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Hi, there! My full name is an absolute disaster, so I go by Rose :) I love to write when I have free time...which is never!

I just started writing a story, Break My Pride, which delves deep into feelings of insecurity, identity, loss, growth, acceptance, and, of course, love. Please check it out when you get a chance, even though the spots are closed :)

Break My Pride Accepted Girls:

1. Vienna Rose Eastcott is a twenty-one-year-old Two from Angeles. Vienna is a model and fashionista, working alongside her mother as a designer as the heiress to their massive clothing empire, Eastcott. But don't let Vienna's gorgeous looks and lofty lifestyle fool you: she's as hardworking, determined, and dependable as she is beautiful and isn't afraid to take charge. Will her dedicated nature earn her any favors in the Selection, or will all of her hard work be for naught? Face Claim: Grace Elizabeth Harry Cabe; Created by: PhoenixBird8

2. Evangeline "Evie" Mae Morse is a nineteen-year-old One from Australia, though she's been to Angeles more times than she can count. A shy and kind young woman, Evie is always looking out for others and taking care of them, a bit of a "mother hen" type, if you will. Will this sweet ambassadress-in-training finally become a little selfish and go after what she truly wants, or will she crumble under the pressure? Face Claim: Lily Maymac; Created by: SenseiGrace

3. Giovanna "Gigi" Lorelai McCune is a twenty-two-year-old Two from Belcourt. As a plus-size model and a bigger woman in general, Gigi has had to fight for the respect she now gets and isn't afraid to demand what she wants. Who really is Giovanna? Is she as mean and callous as she seems, shutting people down and telling it how it is? Or has she created that persona to protect herself from how horrible the world can be? And the biggest question: is it any of your damn business? Face Claim: Bree Kish; Created by: frizzle1872

4. Lobelia "Belia" Lena Sitara is an eighteen-year-old Three from Bonita. This librarian is quiet, yes, but don't mistake her as being shy or introverted. Belia is very much so an extrovert, but much prefers to listen to her friends and watch people around her. Belia has learned the value of thinking before you speak, making her words that much more impactful when she does choose to speak. Will this calm daydreamer make her dreams come true by herself, or will she need a little push? Face Claim: Virginia Gardner; Created by: a singularity amongst lost stars

5. Avarosa "Ava" Irene Ward is a twenty-two-year-old Two from Clermont. This expressive, charismatic voice actress is passionate not only about her work but the people around her, cementing herself as a true leader and friend. A life under the spotlight, thanks to her famous parents, and her foray into show business herself has prepared her for the Selection, but is she truly prepared for the realities that come with it, and the tough choices she'll have to make? Tune in next time to find out! Face Claim: Marine Lorphelin; Created by: Sylea

6. Ophelia "Lia" Juliet Verone is a twenty-two-year-old Four from Columbia. A jewelry designer, Lia has learned to infuse beauty into everything she does: her job, her sense of fashion, and her optimistic outview on life itself. Lia is much more clever and insightful than she seems, thanks to her excitable and clumsy nature. Will her caring, sensitive ways be taken advantage of by the other Selected, or will she prove to be more feisty and willful than people give her credit for? Face Claim: Dove Cameron; Created by: BellaRosa17

7. Ines "Nessa" Louisa Agirre is a twenty-year-old Two from Dominica. This fun-filled, rather controversial socialite is always the talk of the town -- whether that's from her wild, carefree partying or her bold, magnetic, and charming personality. Ines has a way with words and always seems to make an impression on everyone she meets and can blend herself into any group she meets in a way no one can match. Is this party-girl persona the only part of Ines she has to offer, or is there someone else, someone completely different, that can be unlocked during the Selection? Face Claim: Ester Exposito; Created by: wazowskis

