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Author has written 18 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Pokémon, Toradora!, Familiar of Zero, and Crayon Shin chan/クレヨンしんちゃん.

Name: Call me Erebos. Only those who have the honor/curse of knowing me personally know my true name.

About me: Well I'll start with the most important one, why I'm here. I'm a storyteller. Since I was young I'd always had an active imagination and a love of at least trying to write good plot-lines (though I've not always been great at recognizing what constitutes a good plot-line). I'm here on FF to refine and vent my love of writing. I try to write well, and hopefully stuff people will enjoy, but I do it my way, sometimes I make great things, sometimes I wind up with crap. I try to have only let the good stuff see the light of day. Chances are my writing is going to offend some people down the line, so if you're one of the people offended by my writing: GO READ SOMETHING ELSE!

Probably shameless to put this here but hey, it's my profile:
I love reviews (as many as I can get), so if you like my stuff, I'd really appreciate you giving one. Even if it's just to say "liked it" or something like that (though I appreciate it far more when a review is detailed in what was good, feedback really is helpful). In fact, I'm pretty sure ALL authors like as many positive reviews as they can get, so if you have another author who's writing you like; tell them!

Authors (or anyone doing any kind of creative work such as art, music, etc etc) tend to work faster (and more) when they know people WANT their stuff. If you've found something great you can consider it your duty to let the creator know that their stuff is good.

Personality: A psychiatrist could have a field day with me, I'm an array of contradictions. I'm creative, and I like to put as much beauty into my work as I am capable, but I'm a also total cynic. I write of relationships between people, yet I posses practically no meaningful relationships of my own to speak of. I plan ahead on considerable scales, but procrastinate greatly. I am younger than I look, yet I often feel so very ancient. The list goes on.

Music: I'm pretty much a hoarder of it. The magic of a good song can fuel me, and ideas inspired by good songs can be found in my writing, if you look close enough you can find which ones, I like to drop references. I'm more of a metal man, no instrument can create passion quite like that of a well-played guitar.

People: People so very often tend to disappoint me. I keep my circle of friends small, but often even they so often turn out to be not quite what I thought. True colors are only hid for so long. I guess that may be part of why I like writing, because the characters I either use or create are so not so fake as actual people.

Disclaimer: (I keep forgetting to put a disclaimer in fics, so I'm doing a blanket one here)

I think it goes without saying, but I do not own any of the franchises I write fics for on this site, and am in no way affiliated or involved with their creators, producers, distributors etc etc. I DO however claim full ownership of characters which I create/have created for use in my fics.

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At The End of The Road reviews
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They are many things in the Vault, things even the wisest have yet to understand. Luckily, there is one who can identify them, the Familiar of Zero, Saito.
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Taiga's temper goes just one step too far, more than even Ryuuji is prepared to accept. Now apart, they reflect on their strange relationship. Can they hope to reconcile?
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Togepi pays close attention to people, but not everything is as simple as it seems.
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Christmas: A time for our deepest wishes to come forth, but fewer things are harder to hold than a wish you do not believe can come true.
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Judai would never know... (Spiritshpping)
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A cross-over that should never have been: The cast of Yu-Gi-Oh GX replaced by cast members from Shin-Chan. Read at your own risk.
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