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I'm a total gearhead and the Skyline, Supra and Evo are my favorite cars. I'm currently addicted to GTA San Andreas (again) and I install mods! hehe

I'm only 14 but I can drive a car pretty well already be it manual or auto. But of course not outside the village or else the cops will catch me.

I also play basketball often but I'm not varsity.

My favorite animes are

-Pokemon (duh)
-Initial D
-Wangan Midnight
- Detective Conan
-Beyblade (except the newest generation)
- Fairy Tail
-Detective School Q
-Highschool of the Dead

OC Character bio

Name: Maxwell Maple

Age: 19

Car: Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T with RB26 swap (sequential twin turbo) 720 rwhp at 7,500 RPM 850 Newton-meters of torque at 5,600 rpm (the curve flattens starting 3,600 rpm)

Birthday: March 15 1989 (story set in 2008)

Birthplace: Petalburg City

So Maxx is an OC character of mine, he's been racing ever since he was twelve. He's the eldest sibling of May and Max so he lives in Petalburg city but he actually started his Pokemon training in Johto since Hoenn was too hard and since Kanto was too far from his home. When he started racing, he used his dad's (Norman's) car which was an Evo 3. He was then given a Nissan Skyline R34 GT-T a year later. A year passed and he became interested in racing on the touge (Japanese of mountain pass) especially the downhill. Eventually, he realized his car's weakness which was its heavy body weight causing understeer. A few months later, he decided to give improve his car's performance and got it up to 600 crank horsepower so rear wheel horsepower was approximately 588. When he turned 14, he decided to try to follow his father's footsteps of being a great Pokemon trainer. He started with a Cyndaquil and traveled alone. He became a very skilled trainer and after the Silver Conference, he took on the Elite Four and defeated Lance. He then took on Kanto and dominated the Kanto league once again. After that, he took a break from his journey as a trainer and continued his racing career. Unlike his Pokemon training, he had a couple of losses in his career as a racer but his age made him the youngest racer on the touge driving on of the most powerful cars. One day, he was walking through the forest, relishing his memories of being a Pokemon trainer when he met a boy with a Pikachu. He saw him being question by a trio of people and agitated him just seeing the group which was actually Team Rocket mess with innocent trainers so he sent out his full grown Typhlosion to blast them. He became praised by the boy, known as Ash Ketchum after seeing him skillfully win against villains. The boy asked him to help him in his journey but he refused to agree, but he recalled one of his reasons for setting out on a journey which was to use his skill to help trainers so he decided to give him tips and help him in training. One day, Ash used the tips Maxx had given him in a Pokemon battle and Maxx saw Ash's potential and perseverance as a Pokemon trainer and decided to travel with him to be his mentor. After Ash finished training in Kanto, nearly dominating the championship, Maxx went back to Hoenn and resumed his training there while Ash trained in the Orange Islands. Maxx once again conquered the Hoenn league, beating the Elite Four and Steven. He met up with Ash again in Johto after Ash won his fifth badge. Ash then moved on to travelling in Hoenn and at first, he didn't realize that May was Maxx's sister! So the two traveled together and met up with Brock again and journeyed up to Petalburg, May's hometown. So Ash finally realized that May was Maxx's sister and of another boy, Max (just one X short). Maxx was back in Petalburg having an annual drift competition with the other locals. And so after that, Ash traveled with the three siblings and Brock. In the Hoenn league, Ash was able to win first place and he took on the Elite Four. He defeated them all but this time, the champion he was going to face wasn't Steven but it was Maxx. Before the battle, he announced that the battle he was going to have with Ash would be his last battle as a Pokemon trainer. Surprisingly, Ash won and it was the best battle Maxx ever had in his life even if he lost. The former champions became disappointed at Maxx's decision of quitting Pokemon training but nonetheless, they enjoyed the magnificent battle between him and the raven haired trainer. When Ash went back to Kanto for the Battle Frontier, Maxx no longer traveled with him. And of course, Ash dominated the Battle Frontier and moved on to Sinnoh. After he won his badge in Pastoria City, proceeded to Sunnyshore for his next badge. But you had to ride a car to get there and apparently there were no buses available at the terminal so they decided to wait until one goes back. They went to a Pokemon Center to stay for the day when suddenly, this car drove past the group and Ash can't believe the person driving it was Maxx. The car stopped at a gas station and Ash got a closer look at the car. It had a whole new look, the color was the same, midnight blue but it had nice body kits making it look like a vicious circuit car. Its engine was also more powerful, it already had 720 wheel horsepower. Maxx was also on his way to Sunnyshore since he was going to have a race so he agreed to let Ash and the group ride with him to the city. Ash and Maxx made an agreement that if Ash and the other two watched his race, Maxx will support Ash in his final gym battle and in the Sinnoh league. Ash also agreed to ride Maxx's car while Maxx practiced on the track so he could get the feeling of riding a fast car and understand why his mentor appreciated racing so much. Even if Ash knew that traveling at very high speeds was indeed deadly, he can't help but have the feeling of thrill and enjoyment. Maxx won the race the following week and watched Ash's gym battle and his participation in the Sinnoh League in which he became champion and beat the Elite Four and Cynthia. After that, Ash had a long vacation with his friends and family and made a program that taught young children about Pokemon and how to train them with compassion and understanding. Just a week after his sixteenth birthday, he decided to become a racer just like Maxx.

The story has hints of the real Initial D plot. Some of the cars are from the The Fast and the Furious series but the plot nor the characters will be present)

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