8. Lexine "Lexi" Mae Chorus is a twenty-year-old Five from Hansport. Lexi is a painter who exudes a gentle and accepting nature, and rolls with life's punches, and comes back stronger for it. Though it seems that this soft-spoken young woman could be taken advantage of, she is fiercely independent and is more than capable of handling herself. Though she sees the world through kind eyes and takes pleasure in life's simplicities, will Lexi take the plunge into a life so wholly different from her own, or is there something, or someone, holding her back? Face Claim: Mackenzie Foy; Created by: AuroraMiri25

9. Zeniba "Zen" Jane Ritter is a twenty-two-year-old Five from Hudson. Wow! Life sure is busy for this singer-songwriter, world-renowned fancy shawl dancer, and social activist! Zeniba works hard and is a capable young woman who always pushes herself to be her best and is confident, though never cocky, in her abilities. Having been deaf since the age of twelve has never slowed Zen down and she continues down her own path and marches along to her own beat. Will she be able to show herself fully, beyond all of her different identities, or will this large crowd of personalities around get the best of her? Face Claim: Kinsale Hueston; Created by: MoonChild913

10. Louise ”Lou” June Marshall is a twenty-one-year-old Five from Kent. Louise is a part-time Cellist, full-time Cello Teacher, and full-time mother to her sweet and excitable three-year-old daughter, Kimberly. A gifted soul and a passionate lover of life, music, and the arts, Louise lives to create and finds the beauty and value in everything around her. Will this selfless woman fully plunge herself into a cacophony of voices and people with her daughter in tow, or will facing that music ask Louise to be selfish in a way she’s never thought to be before? Face Claim: Bonnie Wright; Created by: Abizeau

10.5. Kimberly ”Kimmie” Hope Marshall is a happy, outgoing, and usually sweet three-(and a half!!)-year-old, though she has been known to get into things she’s not supposed to or do things Momma said not to. She’s not in the Selection like her Momma is, because boys are icky and Kimmie doesn’t want to kiss a boy! But Momma wants to and Kimmie loves Momma the most, so it’s okay if she kisses the prince. Will Kimmie get used to living in a palace and eating lots of yummy food? Probably! Created by: Abizeau

11. Violet "Minny" Minerva King is a twenty-year-old Three from Labrador. This quiet writer is not much for social interaction herself, but she has a keen sense of what others are thinking and feeling, thanks to her perceptive and observant nature. A lover of nature and animals, you're more likely to find this curious young mind outside or with a good book, but this doesn't mean she isn't friendly. Can this wall-flower truly allow herself to bloom, or will she wilt under all of the attention? Face Claim: Molly Gordon; Created by: LunaRose2468

12. Sylvaine "Sylvie" Zahne Eberstark is a twenty-year-old Three from Likely. After a beginning shrouded in mystery, and a rude-awakening due to her father, this psychology student has become closed-off and distant from others. Keeping others at a distance, Sylvie has learned to take control of her emotions and can seem heartless and cruel, especially if she wags that silver tongue of hers. Will she get a chance to reveal her kinder, more sensitive side, or will her father's crimes overshadow everything she has to offer before she has a chance to show it? Face Claim: Scarlett Leithold; Created by: comosayllama

13. Leona "Ona" Alexandra Carlet is a nineteen-year-old Four from Ottaro. This sugary-sweet baker is a thinker, more than anything, and knows how to think before she acts. Don't let her infectious smile, bubbly voice, and out-going personality fool you, however. Ona is more than capable of taking care of herself and can put up a fight, verbal or physical if she needs to. Will she rise above the competition and cook up a romance, or will all attempts of hers burn this hard-worker out? Face Claim: Liana Liberato; Created by: AnnaDaCorgi

14. Briseis "Bree" Persephone Diamandis is a twenty-one-year-old Five from Paloma. Bree is a free-spirited, fast-talking painter with a pure and undying love for people and life itself. Idealistic, romantic, and emotional, Bree always sees the best in those around her and is a giver of second chances and benefit-of-the-doubts. She's got a stubborn and honest side to her and is steadfast in her conviction that all anyone needs is a little bit of love. Can this humanist navigate her way through the Selection with her ideals intact, or will her pure heart find herself being taken advantage of? Face Claim: Tashi Rodriguez; Created by: wolfofstark

