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I'm really just a reviewer known as the anonymous Ray-Ray on stories like:

Chasing You by beautifulxlife

Intense Therapy by monica-san

The Fake Engagement, The Time of Our Lives, and The Best of The Rest by eat dots

I forgot which stories I have reviewed on but, I think I have reviewed on these many times.

As you can see I love the couple DxC on TD

I have been reading many stories by dedicated authors who still believe in DxC. I don't think its over either fellow fans. I don't have a problem with Gwen and Duncan being together. Sure I don't like them together but, people shouldn't go off the wall about what has happened on TDWT. I actually like Gwen even before this whole crazy thing because she has a unique style but, enough about Gwen maybe I should tell you why I like DxC

To Be Continued...(For I can't be online forever even though I'm sure all of us wish we could)

I got an offer for a I pad but can't get on because at my school in North Carolina (we are the only school to get laptops in the whole state) but because of this security called barracuda I can't take the test :(

I'm going to tell you guys why I like DxC soon :) (I hope:( ).

In my mind and my upcoming stories TDWT never happened because well I started with my ideas after TDA ended so that's my reason for pretending it didn't happen. Something I noticed during TDWT after Duncan... wasn't with Courtney anymore he had SERIOUS KARMA, I mean this guy got kicked by a Kangaroo, hit with soccer balls, attacked by Ezekiel, and punched by Cody, all of this should have been a sign and a warning for something he did and like they say if you do BAD things you get BAD Karma. Duncan is still alright but not in the show sense but in my mind sense, since I make up little episodes of my own little series. Another thing is that everyone blames Gwen but I think that is because she could have stopped it but then again she was pinned up against the wall.

I like DxC because they are opposites and opposites attract in my world. They also look great together: he's punk and she's prep. I think opposites are great together because sure you're not the same but being the same would be and is boring. Being different than the person you're with is interesting because you and your bf/gf have different likes and dislikes, you and your bf/gf might have some things in common but, everything in common is just too weird. Also when you put Duncan & Courtney together it's like finding the missing pieces to their life puzzles.

Age: 14

Race: African-American

School: Greene Early College Highschool in North Carolina

Music Style: Pop, R&B, Rap, Hip-Hop. Rock, Japanese Pop & Rock (I don't understand what they are saying (without subtitles) but in English it's not the same)

I might actually write something sometime soon because I am chock-full of ideas

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