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OK! Well heya everybody! I have been on here for about 8 months prior to creating this account. I saw how many GREAT stories were posted and I hoped that maybe, someday, that people might say that about mine. But for that to happen I had to get on here and start typin. My stories may not be the greatest right now, but hopefully one day they will be. So yall gotta stick with me for now ;).

I am a 15 year old girl and sorta a odd-ball! I go to a great school in (bleep) there is about 1,250 kids in my high school and only 1/16th of them are awesome (the rest are...well...lets just say they have their money and looks and they flaunt it and are all "Oh, you read comics, that's totally a freak thing to do.".). I love to watch anime, dub or sub doesn't matter, and I sometimes read manga. Yes I like to watch/read about vampires, but that DEFFINATLY wont be what I post about. I may do ONE story on vampires, but they will BE MY OWN! (You know so I can be all frankinstein-ish and be like "IT'S ALIIIIVE") I also love to watch Inuyasha, Soul Eater, Fullmetal Alchemist, and sometimes Bleach. Though I have to say my FAV anime is Chrono Crusades *rest in peace Chrono and Rosete T_T* that was one of the best I have seen.

All of my stories posted on here or otherwise will be based off me and my friends crazy ideas for schemes. Epicness to the extreme!

RIGHT NOW! (will be changed acordingly to last time logged in...and if not...You have my permission to virtually kill me. Or on paper, I'd love it on paper! That way I could see it and be all "Wow creative way to die...")

Dec-6-10/ 3:20 PM
I'm a little upset cus the site won't let me post for another like 2 hours...very depressing to me...But at least that gives me some time to write my story. Right now it's a FMA crossover about a gi~oh nevermind. You guys will just have to read to find out ;)
Dec-6-10/ 5:24 PM
NO! I can't post for TWO DAYS?! This is soooo unfair! I just want to share my awesome (meh) stories! Guess I'll just have to type more...maaaybe not. My hands hurt a little. Probly just wath some anime, Start FMA over again so I can freshen up a little with it.
Dec-9-10/ 6:39 AM's been 3 days now and I can post my story. Only thing is I couldn't get on last night to post it and now I'm at school...Meaning I don't have my story with me...It sucks >_>.
March-18-11/8:23 AM
Well I said it could be awhile between posts on here, didn't think it would be this long =.="...Well anywho, I am working on two new stories. One is a wicken related topic and another is a necromancer-darkangel-witch novel (maybe a vampire. It depends on what my friends think or not.). Both are not related to books I have read (Well the necromancey comes from Kelly Armstrong's novel The Summoning...but it's just the idea of it that got me going.)
The story "The Human Legacy" WILL be updated soon. I lost my flash drive so I have to go to FB and save it all to my new one so that I can post them on here. Thank god I had sent them to my friend to pre read them *wipes sweat off brow* whew!
If any of the people who read my story come to visit my profile I wan't your feedback peeps! I need to know if you guys would like me to continue posting it as is right now up to chapter..19 I think? and then I want you guys to tell me if I should redo it and make the plot better.
In my opinion it's pretty suckish and for those of you who have read it, I applaud you.
Please, for me, review and tell me what you think. I know most people would post this on their actually story but I'm messed up like that so deal wit it!
Ok, well I have been grounded off of the computer at home so I haven't been able to get on FB and download my story to my USB to upload on here. UGH!
I know this is no excuse for doing this but *gets on knees* I AM sorry people! (Though I doubt any of you supremely like my story...the plotline SUCKS BALLS!)
I should be UN-grounded in like 5 days...tops?
Ok I really don't know...
Again, I am sorry people! T_T
Oh wow, been awhile. I don't think I will be writting many more stories, my times conflict with basically ANY free time this summer.
Drive around for an hour or two sun/sat
Monday-Friday wake up at 6 get to school at 7. Get out at 1:19. Wait for mom to pick me up, take friend to eat, take friend home, get home at around 3, chores, cook my grandpa's dinner, take grandpa's dinner over, talk to him a little (unless he is being an ass, then ignore him), feed fish, feed cat, feed dog, take dog out, at 7 (to ten?...I really wish *deadpan*) read a little, 8 work on homework from summer school, 9:30 get ready for bed, go to bed around 10:30/11. REPEAT!!!
I wish I could give some time away for writting but, the world hates me so...SORRY!
Though nobody reads my stories anyway >_>...*sigh*

Randomness of me and my friends! (just some things that we do on a regular bassis)
-Christine is me-

Tanaynay: "I can't get my milk carton open!"
Me: "Maybe you should go OPOSITE of the arrow."
Tanaynay: "What arrow?"
Me: "The one on the carton..."
Tanaynay: "Oh I didn't know that it meant that..."
All the kids at our lunch table: "ARE YOU KIDDING?!"

Jett: Hey Christine.
Me: What is it Jett?
Jett: I came
Me: ...
Jett: To this city.
Me: Oh...
Jett: To bring you a message.
Me: ...
Jett: Cardgames on motercycles.
Me: Cardgames on motercycles?!
Jett: Caaard games on motercycles.
*we stopped*
Randome person: Why'd you stop? I wan't to do finish it!
*1 minute later*
Me: What is it Jett?
Jett: I came
Me: ...
Jett: *Evil smile*
Me and Random Person: ewwwww
(If you don't know what that is...I have nothing to tell you but look it up on YouTube. It's a yougio 5D's one...fricken hilarous.)

at chior competition at our school*
Tanaynay: That judge gave us a 2! The rest gave us 1's!
Nicole: I KNOW!
Me: I want to go and beat him up-
Tanaynay: In an alley-
Nicole: In our chior robes-
Tanaynay: At night-
Me: With a gun!
Nicole and Tanaynay:...rly?
Me: What?...I like guns!
Tanaynay: HAHA! We could have them in out pants pockets and be all "Hey judge 3!" *reaches down and pulls out gun while holding chior robe in front of it so no-one else can see* "Wanna give us a 2 now bitch?!"
Nicole: YEA! *does the same* "I wanna see you on your knees and beg for mercy!"
Me: That judge is SO dead when we see him!-
*Judge walks by* an alley.
Nicole and Tanaynay: Agreed.

Same chior competition*
Nicole: You need to call me sometime.
Tanaynay: Yea let me just get out my invisible cel phone and put your num-OH WAIT! I don't HAVE a cell phone!
Me: Hey, I have an invisible cell phone *acts like I am holding a phone* It's the best phone in the world!
Nicole: I know! I don't see why Tanaynay doesn't like hers! *takes out her invisible cell too*
Tanaynay: Mine's so old though...
Me: Get it update-oh hang on I've go a text. *acts like I am reading a text then eyes widen in suprise* No way! He did not!
Nicole: What? What did he do? *reads my cell too* Oh my god! What the hell?!
Me: I know right?!
Tanaynay: You guys are so weird...Now stop talking I dropped my invisible phone! *Gets on knees and trys looking for it*
Me and Nicole: HAHA!
Tanaynay: *looks serious* I'm not joking...

Oh, my friends XD
Don't you just LOVE them?*takes out gun* Say that again! I dare you...Oh you said yes?...*puts gun away* Then your ok in my book! ^^

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