15. Fleur Albertine de la Fontaine is a nineteen-year-old Three from Sonage. This intelligent student has big plans for herself and is leaving her beauty pageant past behind to become a gynecologist. Dedicated, studious, and honest-to-a-fault, Fleur lives her life wholly as herself and abhors laziness and privilege. Though she's not all about work; Fleur also knows how to take it easy and relax, as evidenced by her hobby of surfing, but only when her hard work is done. Will this upstanding woman learn how to take it just a bit easier on herself and open up a new possible life path, or will her plans prove to be too set-in-stone? Face Claim: Victoria Maisak; Created by: Slytherwitch

16. Talullah "Lulu" Harper Brewstone is a twenty-year-old Five from Sumner. This talented ceramic artist is a real southern belle and doesn't skimp on her charm. Polite, peaceful, and wholly feminine, Lulu might have traditional values, but she respects others for what they choose to do, even if she doesn't quite agree with those choices. Lulu holds firmly to her beliefs and values honesty and conviction in others, as well as holding that standard for herself. Can this kind, southern charm of hers sweeten the deal and have her rise in the Selection, or is there something in her pocket, or a person in her past that can weigh her down? Face Claim: Felicia "Fo" Porter; Created by: BradiLain

17. Saskia "Kia" Quinne Conlaed is a twenty-two-year-old Six from Waverly. Kia is a street-smart store clerk that knows what it takes to survive and has the realistic attitude that goes with it, even if some people call her outlook cynical. Kia is grounded in her reality, however, and instead of wishing and hoping for more, she goes out and makes the best of her situation through humor, an open mind, and a good work ethic to get what she needs to go on. Can she shed her survivalist habits and learn how to ask for help, or will Kia remain independent and possibly shut out a chance for love? Face Claim: Makaela Heard; Created by: Angeley

Break My Pride Characters:

King Edward Michael Schreave is the forty-nine-year-old reigning King of Illea. King Edward is a just and fair king. Fairly middle-of-the-road, as far as kings go. He's never done something outrageously good or bad as the king, rather, he's kept the monarchy and the running of his country more or less the same as the rulers before him. As a father, Edward is kind, if a little awkward around his sons, especially the flamboyant Constantine. The King doubts Julian's ability to take care of himself after the accident, and while he tries his best to support his son, it often comes off as ingenuine and patronizing.

Face Claim: Eric Bana

Queen Mariana Valentina Schreave (nee Santos) is the forty-six-year-old Queen of Illea, and won King Edward's Selection twenty-eight years prior, as a Two. Queen Mariana is an ambitious Queen, who, some say, has accomplished more than her husband as Queen, than he has as King. She's made relief funds, brought hospitals and schools back from the brink, and is a wizard at foreign relations. As a mother, Mariana used to be a loving, but distant and reserved mother. She loved her boys, but often focused more on her work, than on her family. Since the accident, Queen Mariana has been crueler and more hard-edged than usual, both to her family and to the country as a whole. She expects perfection now and isn't pleased with anything that she views as "less". Mariana blames Julian for the accident and has let her grief overtake her life as a monarch and a mother.

Face Claim: Penelope Cruz

Prince Constantine "Connie" Vincent Schreave is the twenty-three-year-old eldest son of the King and Queen and the former Crown Prince of Illea. Prince Constantine is a loud-mouthed, party animal of a prince. Though he was the older prince and should be handed the throne, his earlier delinquent and less-than-princely behaviors had left the King and Queen no choice but to have him engaged to the Princess of France and have Prince Julian become the crown prince instead, something Connie curiously agreed with. Connie always has something silly or sarcastic to say and is rarely ever serious or hard working. Many people forget that he was involved in the accident with Julian, as he was barely injured, and bounced right back to being his outgoing and rarely affected self.

