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Author has written 2 stories for Naruto, and Justice League.

Update 10/31/11: I HAD TWO AND A HALF THOUSAND WORDS DOWN, AND MY MUM TURNED OFF MY GD COMP. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (Yes, cap locks is necessary. My god.) For some stupid as hell reason, the document didn't save itself since it apparently enjoys suicide, so I have to redo chapter 6, starting from today. Sorry, guys. WHYYYYYYYYYYYY WHYYYYYYYY

I have really nothing much to say here. If you were looking for a profile full of insightful quotes/ incredible statistics/ long-winded, spam chain mails which basically all hold the same message (send me to 4789324 friends or DIE), this is not the page for you. I suggest that you look somewhere else.

Anyways, about me. Huh. Picture what you think I would look like. Now, picture the opposite. That is how I really look like. (No, really.) I'm a lot younger then many of you would expect (still a billion years of school left. Sigh.). That is all.

My obsession with Wally West started with my obsession with Batman which started with my obsession with...well, I could go on, but my computer would have eroded away by rust by the time I finished typing them all. I still check my previous fandoms (too many to count), but unless a story really catches my nit picking eye, I tend to stick with anything scarlet speedster related. However, I think my Flash addiction (yes, I admit it) will last quite a while. Wally's awesome like that.

My Stories:

Seems so Slow:

I have the whole story planned out already (sorta) and it'll be a reasonably long fic (sorta). Ask questions and I will reply as prompt as I can.

Updates will be roughly 1-2 weeks, seeing as my holiday is almost over, and school will definitely be back with a vengeance. High motivation and sudden moments of inspiration may lead to faster updates.

And uh... embarassingly, I need to REALLY catch up on the Naruto manga and plotline. (Damn Flash, taking over my life.) Warn me if I make weird mistakes.

Genre includes tragedy, drama, action, adventure, angst... (romance, if plot bunnies strike), however, all would probably be outshadowed with a healthy dose of the Flash humor. Wally West without a giggle or two for me, is simply not Wally West. Unless of course, he had truly been completely screwed. But I wouldn't do that. (Would I?)

Last but not least, the ///////////// hit counter. Funny as it was at first, it is now ///////// me off. (Mere words cannot convey the mass amounts of negative emotions I feel towards this right now, so symbols would suffice)

The stupid thing is showing 7 hits per chapter. Either you all hate me or some entity up there enjoys messing with my head. Believe it or not, I prefer the second option.

Flash Bygones:

Initially a one-shot, I'm planning to make this a series of one-shots based on the Justice League, Flash-centric unless requested otherwise. Had to do something to satisfy the plot bunnies.

However, updates will be a result of motivation. Hence, I might post like, three in a row, die off for about a month, and post another. Usually, I write these kind of stuff at the crack of dawn (that's how it rolls), so bear with me if there are more typos then usual.

Luckily, the hits counter for this didn't screw up, but I suspect that the review button is broken. Why- why- WHY did you guys NOT tell me that I misspelled the word "ear" for "rear"? I mean, COME ON. I had to find out the hard way, and you could've saved me the high amounts of embarrassment.

"One of Flash's flailing arms caught John in the rear, and he irritably slapped away the offending limb along with the air bag."-- You have GOT to be kidding me. How can anyone possibly NOT notice that? Granted, I did, but that's not the point. Telling stuff like that to me is kinda important. *face palm*

The Review Thing:

Okay. Urgh. To clarify things, I am my own beta. Yes, this means I tend to make mistakes; typos, grammatical errors, plot holes, fail characterisation, abruptness, discontinuities in story twists/lines, etc.

Hence, it is up to my readers to inform me of any major screw-ups. (Yeah, I could've used a more creative term the modest screw up, but I won't. Censorship for young 'uns and all that boring stuff.)

No, I will not blow my top to whatever entity that is up there if you send me critiques unless it's pure flames, which would simply send me to hell. I APPRECIATE the feedback, and I need it, since really, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING. I NUB. I NEED INFO TO THINK AND WRITE. What are my readers thinking? Was it good? Was it so horrifically faeces-resembling that they can never bear to face it again? (Exact thoughts which run through my head when I post something.)

A little confidence wouldn't hurt too.

And there's still that hit thing. Read my above description from Seems so Slow to know what I'm talking about.

Yeah. Just saying. Mild rant over.

A final thing. There are cockroaches under your bed. I am always watching you.

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