music because of my otaku friends who keep showing me cool sounding music that I can't understand but it's still cool. If any of my music interests you PM me!

Favorite Anime:

Believe it or not, I like to watch anime. I haven’t watched much though. My friends recommend them for me so I just watch what they recommend. The ones I have watched are Ultra Maniac, Panty and Stockings with Garter belt, and Soul Eater. I've finished Soul Eater now...well the anime...not the manga...I still need to read that...THERE’S NO SYMMETRY ON THIS PAGE! Ha ha! Yes, Kid is my favorite character besides Soul. Got any anime to recommend? PM me!

About my poetry:

Um, my poetry is really about whatevs on my mind at the moment. It tends to be about my emotions and what may be bugggin’ me…if you don’t like it I’m not the one makin’ you read it…

Well I think I’ve pretty much summed up me. If I missed something I can always edit it and fix it so yeah… This is me!

(Note: Yes, I did tell you to PM me a lot…I get bored easily and I always want something to do. That’s why I am telling you to PM me!) (Second Note: I also have an account on this sites sister site: think imma basically use this profile for that one we'll see)

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