Face Claim: Noah Centineo

Prince Julian "Juli" Michael Schreave is the twenty-year-old Crown Prince of Illea and is currently holding a Selection. Prince Julian was once seen as the ideal prince: handsome, polite, and hardworking and he was admired and loved by all, which is why his accident was so devastating for the country, as they were horrified that their beloved prince was hurt. In the aftermath of his accident, Julian has become quieter and more bitter, a shell of his former self. He used to be on-top-of-the-world, and ready for anything, and now he's cautious, nervous, and self-conscious. Julian is still as polite as he's always been, but he to others, now that he barely escaped death. Not that he was unkind before, but he always seemed to be above other people and never really close to anyone but his family and valet. And now, though he's anxious, he seems more open to meeting different kinds of people and settling down to find the right girl.

Face Claim: Diego Tinoco

Princess Lourdes "Lou" Vidal Schreave is the twenty-five-year-old Princess and niece of King Edward and Queen Mariana (her paternal Uncle and Aunt-In-Law). Princess Lou is the older cousin of Connie and Julian and has been living with her Aunt and Uncle since she was nineteen, for reasons unknown to the public. Lou is a practical and often maternal young woman who is always looking for a game plan and hates to be surprised or off-schedule. Lou is fiercely protective of her cousins, especially Julian, and thinks of them more like younger brothers due to their closeness in age and how long she's been living with them. Lou is analytical, and while caring, she is often better with numbers, than with people, and the thought of having so many new faces in the palace is nerve-wracking for her, though she refuses to show it. Lou's heart has recently been set racing by one of the Selected, but what can she possibly do with those new confusing, but exciting feelings?

Face Claim: Sofia Carson

Kieran James Welker is the twenty-two-year-old valet and best friend to Prince Julian. Kieran has been Prince Julian's valet since Julian was twelve-years-old, and he loves the prince wholly and completely. Kieran is hard-working and evasive and other staff members often liken him to a robot, due to his constant working and serious nature. He is loyal to the entire royal family, though his heart lies somewhere unexpected, and Kieran is always on high-alert and on-edge because of this. He is a suspicious person by nature and doesn't trust many people, so the Selection will be a true test for him, to see if he'll give the girls and Julian some space to be together, or if he will be too overprotective, as usual.

Face Claim: Connor Jessup

Raymond "Ray" Timothy Hak is the twenty-six-year-old captain of the guard and personal guard of Prince Julian. Ray, for lack of a better word, is a total and complete bimbo. Always enthusiastic, cheerful, and loud, very, very loud, Ray is ready for anything the world throws at him. What Ray doesn't have in academic smarts, he makes up for in his friendly and supportive nature, as well as a plethora of useless facts that he knows. Ray is an excellent guard, and people often underestimate his abilities due to his puppy-like nature. But, like a dog, Ray's "bites" hurt, and he's loyal until the very end. Ray is a super kind individual and capable of many things, but maybe just don't ask him for help in school. Ray is shockingly handsome, and those muscles don't hurt his image, either, but he really doesn't realize how hot he truly is, and hasn’t been very successful in finding a partner, even though he’s ready to settle down.

Face Claim: Dae Na

Francesa Emilia Gabrielle Leonardo is the thirty-year-old host of the Report. Francesa is a great host, knowing how to put on a kind and professional persona, but outside of work? She is a story-getting, flirtatious, dramatic, and demanding woman who knows what she wants and goes after it! Francesa doesn't really care who you are (except for the King and Queen), she will get what she wants out of you and will do whatever it takes to get a good story. Francesa has a long-standing crush on Ray, simply calling him, "that deliciously stupid himbo!", but hasn't quite realized that he has no idea she's into him. Francesa thinks he's simply playing hard to get, but girl, Ray doesn't even know he's playing.

Face Claim: Elizabeth Olson

Leonard Mateo Leonardo is the thirty-one-year-old formal event planner for the Selection. Leo is a quiet and solitary young man and is as different from his sister as night is to day. A shy, nervous wreck, Leo likes to be left alone with his work and has a difficult time talking to even the nicest of people. Which why he has such a hard time talking to his loud, dramatic younger sister. Equally as famous, Leo seems to abhor the limelight and wants his work to speak for him, unlike Francesa, who speaks for her work. Leo is so humbled to have been asked to coordinate the big events for the Selection, but doing so asks him to be around so many loud personalities, and to work alongside his sister, who he has never been able to relate to.

