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What's your name? Well I go by many names: Annabelle James, Featherhead, UnvailTheTruth, Ali, Anna, Alikat, Hoe, Paddle, Fluflifa, TheMostAwesomestPersonEverToBeInExsistence *cough* lies *cough* -.-, Alice, Sally, Erra, Weirdo, Babe, Prince, Kiddo, Alisaurus, That Mexican, Arroz Con Pollo, Hoe, Scott, Deadpool, Slytherin, Just That Pretty Friend, White and many more which I cannot remember.

When's your birthday? August 4- I said birthday not birthday party... day. Ugg! Fine then! It's on December 13, 1997. I'm turning 15 this year, woot!

Who's your best friend? My best girl friend is Halle (well not anymore! Halle ish now my sister and Margaux is my new best girl friend! lol changing it to Xzavier)!!!!!!!! aka BearfootBeachBum aka Bushtail (But if you call her that you die , so no worries :3) My best guy friend is Colin aka Spoonbill (WAS I DRUNK!? NO! My best guy friend is Drew!!! OH HELLLLLLLL NO!!!!! My new best guy friend is Marcos)

Favorite Band? Icon For Hire or Skillet I also enjoy BarlowGirl, Fireflight, Flyleaf, Pillar, Thousand Foot Krutch, Seventh Day Slumber, SuperChic and Casting Crowns too though... and Rojo... and Tercer Cielo... but mostly Skillet! :D

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R, E, & FF? I'm Baptist Christian, Mexican (don't you dare judge me by those stupid stereotypes!) and I don't have a favorite food.

PLEASE forgive me! I want to have the next chapter of OLS up soon! I've lost interest in writing but I won't just stop a story! So I'll finish it then pack up I guess :/UnlessI get an idea for a really good story and quit TextPlus because it's taking up a lot of my time, then I'l continue write, but until then Adios! BuhBye! Lub ya!Erra Fawkes13

Untouchables: Another Chance, Pairings: James/Lily Harry/Ginny Ron/Hermione Izzy/Flynn Oliver/Luna

Harry has grown up thus far without his parents. He has been put through so many challenging obstacles and has seen things no regular teenager should. So what happens when one day his parents and Remus along with Sirius come forward in time caused by some ancient magic Harry's deceased grandmother finds. There's only one problem: they will be magically transported back to October 31, 1980 and there's a 50% chance that they won't remember anything. Follow Harry along on this journey with three new half-human half-animal friends who are incredibly talented in magic and were taught by Merlin himself. Will he be able to defeat Voldemort, have time to spend with his parent, AND train? Or will all the pressure destroy him. WARNING: The first few chapters (1-4) are pretty hyper. I wrote those when I was eleven and am too lazy to rewrite them. You can read the first and skip to the fourth but you might get a bit confused. Don't blame me for my stupid eleven year old head! I'm more mature now and am sort of changing my writing style! *This story contains Dumbledore Bashing, mentions cutting and abuse[Don't worry] Complete!

I changed the name of the story (Another Chance) to Untouchables: Another Chance. At first I was just going to make it one story but now due to some... voting it's a series! The Series is called Untouchables (If you read the first you'd know why) Each of the has their own name though. The Sequel is going to be called Untouchables: One Last Shot. Yes people, the one where the Marauders and Lily FINALLY leave and when Voldemort dies. I recommend you read the first because if you don't you'll be EXTREMELY confused.

Please, Read and Review More!!!!!!!,

Erra Fawkes13

You got hacked!!!!!!!!!!! Lots of Love,


ATTENTION FANS OF YCHTWOYSF (you cant hold the world on your shoulders forever)

Sooooooo, i have started the AU but then i got this idea! what if i continue it from where it ended with Percy!? Huh? Huh? Huh? Because AU doesn't mean Annabeth lives... it could mean she still dies and Percy moves on, the Percy dies and Annabeth lives. I'm a messed up person so you never know what i could do x) so im posting a poll- YOU BISHEZZ BEST VOTE!

And by the way, I wrote YCHTWOYSF (i need a new title -.-) to raise awareness fore abugse because it is NOT right! Stop abuse NOW!

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So, Muggles know about magic, Dumbledore's manipulative, Only four months until the Marauders and Lily go back, Harry's the heir of Gryffindor, Slytherin, AND Merlin. Well, THAT seems normal. Sequel to Another Chance Don't like, don't read !Review!
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Untouchables: Another Chance reviews
REAL SUMMARY IN MY BIO! Super¡Harry Dumbledore Bashing Harry gains some new friends that'll make him stronger than ever. Ancient magic from his deceased grandmother is used to bring his parents forward in time but they'll be forced to return on 10/31/1980
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