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Author has written 2 stories for Death Note, and Sonic the Hedgehog.

Hi ya'll! You can call me Dagger, but my real name is Sara. I actually have 2 Fanfiction users so if you find out the other one you WIN...


Sorry but I have really nothing to give...hehehe!!!

My Death Note story is currently on hiatus, but if you have any ideas I WOULD APPRECIATE IT!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

If you like hedgehogs and you want to create a hedgehog like Sonic the Hedgehog go to this website if you are a girl: And this one is for boys :

Anyway, these are the rules about my stories, comments and pm-ing:


Mocking me will make matters worse for you if you do so. That means I will report no matter how many users you have. (When you PM me or comment my stories)


No cussing words commented to me or to my stories (Just don't cuss anywhere! >:( )


If you want to use my idea, inform me through PM-ing. If you steal my own ideas you will have to face me!


Please don't ask for romance stories 'cause I DO NOT DO ANY LOVE STORIES!!! (Only if I feel like it) lol.

#5: I will not write anything related to SEX, RACISM, OR ANYTHING ELSE THAT IS INAPPROPRIATE!!!!

Thank you for reading if you are almost about to break these rules 'cause you've been warn! _

Info about me now!!! (although there isn't that much of it):

Age: I'll give you a hint that I am somewhere between 11 and 100,000,000,000,000,000,000.

Likes: Chocolate, chocolate, meat, and CHOCOLATE!!! AND... SONIC!!!!Oh yeah and ANIME AND MANGA!!! And, and, DEATH NOTE, AND OTHER STUFF THAT GOT LOST IN MY BRAIN :P...

Dislikes: Annoying people (my sisters, brats, etc.), idiots, Big the Cat (yeah...I was never liked him), Elise (I don't know but there's just something I don't like about her...), Eggman!!! (I never liked eggs for breakfast...), and a*holes.

Okay before I get to the story profiles...

I am currently unable to write stories at the moment. :(



Okay, what I said isn't true... I just have a lot of writers block that happens too many times in my life and stories...

Thank you for reading my stories!!!!! :)

Why am I here?:

Evera Vines

Age: 21

Birthday: December 21

Eve is a bright girl with bad anger tempers, she has no mother or father. Also, she loves anime and manga, including Death Note. Eve thinks of Gag (shinigami OC if you did not know) as a pain in the neck, but knows that the other 'shinigami' (L.O. or Lo) must have had hurt or angered Gag.


Eve is suppose to have longer hair in the pic if you clicked onto the link above.

Gag (No Last Name)



Gag has a hate for humans on how pathetic and stupid they are. Plus, his own friend, Gelus, died because he loved a human. His past is unknown, but Lo might know a thing or two about his dark secrets or even his childhood.

I will not put L.O.'s profile cause it might ruin things in the story, so... SORRY!

Dreamers Colliding:

Suzy Grace

Age: 13

Birthday: 7/20

Suzy is a cheerful and ignorant girl who is a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog. Even though she always smiles, she holds something back that not even Sonic can see. Her parents are unknown along with her childhood in California

Genevieve Lily (Gen for short)

Age: 13

Birthday: 8/27

Gen is a smart and joyful girl who also loves Sonic the Hedgehog. She lives with her foster mother and father that are overprotective and see their child as a troublemaker.

Rin the Dog (normal dog that lives on Earth)

Age: 21

Birthday: 5/16

Rin was once a quiet and obedient dog that loved to bark at a unknown creature or a stranger or a human running or a human on a speeding object (like a bike). But with the power of the Chaos Emerald she can now speak like a human and is as intelligent as a human and has the energy of a human. She is now playful, talkative and energetic.

Embers of the Fire:

Ember White

Real Age: 13

Birthday: 7/27

Ember is a obedient, short tempered person with the patience of a child. She is raised by Touko's mother: Ms. White. Ember was actually born in another dimension that knows Pokemon as a video game. How she got into the Pokemon world is unknown to her, but her exsistence is slowly changing things in the story and it might even change the plotline.

Stories that might be written in Fanfiction...:

Sonic the Hedgehog : Dreamers Colliding (Incomplete)

Death Note : Why Am I Here? (Incomplete)

Pokemon: Embers of the Fire (Incomplete)

Yeah... thats all that I'm thinking of... So, if anyone is reading this and has any ideas for this TELL ME IMMEDIENTLY THROUGH PM-ings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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