Face Claim: Jeremy Sumpter

Princess Elodie Patricia of France is the twenty-one-year-old Crown Princess of France and currently engaged to Prince Constantine. Responsible, eloquent, and driven, Elodie is the Princess all royal families dream of having and other countries want to work with. Elodie knows how to work with others and everything she does is for the better of her country and the love she has for her people. Of course, Elodie isn't all work and no play, as she loves glitter, dressing up, and spa days, but those moments are rarely seen, especially in front of her fiancé. Can two people who are so, so different from each other be able to have a successful marriage, or will it all fall apart because of Connie's behavior...or could someone be holding Elodie back as well?

Face Claim: Letitia Wright; Created by: Abizeau

Catherine "Cathy" Desmond is the twenty-seven-year-old personal maid to Princess Lourdes. Cathy is a hard-working, dedicated woman, worker, and mother of two who would do anything for those she loves. Being by Princess Lou's side since the Princess was nineteen, they are the best of friends and love each other deeply, and is loyal to a fault to her. A generally quiet, but loving woman, Cathy was never one to make herself noticed much, but as of late, she has let herself fall into the shadows more and more, pulled down by a deep, crushing sadness even the most ignorant of people can detect. Having recently come out of maternity leave with her daughter, Cathy is just now getting back into the swing of things slowly, and with good reason. Will she be able to shake herself out of this funk, not only for the sake of her kids, but the Princess as well, or will she always be stuck in this unbearable sadness? And what has caused it?

Face Claim: Lucy Boynton; Created by: Frenchie Is French

Duke Edwin Vincent Schreave is the forty-seven-year-old younger brother of King Edward, father of Princess Lou, and lives in a private estate with his wife clear on the other side of Angeles. Edwin is a hard-edged man that often looks robotic and angry to the public and favored much less than his brother, even in their youth. Edwin was never as charming or kind as Edward, even if he had more drive and ambition and wanted to completely flip Illea's monarchy on its head, unlike Edward, who likes to keep things the way they are. Edwin is rather condescending toward his older brother, despite being seen as the "lesser" of the two, and his condolences over Julian's accident and the deaths in it, including their mother, come off as empty. As a father to Lourdes, he was an absent father, always worried about his appearance toward the public and trying to gain their favor and expected the best out of Lou, but refused to help her become who he wanted to her to be and ridiculed her for what she became.

Face Claim: Gerard Butler

Duchess Desiree Pauline Schreave (nee Huntington) is the fifty-year-old wife of Duke Edwin and mother of her only daughter, Princess Lou. Desiree is an image-obsessed woman who has always cared about how people perceive and think of her and would much rather appease them than spend time with her husband and daughter. Everything Desiree does, she does for her image, and how people could interpret her actions. When she kisses and holds onto her husband in public, it's because she wants people to think they're the perfect couple, and when she held her daughter's hand or even smile at her, she wanted the public to think they had a wonderful relationship when it was really the exact opposite. Desiree and Edwin were a political marriage, and it shows in every facet of their marriage and bled into a planned pregnancy of Lou. Somewhere, buried very, very deep, Edwin and Desiree love their daughter, but they love their political standing and appearance more, and when Lou threatened that, they exploded, causing their only daughter to leave them behind and flee to her Aunt and Uncle when she was nineteen, only taking her maid and a suitcase in hand, and no one knows for sure why.

