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Author has written 6 stories for King of Fighters, Dragon Quest Series, Dynasty Warriors, Street Fighter, and Dead or Alive.

Pen name: Sanzo-chan the wondering monk Although nowadays would prefer to be called SanzoGenjo or just "Sanzo"

Age: 18

Birth date: 12/20/86

Nationality: Chinese/American

Location: Richland, Washington

Fav. Video games: Street Fighter, Breath of Fire, Saiyuki, Dynasty Warriors, King of the Fighters, Tekken.

Fav. Anime: Saiyuki, Read or Die, others

Fav. subject in school: History and literature.

Favorite colors: Red and blue.

Favorite Pairings: Zhao Yun/ Sun Shang Xiang, Lu Xun/Sun Shang Xiang, Sun Ce/Da Qiao, Zhen Ji/Cao Pi, Zhen Ji/Zhang He, Yue Ying/Zhuge Liang (Dynasty Warriors), Kasumi/Lei-Fang, Ayane/Hayabusa, Kasumi/Hayabusa, Lei-Fang/Hayate, Hitomi/Hayate (Dead or Alive), Jin/Xiaoyu, Xiaoyu/Hwarong sp, Eddie/Christie (Tekken), Ryu/Nina, Ursula/Scias, Rei/Momo (Breath of Fire) Jam/Ky, Millia/Ky, Millia/Zato-1, Dizzy/April, Baiken/Anji (Guilty Gear), Kilik/Xiang-hua, Seung Mina/ Hwang (Soul Calibur), Hiro/Lucia (Lunar: Eternal Blue), Lulu/Wakka (Final Fantasy X), More to be listed.

Well, it's kinda been awhile since I've last posted anything here. I don't really know if I ever will for a long, long time. I still plan on posting, just don't expect it to be as often as before, nor anything fantastic. Also I have deleted and discontinued the following fics:

"Secret of the heart ": My very first fanfic. I did have a good time in writing this, but after awhile I just lost interest in DBZ and I was not happy with the way my original character was turning out. I just recently re-read it and it was starting to look mary-sueish, which breaks y heart really. There maybe a 20 chance of me re-vamping this fic, but don't really count on it.

"Wo Ai Ni: The other love": My Street Fighter fic. After writing the first chapter I realized I had no idea what to do with it afterwards. I kind of liked the way the fic was going, but it wasn't really planned and I couldn't find a way to continue it. I would really love to re-vamp this fic someday though, but maybe under a different title...

"Two sides to a coin": I REALLY did not like the way this one turned out. I do have plans on re-vamping...

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