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My name's PsychoPyro, and I'm eighteen, female, and a vegetarian.

I have blue eyes, auburn-ish colored hair and I'm very fair skinned. I'm pretty laid back, until you get me started on something I'm passionate about, and extremely lazy. I'm also very accepting; I don't like to judge.

Things I adore include art, music, yaoi, animals, dinosaurs, the Akatsuki, and, of course, Sasori and Deidara, because they're damn legit. I also happen to love SasoDei :)

Pairings I like are SasoDei (obviously), KakuHida, KisaIta, PainKo, NejiTen, LeeGaa, KakaIru, ZabuHaku there are probably more but I'm too damn lazy to try and remember.

What I'm not so hot about are things like genderbending (if you like a character, love 'em for all they are, gender included!), spiders, overly-uke ukes, (if a character isn't girly in the anime, don't write them as such), disrespectful people, spiders, etc.

The list above is a perfect lead in to this question I have: Why do so many people write Deidara as an overly girly bitch? He's, in fact, male and yeah, I guess I can see how people think he looks feminine because he has long hair (so does Itachi, and he has long lashes, but he doesn't get shit for it), but other than that, how is he feminine? He certainly doesn't act as such. He's defiant, prideful, fearless, impulsive, spontaneous, stubborn, strong, I could go on. Not once in the anime did he act feminine so where do people keep getting this shit from? I've even read him as being shy. Like seriously?! The guy who blows shit up for fun and gets off on danger is shy!? I think not... I just wish more writer's would keep characters' canon personalities, unless they're writing them in a certain situation or an AU and have a good reason that they act different from their canon persona, and a really good one at that. Fics would be more enjoyable if characters were true to themselves... I probably sound like a heartless bitch now, but I promise I'm not! I would never berate someone for something they've written. If anything, I'd just choose not to read it if it isn't my cup of tea.

Going beyond all that, I can enjoy reading almost any pairing, though I honestly prefer not to read fics that have Sasori and Deidara paired with other characters. It makes me sad when my OTP is split up! They were my first yaoi pairing I got into, and will remain my favorite! Regardless, I respect everyone's favorite pairings.

Speaking of SasoDei, I prefer Sasori on top, it just makes more sense to me. Sasori's stronger than Dei (who admits this in the anime), he's older and Deidara even goes so far as to call him 'Danna' out of respect. And Sasori is only an inch -at most- shorter than Deidara, and when they're resurrected Sasori is taller. And he's also a God damn puppeteer! He's obviously a control freak. It just seems more natural for me that Sasori tops, but that doesn't mean I like Deidara to just roll over... Power play is hot ;) And so is Sasori in utter domination mode, hehe Regardless, a well written DeiSaso fic can sway me into enjoying the switch up on the occasion, though its rare...

On another random note, yes, I'm very random, the fight between Deidara and Sasuke seriously bugs me. I don't think it's fair to say Sasuke won the fight between him and Deidara. Yes, Deidara did die, but if it wasn't for outside help Sasuke would have been a goner for sure. If Suigetsu hadn't helped Sasuke summon Orochimaru's snake which Sasuke sacrificed to save himself (and was a total bitch move, might I add!) then he would have died along with Deidara. Another thing is, can you really say Sasuke beat Deidara when Deidara chose to die himself? Sasuke didn't make him blow himself up, so how does that mean the Uchiha won? And since when the hell does lightning beat earth? I was under the impression lightning dissipated when it hit the Earth? Damn Uchiha... On another random note, I found it hilarious when Sasuke finally figured out Deidara was "insane." Yeah, no kidding, it's one reason why I love him!

Am I the only one who isn't head over heels for the Uchihas? I've never been a huge fan of any of them. Don't get me wrong, Itachi is cool and a selfless character, but I feel like he's so overpowered, and, dare I say it, overrated. People talk about him like he's the shit; the most badass thing to walk the ninja Earth. Compared to his true personality, I don't see it... And Sasuke just annoys me. How could you turn your back on your friends who care so much for you? Or the village your older brother sacrificed himself to protect? I dunno, just a random thought I had. Most people seem infatuated with them, so I was curious.

Well, that's it for now. Feel free to PM me whenever, I love to talk with new people :) I don't bite, promise!

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