Face Claim: Elle Macpherson

Annette "Nonnie" Edith Clarkson is the eighty-nine-year-old head chef at the Palace, certified ass-kicker, and maternal figure for Connie and Julian, but especially the latter. Nonnie is a warm, loving woman, from her wrinkled, rosy cheeks, to her impish smile and round belly. She's the definition of someone not to cross ever, and at almost ninety-years-old, she can still whoop your ass clear into next week, if she so chose to. Nonnie is the one Julian now turns to advice when he needs a mother's touch, especially after his grandmother's death and his mother's ever-growing animosity toward him and neglect. Nonnie is very maternal, especially for a woman who has never married and has one estranged child of her own, but she could be a great source of comfort toward the Selected women there, and gossip, of course. In fact, as the head cook, Nonnie overhears quite a lot...does she know more than she's letting on, or is this kindly grandmother just as innocuous as can be?

Face Claim: Lois Smith

Reid Alexander is the thirty-two-year-old cameraman for Francesa and the Report, and maybe the only true friend Francesa has ever had. Working with Francesa for over ten years, Reid has been silent the whole time, being mute by choice, but is still an effective communicator, using just a look and a well-placed hand on his hip to get his point across. Reid is the calm to Francesa's wild, dramatic storm and complements and supports her in a way that no one else has rather done. Still, Reid is rather mysterious, and although it seems like he's true to Francesa and her vision, it's hard to tell where his exact loyalties lie.

Face Claim: Michael B Jordan

Luna...just who is she?

Tell Me Pretty Lies Characters

King Mykel Paul Schreave was the King of Illea and father of Kameron and Maddie and was fifty-years-old at the time of his death. King Mykel was an accomplished and highly-regarded King, known for his swift hand, unwavering love for Illea, and his support for its military and international relations. King Mykel never failed to make the difficult decision, but often the right one, and was known for being able to handle adversity with not a hair out-of-place. He was beloved by Illea for always thinking of its people, but what its citizens didn't see was by King Mykel spending so much time worrying over his country, he forgot about and practically abandoned his family, while still always being with them. King Mykel was an absent father at best, and a neglectful, uncaring one at worst. His main concern was always being King and his appearance as King rather than his family. When King Mykel did acknowledge his wife and children, it was always to criticize his clumsy, but well-meaning wife, ignore, but ultimately enable his poorly behaved son, and belittle and undermine his ambitious daughter. King Mykel either never noticed or simply didn't care about his family's feelings toward him and each other, or how they were all becoming strangers to each other, right before their very eyes. King Mykel suffered a fall while horseback riding just a few weeks before the story takes place, and was in a coma for two weeks before finally succumbing to his head injury and dying at aged fifty, leaving behind a grieving country, and a relieved family. Face Claim: Eric Mabius

Queen Kennedy Anne Schreave is the forty-nine-year-old Queen of Illea and mother of Kameron and Maddie. Queen Kennedy was born a privileged One, destined to marry King Mykel at a very young age, and was blessed to never have gone through the Selection process herself. Idealistic and romantic, she grew up day-dreaming how their destined meeting would be and how their wedding would look, the life they would lead together, and ended up wholly unprepared for the reality. Mykel was handsome and strong, but distant and disappointed in having to marry so young when it was all Kennedy had been looking forward to her whole life. It was then, at their very first meeting, just a few short months before their marriage, that her first feelings of doubt and being a burden were born. Queen Kennedy is sweet and kind, but a little ditsy and misguided in her attempts to relate to others, especially her children. She's incredibly lonely, having lived a sheltered life, and then immediately being thrust into the life of a royal, so she doesn't have many friends or opportunities to socialize beyond the stale balls and events she must host as Queen. Queen Kennedy is eager-to-please and has trouble saying no, feeling as though she's letting people down when she does. Because of this, people prey on her inherent kindness and naivety, especially her son, Kameron. She's a bit lost without her husband now -- not because she was madly in love with him or even friends with him, but because Queen Kennedy has a fear of being alone, and now there's so much pressure on her to find someone capable to rule Illea in her late husband's place, and for the first time, Queen Kennedy just might have to go against her son when she comes to the realization that...he's simply not ready or qualified for the throne. But...could a Selection change that? Face Claim: Reese Witherspoon

Crown Prince Kameron Peter Schreave is the twenty-eight-year-old crown prince of Illea. Prince Kameron is the eldest child of the King and Queen of Illéa and has been nicknamed 'The Pan Prince' by the press for his inability to grow up or settle down. Kameron is attractive (and knows it), arrogant, self-involved, and immature, doing things for his pleasure and his pleasure only, and rarely slowing down. Kameron is always jumping from one thing to the next and never actually enjoying what life has to offer. It's very, very clear that Kameron hasn't had too many hardships in his life and has enjoyed the carefree, bachelor-esque lifestyle he's led so far, which is exactly why he needs to be pushed back into reality. He's headstrong and stubborn, always thinking he's in the right and doesn't like to hear from others. He hates asking for help and would rather do everything himself.

Kameron is selfish and self-serving, rarely does anything that doesn't directly help him or benefits him in some way (a common mantra is – 'But what's in it for me?' However, Kameron also has his moments of kindness, saved mostly for babies and animals. Kameron has a deep love of reading and history, and, despite what the media portrays, he's very intelligent and well-read. Kameron does take care of others when he feels like it (which isn't often, to be fair), but gets embarrassed by it, and doesn't like to make a big deal out of it. In fact, Kameron doesn't do well with 'mushy moments' in general, as he gets very squirmy and embarrassed by them. If he loves and appreciates you, he'll show it in quieter, more subtle ways. Kameron had the potential to be an upstanding young man, but after being enabled by his mother, ignored by his father, adored by the public, and surrounded by the most reckless and stupid best friend possible, he's become who he is today. Face Claim: Sean O'Pry

Princess Madagaskar ("Please, for the love of God, call me Maddie") Parys Schreave is the twenty-five-year-old only daughter of the King and Queen. Princess Maddie is the younger of the King and Queen's children, and, arguably, the most successful out of the two. Maddie has her own fashion line, 'Royaltee' (a fashion lined aimed to make lower-caste women fashionable, yet affordable clothing), and is the foreign relations advisor for the palace. Maddie is a calculating and hardworking young woman who has had to prove herself time and time again her whole life. She's jaded and rather pessimistic, and although she knows her "place" in life (according to the patriarchy), she has always tried to fight against it to become who she knows she is and who she can be. Maddie is arguably more qualified and prepared to be Queen of Illea than Kameron is to be King, and she would much rather see herself on the throne, taking her father's place than Kameron. The siblings have a difficult and fraught relationship -- they were close in their youth, untouched by parental and societal expectations, but as the years continued on, and Maddie started facing adversity due to being a female, and Kameron being rewarded simply for being the Prince, the siblings grew apart. Maddie became serious and focused, insults and sarcastic words always at the ready as a defensive mechanism, while Kameron goofed off and partied because the throne was always guaranteed to him. But now that there's a chance for Maddie to prove she's more capable of assuming the leadership role over Illea than Kameron, she won't go down without a fight, even if it means hurting her only brother in the process. Face Claim: Hailee Steinfeld

Stuart Anthony Sherwin AKA Shoe is the twenty-nine-year-old best friend and resident bad-influence of Prince Kameron. Shoe is Kameron's best friend and the son of a royal advisor. Shoe is the epitome of 'bro-culture' and the direct influence of pretty much all of Kameron's bad decisions. Shoe, of course, hasn't ever forced or made Kameron do the things he's done, but he's definitely pressured Kameron to just, 'Let go and have a good time, dude!', and who is Kameron to deny such a compelling argument? Shoe is goofy, reckless, and stupid, and although Kameron is a glutton for anything that feels good, too, Shoe takes it to a whole other level, that's sometimes even too much for Kameron to handle. Shoe's that guy who will drink until he's stumbling drunk, fall off a balcony, get up, and drink some more. Shoe's all about a good time and 'good vibes, no bad juju, ya know?' and enjoys living life in the moment and doesn't have any intentions of growing up any time soon.

That being said, Shoe isn't all bad. Though most of the royal family sort of hate Shoe, (Maddie and the late King Mykel, especially), they can't deny that Shoe is a true friend to Kameron. He picks Kameron up when he's down, has always been there for him, and when Shoe takes a break from trying to parkour off of any equipment he can find, he does have his moments of clarity and good advice. Shoe's an optimist and always tries to help people see the good side of things and he's endless amounts of fun when he's not being reckless about it. And although Shoe would be sad if Kameron stopped partying with him, he also only wants the best for him, and if that means letting him go, so be it. Face Claim: Tyler Posey

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Once Upon A December by SenseiGrace reviews
One month after the rebel attack that tore Prince Adrian's life apart, he wakes from his coma. Now he's preparing to continue with his Selection and attempt to rebuild despite his grief. There's just one catch—he doesn't remember anything about his Selection or the girls returning to vie for his attention.
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 30 - Words: 87,197 - Reviews: 104 - Favs: 9 - Follows: 7 - Updated: 5/30/2021 - Published: 5/31/2020 - Complete
memento mori (unguibus et rostro) by bastardmanjack reviews
In the urban fantasy world of Castellum City, Jonathan Styker, witch-shifter hybrid, has to navigate the unstable world of inter-gang politics while being something of a pariah himself. Now he has to keep a low profile while spying on the 25 delegates sent to negotiate peace. However, born of two gangs alliance, Jonathan's conflicting loyalties make him a liability. SYOC
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Crime - Chapters: 4 - Words: 9,895 - Reviews: 14 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 8 - Updated: 4/15/2021 - Published: 3/15/2021
Cold as Ice (Please Stay One More Night) by Anastasia The Goddess of Drama
Thank you Selection Fandom for everything and more but it's time that I close this chapter in my life. This is a collection of vignettes of every character ever submitted to me. I never got to use them to their full potential and that's the only thing that I'm sorry for. Mostly WLW ships and exploring relationships between even my own characters. Enjoy
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 556 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 3/22/2021
Elite High School by Rowena Kiara reviews
Ever wondered how the elite lived? How did they study? Their life might seem glamorous, but what is the reality? Welcome into the inner workings of the life of the elite of Illea! Embark on the adventure of your lifetime as you glimpse into daily royal life! (SYOC Open)
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 5,459 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 2 - Follows: 3 - Updated: 6/24/2020 - Published: 6/20/2020
Find Yourself by Anastasia The Goddess of Drama reviews
For Generations, children of the Kultepror Monarchy have participant in the Trials to determine their positions in the world. Who will be the ruler of the United Realms, the General, the Advisor, a Governor, or the Diplomat. It's something that each generation has prepared for years but Niamh wished that her trial wasn't the Selection to determine this. SYOC Opened (2/35)
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Fantasy - Chapters: 3 - Words: 18,109 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 6 - Updated: 6/9/2020 - Published: 5/17/2020 - OC
Operation Birthday Bear by SenseiGrace reviews
Connie finds out that it's Kieran's birthday, and he wants to make sure that it's the best birthday ever. Can he succeed with the help of the bear family? Or will Kieran's birthday be considered a bad one? SET IN ROSEANDFOXES'S "BREAK MY PRIDE" UNIVERSE!
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Humor/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,281 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 1 - Published: 6/8/2020
Taking Turns by E.A. Cooper reviews
AU in which Denny lives to see Izzie through her cancer.
Grey's Anatomy - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,634 - Reviews: 7 - Favs: 25 - Follows: 7 - Published: 6/11/2016 - [Denny D., Izzie S.] - Complete
Break My Pride reviews
At age nineteen, Prince Julian Schreave was supposed to have a Selection, but was involved in a deadly accident. At age twenty, just over a year later, Julian, now blind, and emotionally scarred from what happened, is again holding a Selection. Julian is now sarcastic and bitter, and doesn't know who to trust: especially when a saboteur could be among his staff. SYOC Closed :)
Selection Trilogy, Kiera Cass - Rated: T - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 26 - Words: 259,915 - Reviews: 204 - Favs: 13 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 2/20/2021 - Published: 3/27/2020
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